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How dangerous it is to use black SEO

Very often, web optimizers who do not want to wait long use black methods to promote the site (so-called black SEO), which is actually quite risky. 

What is black SEO (black SEO)? These are promotion methods based on mass, a high degree of automation and violation of all possible rules established by search engines. At the same time, the main goal pursued is the accelerated “hard” seizure of positions in the TOP searchable issues. 

Of course, black SEO methods can cause falling under search engine filters. But those who use them consider such risks to be justified, given the possible profit in case they manage to crank out black methods of promotion and at the same time not get caught "on hot.


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The main black ways of promoting

  1. Hidden text, filled with a huge number of keys. The font and / or the same color of the text and background is used, which makes it invisible to people, but accessible for indexing by search robots. 

    Similar black optimization methods are classic. Search engines have long learned to successfully identify and punish those responsible.
  2. Kloaking (English cloaking - disguise). This method also refers to black SEO and implies display of several types of content: one (interesting, useful) - for users, the other (root, with key requests) - for search bots. Moreover, each of them sees only the text intended for him. 

    This is a very dangerous black method of promoting a site for which a ban is punished, almost always lifelong.
  3. Invisible links anchored with punctuation marks (points, commas). Black SEO also includes the use of links tied to invisible to the human eye pictures of 1x1.

    Used for reference mass buildup. And not always in static content, but also in user comments as well.

    They may fall into the category “Irlegal black methods for optimizing web resources” if they are posted on other people's sites without the knowledge of the owner by breaking them and gaining access.

    Similar black methods of SEO are almost never used in view of almost 100% recognition of search engines with bots.
  4. Creating Dorveys (from English doorway - front door) - black SEO using single pages or full web resources, often automatically generated, filled with low-quality, meaningless content with high density of NF and HR of requests, by which they quickly advance to the TOP. Next, the redirection of traffic (automatically or using links and banners) to a web resource that is “flooded” already for people and brings basic profit is configured. 

    Such black methods of promotion are still actively used in view of the effectiveness and rare cases of applying search engine sanctions to the main site due to the difficulties of establishing the very fact of fraud.
  5. Linkfarming (from the English link farm - link farm) - black promotion methods based on creating a web resource network for the purpose of “Displacing / growing” links pointing to each other. Thus, the reference mass is mutually enlarged. Network elements usually do not have intelligible content. 

    In the case of “disclosure of a criminal” network, all its elements are sent to the ban.
  6. Satellite method (from English satellite). A similar black SEO is based on the construction of a web resource network, each of which refers to the main promoted site. The entire network is promoted with the aim of placing the main site in the first place and capturing all positions in TOP 10 satellites (for certain requests, most often commercial). 

    In the case of the perfect embodiment of this scheme, competitors are pushed far beyond the first page of the search engine.

    If satellites are not created automatically, but manually optimized and filled out quality content, then this is not quite black SEO. In this case, the method is quite effective, but time-consuming.
  7. Automatic run on directories and link exchanges. Black SEO methods using automatic promotion, as a result saturate the link profile of the promoted web resource with a huge amount paid, low quality, temporary links.

In most cases, search engines identify similar fraud facts and “punish the perpetrators” using black SEO accordingly.

Use or not?

In fact, here everyone decides for himself. After all, what attract black methods of promoting the site? What is it fast. But, on the other hand, that's pretty risky and wears short-term effect (except for the 6 method). If search engines notice black SEO, in most cases you can forget about the site that came under the filters. 

Given the current level of development of the search engine struggle against those who use black SEO methods, more and more optimizers do not want to take risks and turn their eyes on white and gray methods website promotion.