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How to increase page relevance

In the previous article, we dismantled, what is relevance and how significant is its impact on the promotion of the web resource.

It is logical that now you may be interested in how to increase the relevance of the request page.

And now we will tell you in detail about this.

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The main ways to improve the relevance of the request page

The factors affecting relevance are quite numerous. Therefore, in order to increase the relevance of the site, you need to maximize the use of all available features:

  1.  The correct page address. This is the first thing that not only the search engine sees, but also the user. Therefore, it is desirable that the main request be part of the URL.

  2.  The presence of the main key in title is one of the prerequisites for the relevance of the request page. It is important to place it at the beginning of the tag.
  3.  Description weakly affects the relevance of the site from the point of view of search engines, but for the user it can be very important. Because it helps to decide on the possible relevance of the request page to which he entered, right during the analysis of the search results. Therefore, it should clearly describe the contents of the page and contain the main request (1 - 2 times).

  4.  Keyword Frequency will help improve the relevance of the page in the eyes of search engines if it does not exceed the recommended value of 3.5%. At the same time, if it is below 1.5%, the relevance of the site will drop.

  5.  Availability of the main key query in the first and last 100 words of the text is an unspoken, but still a prerequisite for the principle of relevance of the site.
  6.  To increase relevance pages title h1, placed on it must contain a request, but be different from title. In subheadings h2 – h6, the use of keys is also welcome, but preferably in a diluted form. All of them should, within their meaning, approach the text placed under them.
  7.   Correct internal skipping also helps improve page relevance. Search engines pay attention to the transmitted weight and draw conclusions about the semantic correspondence of the anchor of the link to the text of the target page. In this case, you can not place links leading to it on the page.
  8.  Using SEO pictures to fill the pages, it is important to monitor their compliance with the text. This will help improve page relevance in terms of visitors. But for search engines it’s important, so that the image files are correctly named and the alt and title parameters are filled. It is also worth using basic and secondary requests with additions of other words. Alt and title should not be the same.

  9.  To comply with the principle of relevance, you must publish on the pages of your web resource only meaningful, unique, useful and interesting texts. The search engine will not understand how much they meet the listed requirements, but it will be able to follow the reaction of site visitors and draw appropriate conclusions. About, how to write SEO text, we already talked in the article of the same name.
  10.  Correct reference mass buildup also refers to factors affecting relevance. But before you decide, what links to buy it must be clarified that the authority and thematic nature of donors, as well as the correspondence of the text of the anchor links to key requests of the target pages, are important conditions.
  11.  Even the most optimized and useful texts will not help improve the relevance of the site, if he will have bad behavioral factors. An unpleasant design may well be the reason users will leave without even looking at possibly useful content. The principle of relevance that guides search engines will in this case work against you. Therefore, it is necessary improve usability and site design.
  12.  It might be a good idea improving social signals. Yes, they only affect the relevance of the request page. But this dependence is quite traceable and therefore you should not miss the opportunity.

And it's all?

Of course, here we listed only the main, most effective ways to increase page relevance. In fact, search engines take into account much more factors when determining whether pages meet requests and it is simply impossible to take them into account.

Therefore, stick to the recommendations we have given and do not hope that only the relevance of the site will be able to raise your site in the TOP. Remember that this is only a bit of the optimization of the web resource for search promotion.

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