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Using Mind Map in SEO

Not all webmasters and SEO optimizers know what mental cards (Mind Map) are. That is why Mind Map technology is rarely used to create and promote sites, despite the fact that it is able to quite seriously simplify and make these processes more efficient. Why?

Let's talk about everything in order.

Mental maps are a kind of way to visually display and structure information in the form of tree schemes and connection diagrams.

Mental (mental), because mind is mind, mind from English.

Mind Map synonym terms are also found - an intellect card, mind cards, association cards and others.

The main advantage is the structure of information, which makes it possible to present the entire project as a whole and get an idea of the meaning inherent in the relationship diagram.

Based on this, the Mind Map method can be used almost anywhere (from teaching schoolchildren to building communication diagrams in space program projects).

In our case, we will talk about how the mental map of the site can simplify its creation and optimization.

Collecting semantics and building the structure of the site using Mind Map technology

Of course you can make up a semantic core the site in a classic way using tables in Excel. But with a large number of categories, it will be convenient to apply the Mind Map method and visualize the collection of key requests and the construction of the structure of the future site or even combine these two processes.

Why is it convenient? It's all about the specifics of the human brain regarding the perception of information: images, diagrams and associations are always perceived and absorbed faster than lists, tables, numbers and continuous textual canvas.

With this approach, already at the planning stage, you can analyze convenience and simplicity site structures for potential visitors and make changes in advance if necessary.

By building a communication diagram you can design all the elements necessary on the site - sections, subsections, categories, up to those articles and key requests that need to be used in them.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Some features of mental cards

The website’s Mind Map provides the ability to:

  1. Mark using different colors and markers already realized, requiring refinement, priority, etc.
  2. Sort and group any elements.
  3. Determine which elements require refinement and immediately make notes on its implementation.
  4. Anytime move not only individual elements, but also whole branches with them.
  5. Attach Files and Images, so that everything you need is always at hand, and not scattered across numerous folders.
  6. Take notes and comments to the elements of the communication diagram in the process.

How else can you use the Mind Map method for the site

Using the way to build connection diagrams, you can organize almost all the work on the site.

Imagine that everything is absolutely everything (from internal optimization to the formation of a reference profile and conversion accounting) will be displayed graphically in one file.

It will not be necessary to keep open many documents with different tables and constantly get confused in their contents.

Also mental map is a great option for collecting and cataloging ideas, notes, plans for the future and monitoring their implementation..

Mind Map technology can be successfully used to prepare a universal technical task for copywriters, which will work on creating content for your web resource.

And copywriters themselves can use the intelligence of the map in preparation for writing material in the form of a structure for a future article or abstracts.

You can use to build connection diagrams like local software like mindManager, Xmind, Freemind, and many online services like Coggle.

Use or not

Mental maps based on the construction of communication diagrams are a very convenient and effective solution for organizing work on the site both during design and during its promotion.

We cannot argue that this method is perfect for everyone. But if you don’t like the tables and you are tired of getting confused in hundreds of documents that you have to use daily, Mind Map can be a great alternative.