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A selection of keywords using Yandex Wordstat

Beginner optimizers of web resources or directly to their owners who do not disdain to work on the preparation of a semantic core with their own hands, it is not always clear where to start. Let's say a small list of possible requests has already been compiled. What to do next? How to expand it? 

Here comes to the aid of the query statistics from Yandex Wordstat, by which you can increase the content plan for your web resource by tens and even hundreds of times.

How to work with Yandex Wordstat

To start it is recommended to install an extension for your browser called "Yandex Wordstat Assistant". You can find it on Keyword statistics are displayed here. 

The first thing you need to do is check the number of impressions on those requests that you yourself came up with. To do this, we alternately insert them into the corresponding line on the site. We do not forget that to display current data without inclusions and request word forms, the name must be "in quotation marks" and must stand before every word !exclamation !sign"


Search for requests in Yandex Wordstat begins when you remove quotation marks from the line with the entered key. In this case, you will receive a list of additional requests that somehow relate to the main one. You will be available the number of their impressions. 

Now it's time to start working with a predefined extension "Assistent Wordstat Yandex". How to use it? Pretty simple. The opposite of each search result is displayed "plushik". If you think that the request fits the subject of your site, click it and the key phrase goes to the expansion window. 


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A selection of the necessary keywords in Yandex Wordstat

It is advisable to perform the selection carefully, since there is a lot "left" keys with words "film", "song", "download", "watch online etc. If you select these phrases, your site will eventually be attracted to inappropriate traffic - users who will come in to see that this is not what they were looking for and immediately leave. Unless of course you own an online movie theater.


Search for requests Yandex Wordstat has the means that can help with this selection. To avoid displaying all unnecessary results, you can use the operator "minus". For example, if you drive into a line “How to become a millionaire film”, requests with the word "film" will be excluded from search results.

The keyword statistics of Yandex Wordstat makes it possible, by clicking “plus” near each keyword you need, to create a list that can be sorted and copied for use in Excel or Google tables. In this case, regular copy options are available and along with the frequency values of each key.

Query Search Nuances in Yandex Wordstat

When choosing additional keyboards, do not forget to pay attention to the next column called "Requests similar to ...". In it you will find even more requests for which users are looking for your products / services / information. And sometimes completely unexpected come across, but from this no less valuable options that you yourself would never have thought of.


Before the final addition of selected keys to your content plan, it is recommended to carefully review and delete them again unnecessary requests.

As a result, your semantic core will seriously increase in size. The selection of keywords from Yandex Wordstat, of course, is not the main and even more so the only tool for this purpose. But it’s easier and more efficient than this free service certainly can’t be found.

If some points are not entirely clear to you, ask questions in the comments!