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Not indexed site? Find out the reason!

There are situations when you are in full swing working on your web resource - filling it with good content, developing it in every possible way, and number of pages in the index still does not increase. Or even worse than that - the site is not completely indexed, not a single page is displayed in the search.

What can be done in this case? Check site indexing again?
Repeated checks will not give anything. Here a different approach is required.

First thing you need find out the reason the pages of the site are not indexed.

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Why the site is not indexed by search engines

So, meet 5 the main reasons for the absence of pages of your web resource in the search engine index:

  1. The need is right customize robots.txt, in which indexation may be prohibited:
    - the robot of a particular search engine or all at once;
    - individual pages or the entire site.

  2. Search Engine Filters - Another common reason why the pages of the site are not indexed. What policy have you chosen to promote your web resource?

    Keyback, poor-quality links, useless content - all this can be the reason for applying sanctions by search engines in the form of blocking the indexation of individual pages or the site as a whole.
  3. Young web resource. Do not be surprised why the site is not indexed if it has recently been created and it is only a couple of months old. Perhaps the search engines just don't know about him yet. In this case need add site to index search engines using the services they provide.
  4. A domain that has already been in use before you, it can also be the reason the site is not indexed. If you posted your web resource on the used address, it is likely that the previous owner managed to “follow” and now You have to reap the benefits of his activities in the form of sanctions search engines affecting indexation. Buying old domains - the thing is pretty risky.
  5. Low site speed. Sometimes the pages of the site are not indexed due to too slow loading of web resource pages due to poor code optimization or problems with the stability of hosting. As a result, search engine robots may simply not receive answers to their requests and “pass by”.

If you can’t solve the problem yourself

After the above problems are discovered, you need to eliminate them as much as possible, wait a bit and check the indexing of the site again. In most cases, this should help.

But if such checks and elimination of possible reasons do not give positive results, it should contact those. search engine support and ask them why the site is not indexed. At first, of course, they will write to you about those 5 reasons that we have already considered.

But in the end, you may have a special case, with the solution of which on your own (without those support) it will be impossible to figure out.

In any case, you need to ensure that the next time you want to check the indexation of the site, the results show the desired number of promoted pages in the index.

Well, did our advice help solve your problem? Tell us about it in the comments!