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8 the most common errors when choosing hosting

You know, what is hosting? Stupid question. Of course you know! Otherwise, you would not have read this material now.

Then try No. 2.

Can't you find the right site to host your website?

Straight to the point! High-quality hosting (and, more precisely, recommendations for choosing the right level hosting) - that's what really bothers you at this moment!

Types of hosting, that exist today make it possible to make the best choice depending on the capabilities and goals of each site owner.

Therefore, before making a final decision, it is better to first familiarize yourself with what features of the choice of hosting exist.

To help you with this, we decided to list the most common errors, excluding which you can choose the right hosting.


1. High-quality hosting cannot be free

As you know, a free "cheese only happens in a mousetrap. Therefore, if you are bought on the promises of a hosting provider for free, provide you with the best hosting support and the most productive server parameters, be sure that:

  • on the pages of your web resource will display advertising that you cannot remove until you pay at least the minimum tariff plan (and the income from its impressions will go clearly not in your pocket);
  • site download speed will be quite low due to the proximity with hundreds of the same as you “halyava” lovers within the same server;
  • You will have limited website capabilities.


And this is not all the unpleasant features of choosing hosting, on a free basis.

Therefore, in order not to experience such difficulties, it’s better to invest some dollars in quality hosting at the very beginning, who will pay off pretty quickly in the future if it is assumed that your project will be commercial.


2. Unwillingness to read the User Agreement

Tell me honestly, do you often read the terms of use of any service before you check the “Familiar” checkmark?

To be sure that you choose the right hosting, do not be lazy to read these couple of pages of information.

Indeed, farts like “The Provider reserves the right to delete client files without warning” or “the Agreement may be terminated unilaterally by our company may well be hidden in it. At the same time, all rights to the contents of the site and the domain of its placement are transferred to the company. ”.

True, it will be unpleasant if you promote your website, and you just take it away by tapping your nose into the agreement under which you actually signed? Therefore, you should not ignore this recommendation for choosing hosting.


3. Buying the most expensive package of services

After reading the recommendations on choosing hosting not on a free basis, you should not immediately spend all your savings on paying for the most expensive tariff plan.

Yes, a lot of space, a dedicated server, complete freedom of action in terms of its configuration and round-the-clock hosting support is, of course, excellent. But, do you need it now, at the very beginning?

These funds are best deferred to the acquisition of content and links to promote your site. And the package will always be possible to upgrade in the future. Choose only what you need at the moment.


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4. Lack of 24-hour hosting support

Technical support is needed. And it should really work 24 hours all 7 days a week. If the provider you are considering cannot provide this elementary condition, then it will not be able to provide high-quality hosting. Get away from him immediately! Otherwise, in case of interruptions in the operation of the site, you will not be able to do anything and will humbly wait until they are noticed and eliminated by the hoster.


5.  The choice based only on the promises of the provider

One of the main features of choosing hosting is the study of the reputation of a company that offers you its services.

Of course, they will only tell the best about themselves and their site will abound in the most tempting offers. You should not hope for less.

But you can really find out what awaits you only by posting Internet expanses for customer feedback about this company. And not on her site (there will be only good), but on third-party resources.


6. Ignoring the connection between choosing hosting and promoting the site

High-quality hosting - an assistant in search promotion!

But the effect of hosting on SEO website promotion may not only be positive.

If you choose free virtual hosting with low speed, poor appetim, “spam neighbors” and other “bonuses”, be sure, that search engines will take this into account and advance to the TOPs their output will be oh how difficult!


7.  Unwillingness to understand the conditions of the selected tariff

Do not hope that by paying for a package called “Unlimited”, you will receive high-quality hosting with truly unlimited possibilities.

Read the list of services provided at the tariff in advance:

  • how much disk space will be available?
  • What are the guaranteed computing power you will receive?
  • is it possible to use SSH?
  • is it possible to install additional software in person?
  • similar hosting choices may seem commonplace to you. But it’s better to play it safe than to be surprised later “and why there isn’t that either.”.

 8. Choosing an overly attractive young hoster

If a hosting provider has appeared recently and lures customers with profitable promotions, promotional codes, discounts and other “plush”, you should be careful.

There is a possibility that you will not only not get high-quality hosting, but you will completely lose it after a while, when the “crushing dough” scammers cover their “ball office”.

Are these all the features of choosing hosting?

Of course not. It is simply impossible to list all existing recommendations for choosing hosting within one article. Here we mentioned only the most important of them (from our point of view).

We hope that Having taken into account the listed errors, you will not make them and you will be able to choose truly high-quality hosting, which will serve you and your website for a long time!