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8 typical reasons for the fall of positions in search engine output

If you are interested in the topic of this article, then for your web resource is the urgent problem of falling positions in search engines. 

Therefore, we will not rant for a long time about how suddenly the seepage of the site’s positions can occur and what troubles it causes. 

We’d better go straight to the point and consider the most frequent situations that will help you understand why the site’s position in your particular case is falling and how this can be fixed.

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Why does the site lose ground in search

  1. Content Quality Deterioration quite often causes the fall of positions in Yandex and Google. Therefore, if you suddenly decided to save on a copywriter and started publishing cheap, irrelevant, unique, poorly rejected texts, you should not be surprised why the site’s position fell. Search engines always ensure that only the most is available to their users quality content.

    График падения позиций из-за ухудшения качества контента
  2. Termination reference mass buildup (especially sharp) can cause not only a fall in positions in search engines, but also sanctions on their part. Sharp falls (like explosions) always talk about the artificial formation of a reference profile, with which search engines tirelessly try to fight.
  3. Global changes on the website almost always leads to a drop in positions on Google and other search engines. 

    Redoing the structure, changing the design, changing the addresses of the pages, inept content update, entailing a re-optimization in keywords - these are just some of the frequent mistakes made by webmasters who are trying to understand why the site’s position has fallen.
  4. The influence of hosting is far from the last reason website positions fall. If your web resource "unblown in size" or new ones are being introduced "heavy" scripts can come when a hitherto trouble-free server stops coping with an increasing load. This must be monitored on time "move" on a more powerful modern hosting.

    График зависимости позиций от скорости загрузки сайта
  5. Introducing new and changing old ranking algorithms constantly become the reason why there is a drop in positions in Yandex and Google.
  6. Breaks or total termination social networking inevitably causes a drop in positions in search engines, if earlier this type of activity was carried out constantly. Indeed, this reduces not only the amount of traffic from social. networks, but also social signals that are taken into account when ranking.
  7. Natural crowding out by competitors happens all the time. Therefore, sometimes instead of searching for the reason why the site is losing ground, you need to conduct competitor analysis and make sure that you are always one step ahead in terms of working on the website.
  8. Hit under search engine filters for one of the many reasons, it may entail the subsidence of the site’s position, and sometimes the complete disappearance of it from the index. Most often, this happens due to the use of unapproved search engines of promotion methods (mainly black, but sometimes gray SEO). 

    График падения позиций сайта под фильтром

What to do after determining the reason for the site’s position

If using the above list you were able to reliably determine why the site’s positions fell, the next logical step will be to eliminate the causes, because of which it happened. 

Sometimes falling positions in Google and other search engines can be stopped and reversed, if the reason was obvious and not too serious: 

  • improve content quality;
  • continue to regularly purchase links of the proper level of quality;
  • return the old convenient design, instead of the new one that visitors did not appreciate, etc.

But situations happen when the experienced SEO optimizers cannot do without the outside help of experienced SEO optimizers. Therefore, if you can’t eliminate the cause yourself or you still couldn’t find out why the site is losing its position, you can turn to us for help and we will definitely help you!