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25 secrets of effective website promotion

In this article you will not find anything superfluous - only the most "juicy" secrets of promotion. 
If you start using them today, this will significantly accelerate the path of your web resource to leadership positions in searchable issues. 

So, we will not pull for a long time, we proceed. 

Secrets of SEO Promotion

  1. Adding a company to Google maps.

Registration in Google My Business will enable visitors to find you directly on Google maps. Also, information about the company will be shown on the first page of issue: address, phone number, working hours, reviews of other customers, etc.

Способ продвижения сайта в google

For this to happen, you will need to take responsibility for filling out the data when registering. We need a unique name and description that will be optimized for the necessary request. 

You should also add a logo; photos of the building where the company is located; photos from the inside; photos of goods / examples of work, etc. This will allow potential customers to see the benefits of the company without even going to the site. 

Ask customers to leave feedback about the company / product / service, or you can order them and regularly add (also with the requests written in them). And we conclude this stage by posting several links to yours "point on the map" on your site and in social. networks. 

  1. Adding a company to Yandex cards.

In order for company information to be displayed on Yandex cards, you must first register it with Yandex.Directory.

You will also need to indicate the address of the company, phone number, working hours, field of activity, link to your site and / or social networks. Then you will need to confirm the entered data. You can find out more about this in the article “How to add a site to Yandex.Directory.

Similar secrets of promoting sites are not yet known to everyone. What you learned about this gives you a serious advantage over competitors.


  1. Domain extension to 3 years. Such an action significantly increases the trust of search engines in your site, since it is considered as a guarantee that in the next three years you will be engaged in its development. This is a rather simple advice, but nonetheless, it deservedly belongs to the category "Secrets of promotion", because not everyone knows about this moment.
  1. Indication of legal data in block "Contacts" (contact person, phones, address, TIN, etc.). Influences the level of trust of visitors and search engines.
  1. Redirection with www. When studying the secrets of SEO promotion, pay attention to the fact that search engines perceive the same site, which has mirrors with and without www, as two different resources. For them, it will look like duplication, which will have an extremely negative impact on progress. 

Therefore, you need to take care of choosing the main address and redirecting from all mirrors - to perform the so-called "gluing" using redirect 301. About this more in the material "How to remove duplicate pages"

  1. Transition to the secure protocol https. Back in 2014, Google announced that https is one of the ranking factors for sites. First of all, this affected sites where it is necessary to enter any personal data (login, password, payment data, etc.), but at the moment it is recommended to switch to a secure protocol for everyone.
  1. Highlighting topics. If the range of services (or the range of products sold) that you provide is wide enough, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the secrets of promoting sites that claim, it’s much easier to separate a separate web resource for each category. It will be much easier to promote due to its narrow specialization and reduction in the number of requests that need to be covered. 

For example, if you sell clothes, phones and teapots, then promoting three separate sites (corresponding to each category of goods) will be much easier than one (dedicated to all of them at once).

  1. Mobile version of the site. This does not mean the development of a separate mobile application, but site adaptability - optimization of the correctness of its display on as many gadgets as possible. Not all Secrets of SEO Promotion simple to execute, including this one. But the time and resources spent in this case will pay off very quickly.
  2. Refusal to use pallets. Secrets of effective website promotion include a choice in favor of categories (if possible). That is, if it was previously popular to place subsections of services or goods on pallets, now this is quite negatively perceived by search engines. 

  3. Buying old domains can nullify all the secrets of promotion you use. After all, most often used domains are sold for some reason, such as getting under the filter. As a result, by posting your new web resource on such an address, you take a very long risk "fuck", trying to get out.
  4. Public Whois. "Secrets of SEO Promotion" recommend that the registration information about you as the owner of the domain be public. This increases the level of trust on the part of visitors and search engines. In order to implement this recommendation, contact your domain registrar and express your wish.

  5. Correct image names. Website promotion secrets include fairly simple tips like that pictures uploaded to your web resource should have names, corresponding to the text content on the page (ideally, the request is desirable in the name).

  6. Freshness of site content. If you want the secrets of effectively promoting sites to work at full strength, do not forget to regularly publish on your web resource new, useful, unique content (articles, categories, product descriptions). Search engines are watching this very closely.
  7. Updating page content. Even the oldest pages of your site need to be edited from time to time (rewrite paragraphs, add some new graphic content). Especially those that are already in the TOP. This once again proves to search engines that you are working on your resource.
  8. A key request among the first 100 words. There are secrets of SEO promotion that you just need to fulfill without delving into the root cause. One of them is the mandatory placement of a key query within the first hundred words of the text. 
  9. Bit links should be absent on an advanced resource, since their availability can significantly reduce the number of visitors and worsen behavioral factors.
  10. Minimum attachment level also refers to recommendations "Site promotion secrets". This refers to the maximum possible reduction of the path from the promoted page to the main one. Another option for setting out this tip is breadcrumbs" must consist of a minimum number of elements.
  11. Login key request to URL can be classified "Bonal secrets of promotion". Nevertheless, not everyone knows that the page address should contain the main key request for which it is optimized. 
  12. Page Address Length should be the shortest.
  13. Theme Compliance categories, subcategories and goods (headings and articles). For example, in the section on TVs there should be no cameras, etc.

  14. Priority pages. Secrets of effective website promotion include fairly versatile tips. One of them is in formation site maps use the priority parameter to indicate the priority of indexing pages with search robots (main - 1; category - 0.75; subcategory - 0.50; product - 0.25).

  15. Number of pages on the site. Remember that in time semantic core, requests must be divided into groups within meaning. On one page, requests should be collected and optimized based on user goals and should not be duplicated on other pages (wood table, glass table, folding table - these are three pages, not one). 
  1. Privacy Policy. The presence of such a section on the site indicates that you care about the rights of your visitors. Search engines pay particular attention to this.

  2. Availability of links from web resources posted on .gov domains (government organizations) and .edu (educational institutions). One cannot fail to mention such secrets of website promotion, since such external links are very valuable and can very seriously affect the rating of your web resource.
  1. Error Page (404). It should be well designed (do not scare away a potential visitor), report that the pages at the requested address do not exist and offer the ability to go to the main page or to one of the categories.

Here are all the promised secrets of promotion, which are not so difficult to adhere to. Especially if your goal is to get as quickly as possible into the TOP search results.

Can you complement? Share your experience in the comments!