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Pitching in a search query. Need or not?

Are you sure you know how to choose the right requests for compiling the semantic core of the site?

After all, probably the main part of them you are looking for with Yandex Wordstat. And you hardly pay attention to how you write each keyword for checking for the number of impressions - in quotation marks or without them. And in vain!

In fact, quotation marks in the request (“”) are no less important tools than others Wordstat operators.

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The keyword in quotation marks and without. What is the difference

Very often dishonest hand-to-hand seoshniki to demonstrate to customers the possibility of getting a large number of customers knowingly miss quotation marks in a search query in the Yandext search bar. Wordstat to get more impressive data.

In addition to obvious deception (if quotation marks are present in the request, then the data on the number of impressions will be much more modest than without them), they also make a serious mistake - important key players can be overlooked if this operator is not used.

Now more about each moment.

  1. The “crubber” operator in the search query performs the function of displaying real data by the number of impressions of the entered query and its word forms.
  2.  If requests without quotation marks are entered in Wordstat, then in the number displaying the number of impressions, combinations in which the entered request with the addition of other words is involved will be taken into account. Therefore, the result will be more impressive.

Now consider a good example. In the screenshot below, very similar requests without quotation marks are entered into the search bar (the difference is only in the preposition “on”).


As you can see, the results for the number of impressions are the same. But this is taking into account combinations and inclusions.
Now let's introduce the same keywords in quotation marks.

Is it not true, the result is stunning?
377 and 11 impressions...

It turns out that these are two completely different keyboards. And if in semantic core of the site turn on only “resting the sea 2016”, and “resting on the sea 2016” ignore, you will consciously refuse 366 visitors who could become your customers.

Or even if you decided to use both, but did not check the keywords in quotation marks, then they could focus on promoting on a less significant request and recklessly spend a lot of time and money almost in vain.


If you are the owner of a site that uses the services of optimizers, be careful not to let yourself be fooled, and at least selectively from the list they compiled, check the keywords in quotation marks, so that your expectations do not diverge from reality.

Well, if you are actually a seoshnik involved in compiling a list of keywords, do not forget about this important operator and use quotation marks in the request so as not to make the mistakes that were described in this article.

Any questions left? Ask them in the comments and we will definitely answer you!