The effectiveness of SEO-promotion directly depends on the selected keyword selection strategy, as well as the assessment level of their frequency. Therefore, it is so important to have query statistics at hand. Let's figure out how to get it.


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How to count the number of requests in Google

Search Engine Leader has its own query statistics tool - Keyword Scheduler, or Google Keyword Planner. He located inside the Google Ads advertising cabinet. To use it, you must undergo mandatory registration indicating your payment data and create an advertising campaign. It is not necessary to start the display of paid ads. 

After that, in the upper right corner of the screen, find a link to this tool and go over it.

планировщик ключевых слов в google ads картинка

To check the frequency of requests, select the "New Keywords" window. 

способ узнать частотность запроса в google

In it, enter the phrases you are interested in in in a special field, specify the region and search language, click "Show Results.

настройки сервиса google keyword planner

You will be transferred to statistics page for entered keywords, as well as similar phrases:

  • The average number of requests per month, and not the exact amount, but a rather large range;
  • The level of competition in contextual advertising;
  • The cost of showing an advertisement at the top of a search issue. 

For semantic core we are interested in frequency information and keyword options.

статистика ключевых слов в гугле пример

If you wish, at the top of the screen you can change the settings by specifying the time period, language and region of the search. And also using the filter, exclude unwanted words from the list. 

How to collect the frequency of requests in Yandex

The developers of the Russian search engine also created a service for working with keyword statistics - Yandex Wordstat. It is much simpler and more convenient than Google Keyword Planner. To use the tool, just log in to your Yandex account.

Enter the key phrase in the search bar and click the "Select" button. The service will display requests that include these words, as well as their predicted frequency per month.

частота запросов в яндекс вордстате пример

With the help special operators you can set the minus word or find out the exact phrase statistics without prepositions and change the endings.

Wordstat has the ability to select a sort by region, as well as view the history of changes in the frequency of requests for the last 2 years.

функция просмотра истории запросов в вордстате

Third-party services where you can see the number of search queries

Not only search engines are ready to provide information about the use of key players by users. Some third-party services also generate statistics. Consider most popular and convenient programs, with which you can see the number of requests in keywords.

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A multifunctional platform for SEO, which has a keyword selection tool. Serpstat - paid service. At the same time, you can find a lot of useful data for effective promotion, the presence of which fully justifies the cost of the subscription.

There is an opportunity:

  • see statistics for both Yandex and Google with reference to the country of promotion; 
  • sort from the most popular search queries to low frequency and vice versa;
  • filter data by a specific parameter.

The data obtained can be downloaded, for example, in Excel for further comfortable use.

как посмотреть количество запросов в serpstat


In this service, you can conduct a free analysis of keywords based on data from Yandex Wordstat.

Bouquarix is very easy to use, there is nothing superfluous in it: keyword, similar combinations of queries and their frequency.

сервис букварикс для оценки популярности запроса

Here you can also make a free analysis of the promoted key players by competitors.

Keyword pool

Paid service that collects data on the frequency of use of key phrases not only in Yandex and Google, but also on other platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Bing, Amazon, etc.

Keyword Tool is as easy to use as most of these services. Even a novice optimizer can cope with work in it without any problems.

как посчитать ключевые слова в Keyword Tool


Search and analysis of key phrases - the basis optimizer work, without which it is quite difficult to display a site in TOP. With the help request selection services and analysis of their frequency, you can develop an effective promotion strategy and attract precisely those users who definitely need your goods or services.

And what service do you use to analyze the frequency of keywords?

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