In this article, we want to share with you the 20 SEO chips, which in 2022 will significantly improve the site’s position in the search engine and even bring it to the TOP. In this case, the described life-skills do not require serious investment or experience. Having familiarized yourself with them, you can independently cope with their implementation or prepare a clear TK programmer.

20 SEO chips for 2022:

  1. Website usability improvement
  2. Page Download Speed Optimization
  3. Adaptation for mobile devices
  4. Internal page lining using anchor links
  5. Creating an attractive snippet
  6. Optimization of content for favorites
  7. Content update
  8. Improving brand reputation
  9. Demonstration of expertness, authority and reliability
  10. Creating unique content and protecting against plagiarism
  11. Content - for people
  12. Work on the volume of texts
  13. Using local search capabilities
  14. Publish video content on the site and YouTube
  15. Using a variety of traffic sources
  16. Work on increasing Type-in traffic
  17. Securing the site for users
  18. Creating a natural reference profile
  19. Image optimization
  20. Semantic kernel refinement

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SEO-lifhak No. 1. Website usability improvement

Yandex representatives never hid that behavioral factors thoroughly affect site positions. And although Google developers sometimes get the hell out of it, hiding the direct connection between user behavior and extradition results, it is still being traced.

Visitor Valuation largely depends on the convenience of the resource, that is, the quality of usability. Design, navigation, fonts, arrangement of elements, use of interactive forms, download speed - all this and much more with the right approach helps to keep visitors, positively affects viewing depth and reduces the number of failures.

To understand how convenient the site is for users:

  • regularly check the analytics counter metrics of Google Analytics and Yandex Metric;
  • use a webcast and heat cards, who will show what exactly visitors do on the site and why they leave it;
  • do an audit using our prepared “A check of a usability sheet

SEO-lifhak No. 2. Page Download Speed Optimization

Download speed and Core Web Vitals - One of the main parameters for assessing the quality of the Google website in 2022. Of course, they work in conjunction with other ranking factors, but at the same time they are able to add a few points in favor of your site.

как проверить Core Web Vitals своего сайта

Using the tool PageSpeed Insights by Google check the download speed of your site and evaluate the main Internet indicators (Core Web Vitals). The service will also tell you how and why they can be improved, for example:

  • optimize image size;
  • configure Lazy Loading - delayed loading;
  • reduce CSS and JavaScript files;
  • unused CSS and JavaScript code - delete;
  • cache data; 
  • use CDN services to reduce server-client distance.

рекомендации по ускорению загрузки сайта пример

Acceleration of the site even at 1 - 2 seconds can significantly improve the performance of many parameters, stop the leakage of visitors and bring additional benefits to the business.

SEO-lifhak No. 3. Adaptation for mobile devices

On average, up to 70% of users use mobile devices to search for information, regardless of the subject of the query. Lack of a full-fledged mobile version of the site will lead to loss of traffic, deterioration of behavioral factors and positions in the results of the issuance of search engines.

Analyze your site using:

  • Search engine services: Google mobile-friendly test and “Checking mobile pages” in Yandex Webmaster;
  • online adaptability assessment services (WebsitePlanet, Bluetree);
  • several mobile devices: manually evaluate the ease of interaction and the correctness of the display of objects.

проверка адаптивности сайта в websiteplanet скрин

If you need to make changes, you will have to turn to the programmers. Their task is to prepare adaptive site, which will automatically adjust to various screen formats.

SEO-lifhak No. 4. Internal page lining using anchor links

Internal skipping is necessary for:

  • ease of navigation;
  • improvement of behavioral factors;
  • creating a single thematic space;
  • opportunities to create for the visitor "tropes" to the target action;
  • reference weight distribution between pages;
  • nesting level and priority of promotion;
  • indexing improvements and the growth of positions in search engine output.

At the same time for internal skipping as anchora better use not just the words “here” or “here”, but targeted within the meaning of requests. This way you can increase page relevance and explain to the user where he gets after the click.

внутренняя перелинковка пример ссылок на странице

We have prepared a separate article on page lining rules. Check out her and be sure to use this chip on your website.

SEO-lifhak No. 5. Creating an attractive snippet

Snippet - This is the announcement of the page that is displayed in the search issue. Its main task is to give the user an idea of the contents of the site and, on its basis, decide on the transition. That is, the more attractive it looks, the more traffic you get.

In order to create an effective snippet, necessary:

красивый сниппет для эффективного привлечения трафика

SEO-lifhak No. 6. Optimization of content for favorites

Search engines for user convenience created special extradition element - quick response block, or favorites. It demonstrates the most accurate, complete and at the same time briefly responding content with a reference to the source. Getting into this chosen block is a real success: it guarantees high percentage of clickability, increasing the level of loyalty and trust of users, allows you to show more information in the stench and affects site promotion results. The quick response block can be called expert, which immediately changes the attitude to the Internet project as a whole.

избранный сниппет это фишка для привлечения трафика

Pages may fall into favorites:

  • resources that occupy the upper position of extradition;
  • accurately responding to a specific user request;
  • on which content of the appropriate type and structure is published.

You will find recommendations for the preparation of content in the article “How to get into the Google quick response block.

SEO-lifhak No. 7. Content update

One of the main characteristics of high-quality content is its relevance, that is, timeliness and truthfulness at the moment. Often, what had power yesterday is no longer true today. Therefore, for both users and search engines and business owners, it is important that the content offered in response to the request was relevant.

Ways to increase and confirm the relevance of content:

  • verification of previously published texts, introduction of necessary updates and additions;
  • date clarification article updates;

    пример указания даты обновления статей
  • regular creation of new materials that are interesting and useful to the target audience;
  • work on replenishing user content - comments and feedback.

Such “working” content will be of much greater value to users, as well as improve behavioral factors. As a result page will receive higher positions in extradition, and the project is loyalty and trust of the target audience.

SEO-lifhak No. 8. Improving brand reputation

Brand reputation - This is the whole set of information that forms the image of the company. Both user loyalty and sales level, and SEO-provement efficiency depend on it.

Therefore, you need to regularly monitor information on the network about your company and contribute to the formation of an attractive brand image:

  • always respond to negative reviews and comments users, while trying to settle the situation;
  • thank those who shared their positive experiences with you;
  • motivate customers to leave comments and feedback;
  • create positive weather shows on the Web;
  • adhere to good relations within the company, including with former employees;
  • interact with bloggers, media representatives and businesses in their own and related fields;
  • communicate with the audience by recording calls, videos, sending letters, etc.

Any worthy actions of the business owner and his representatives will benefit the reputation of the company and the brand, which means - positively influence site promotion.

SEO-lifhak No. 9. Demonstration of expertness, authority and reliability

As they have said more than once, search engines take care of the quality of the information they offer users in search results. That is why Google has developed a number of parameters called E-A-T, with the help of which it evaluates the expert, authority and reliability of the content and the site as a whole. 

To follow the principles of E-A-T:

  • indicate the author and the date of publication of the articles;
  • add a page with information on the author’s professional achievements;
  • motivate customers to leave feedback both on the site and on other resources;
  • place external links from the trust thematic sites;
  • form the “About the company” page;
  • add pages with information on guarantees, terms of cooperation, methods of payment and delivery;
  • place in futter information on the years of existence of the business;
  • indicate the contacts and details of the company.

как соответствовать принципам e-a-t пример

SEO-lifhak No. 10. Creating unique content and protecting against plagiarism

Uniqueness - One of the main ranking factors in search engines. So if you want to get into the TOP and attract even more visitors, follow these rules:

  • Publish unique content only: before posting articles on the site, check their uniqueness in the services Content-Watch,, Advego and others. 
  • Use various methods for protecting content from theft: blocking the ability to copy, automatically adding a link to the source to the text, adding the name of your company and links to other pages in the text.
  • Do it regularly search for content stolen from you using one of the Content-Watch service tools.

    поиск ворованного контента в сервисе content-watch
  • Submit DMCA Complaints in a special tool Google Search Console for exclusion from the index of pages on which stolen materials are placed;

    жалоба dmca на кражу уникального контента картинка
  • Contact your plug-in hosting provider to remove stolen content from the site.
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SEO-lifhak No. 11. Content - for people

Good content is not created for search engines. Its main task is to benefit the target audience. You can achieve this by knowing what interests her.

To create high-quality content, you need:

  • come up with the subject of an article based on requests that users drive in;
  • select verified and relevant information for the preparation of the article;
  • make texts more informative and expert;
  • minimize the number of introductory speech structures and general offers;
  • use queries in headers, subheadings and inside texts;
  • insert lists, tables, images, infographics, video.

If the site has little information content, the topic of which is blurred, it is necessary to rewrite it.

SEO-lifhak No. 12. Work on the volume of texts

A text that contains a complete response to a request cannot be too short. Therefore, lately a tendency to increase the popularity of long and informative articles.

To the question, how many characters should be in the text, there is no single correct answer. It all depends on the topic, the nature of the request, the characteristics of the target audience, the volume of competitors' articles and other individual points.

Therefore, before writing any article, it is necessary analyze content on this topic on competing sites. Rate it:

  • how fully their topic is revealed;
  • what questions are raised;
  • is there any additional types of content on page;
  • arithmetic mean volume of articles.

Only after that, start writing your own unique content. 

SEO-lifhak No. 13. Using local search capabilities

Despite quarantine restrictions and significant growth in e-commerce, users continue to search for companies nearby and make live purchases. So if you are still not using service options Google my business and Yandex Directory, now is the time to start.

возможности локального продвижения сайта

In addition, it is absolutely free and is an additional advantage in ranking the site by geo-dependent queries.

To effectively use local search, you need:

  • add company to Google and Yandex Maps;
  • optimize queries in the profile description;
  • add attractive photos of goods, employees, examples of work and others;
  • motivate customers to leave feedback about the company;
  • respond to all left reviews using targeted requests;
  • post external links not only to the site, but also to the company's pages in My Business and I. Directory;
  • connect the ability to exchange messages with users;
  • publish posts about discounts, promotions, company news.

Registration of a company in services will not take much time. Tips of the system will help to cope with this task even to a beginner.

SEO-lifhak No. 14. Publish video content on the site and YouTube

Video clips are gaining more popularity every year. And in 2020, in conditions of a pandemic and forced self-isolation, this became a sensation. Without leaving home, using video, users could close and from all sides consider the goods they needed, compare with other offers on the market and learn more about the company. 

Those who used this chip could increase conversion percentage, profit and position of the site in the search issue. Therefore, be sure to add the placement of video content on the website and YouTube channel to your SEO strategy for 2022.

To increase SEO efficiency with video:

  • Choose Roller Topics, which will be useful and interesting for viewers;
  • Work on the quality of the survey: pick up a good microphone, camera and suitable background;
  • Make a short recognizable intro and mount the video;
  • Pick up the attractive cover (value) of the video; 
  • When publishing YouTube videos optimize it: use queries in the name, description, tags, subtitles;
  • Compose a content plan for publications and a strategy for notifying users about the release of new content: announcements, reposts on social networks, newsletters, etc.
  • Post YouTube videos on the site in the relevant sections: product cards, categories, the “About Us” page, blog.

использование видео это фишка для сео продвижения

SEO-lifhak No. 15. Using a variety of traffic sources

Search engines see the presence of various sources of traffic as evidence that the site is lively and useful for different audiences. This contributes to SEO promotion and allows you to increase the number of visitors.

Additional sources of traffic can serve as:

  • Google My Business and Yandex Directory;
  • Google Discover and Yandex Zen;
  • Messengers and Email mailings;
  • YouTube channel;
  • social networks;
  • bulletin boards and aggregator sites.

The more sources you use, the more more potential customers will be able to attract and improve the position of the site.

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SEO-lifhak No. 16. Work on increasing Type-in traffic

Type-in traffic - these are visitors who hit the site by entering the URL address bar or through bookmarks. It serves as a signal of resource utility, so it contributes to SEO-spreading.

Work on increasing the number of direct transitions consists of:

  • choosing the simplest, most understandable and memorable domain;
  • quality advertising outside the Internet;
  • publishing useful content calling for adding it to bookmarks;
  • comprehensive improvement of the reputation and brand recognition.

This will have a positive effect on behavioral factors, search engine positions and business profitability in general.

SEO-lifhak No. 17. Securing the site for users

Search engines seek to make extradition not only useful to users, but also safe. Therefore, they ensure that sites that protect the personal data of visitors and are not infected with viruses or malware are included in the TOP issues.

Necessary actions aimed at protecting users:

  • Transition to HTTPS Protocol;
  • Regular updating of the CMS system;
  • Use reliable data to enter the site admin panel;
  • Choosing quality hosting;
  • Configuring special modules and scripts for detecting viruses;
  • Additional site check for viruses in special online services;
  • “Treatment” of the resource when malware is detected, which programmers specializing in this work will help to cope with.

The safety of information and visitors is not just a chip, but a necessary condition for the promotion and development of the business.

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SEO-lifhak No. 18. Creating a natural reference profile

Links in promotion have always worked. At one time, they were almost the main guarantee of SEO's success. Over time, ranking algorithms have changed significantly, and quality has replaced quantity.

To create a high-quality (natural) reference profile:

SEO-lifhak No. 19. Image optimization

Images on the site are needed for:

  • visualization and content additions, 
  • behavioral factors,
  • increasing page relevance,
  • attracting additional traffic from the search in the pictures. 

However, so that the images have such a return, they must:

оптимизация веса изображений в сервисе imagecompressor

SEO-lifhak No. 20. Semantic kernel refinement

The case when size is of great importance. The more requests of different types of frequency are used in promotion, the better the result. Of course, we are talking about suitable, relevant content and matching with the theme of the project.

Almost always there is an opportunity expand the semantic core. You can use it for this.:

  • synonymous structures;
  • similar in meaning requests;
  • recently appeared terms, new trends in the business niche;
  • related topics that are potentially interesting to site visitors.

Updating and supplementing site content using new keywords, You can attract even more targeted traffic and improve behavioral factors.


Using these life hacks for SEO optimization, you will soon notice how effective they are. Share with us the results of promoting your site with their help. Which funds worked best for you?

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