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What are the requests

Every online entrepreneur interested in promoting his resource, at semantic core the site should explore all existing types of search queries. This is necessary so that the result of the work done is to attract targeted traffic to your site (the right category of users). 

Common Search Query Types

The site is promoted upon request by selecting key phrases suitable for each particular case. Depending on the subject of the resource, a selection of requests is made that must be included in the semantic kernel or excluded from it.
So, depending on the ability to attract the target visitor, the types of requests in seo are customary to subdivide into: 

  1. Information requests. They are found most often, since they are of a general informational nature. The average PC user uses search engines every day for this purpose. 
    Usually they start with the words “like”, “why”, “why”, “where” and lead the user to information sites on which articles are posted on the right topic.
    Moving the site on such requests can attract a huge number of visitors, but unfortunately very few of them will become real customers if you provide any services or sell the goods. 

    Suitable for well-filled commercial resources. For example, a travel agency’s website with an abundance of travel and cultural background articles from various countries can successfully advance in phrases like “London’s sights,” despite the fact that it belongs to low-competitive ones.
  2. Image requests. Mostly consist of one or two words that generally characterize the subject of the site. For example, "training. It is not clear which person needs in this case. You can sell personal growth trainings, and the visitor could look for dance. High positions on them add credibility to the company, move forward in this way solid, but they will not be able to create the main flow of customers. The keys from the Image category can be used as auxiliary when assembling the SIA site.


  3.  Search queries. They are not yet quite selling, but they are already very close to the subject of your site. They will help if a person is looking for a specific category of things or services. For example, the “real estate agency website”, “female razor machines”, “Chinese smartphones”. They are mid-competitive.
  4. Commercial requests. For a properly optimized site, they can become the main source of customers, although they are not too high frequency. They assume the presence in the phrases of the words “buy”, “order”, “urgent”, “price”, “form”, etc. Take to highly competitive. 

    On them, they come to your site people who are already specifically interested in buying or ordering some kind of service. That's what it’s worth fighting for if you are engaged in sales. 
    This category also includes keys like “building houses from the log house”, since they are most often interested not in the process itself, but in the ability to order this service.
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Unambiguously Search Requests

It happens that your site may be in the first place in a certain key phrase, which can simultaneously fall into different categories. For example, "selling texts. It is only natural that it attracts a lot of traffic. But it will attract people of various things - those who want:

  • find out what selling texts (information) are;
  • find a resource where you can lay out your written texts;
  • buy texts that can help promote the site (commercial).

If the purpose of the site is to sell the texts, it is better to dwell on the “order selling texts” key. This will reduce the number of visitors, but most of them will be targeted. Therefore, if you want a high-quality SEO-spreading site, you need to select more carefully.

How to determine which type of request relates to

If you can’t determine the category yourself, you can "ask" by the search engine. For example, “buy a vacuum cleaner”:



All search results in TOP indicate membership in commercial requests.
If we enter “pouflace-what is this” in the search bar, we will receive confirmation that this is an information request.

What type of search query to choose?

The answer to this question is very easy to get. It all depends on, what audience of visitors you want to see on your resource. Do not try to go to the TOP for all possible options at once. This can lead to unforeseen results. 

For example, if you have included informational searches in your semantic core, and your business is commercial, visitors who come to them will leave very quickly. And this, in turn, can cause a downgrade of the site.