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Domain Area Selection

If you plan to launch your site in the near future and start promoting it, it will be very useful to figure out how to choose a domain zone in which it is better to buy a name for it.  

It is not worth taking into account deliberately incorrect statements like that third-level domains look less attractive than the second. The low price should not push you away. It is better to more carefully trace the connection of certain domain zones with the theme and scale of your business.


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How to choose a domain zone

As we have already mentioned, deciding which domain zone to choose, we must first pay attention to resource purpose and the scope of user coverage. According to this principle, their main categories can be distinguished:

  1. International. For example, .com or .org. You can register a domain in these them only if your business, to which the site refers, is unlimited in the scale of one country.
  2. National (.ru, .ua, They mean the prevalence of your business in a whole country.


  3. Regional (, Great for a site that offers the provision of certain services in a particular region, region or city (for example, a local grocery store chain).

Selecting a domain zone by other signs

If you select a domain for a personal site (for example, for a personal blog), in this case .name is perfect. In this case, the address of your site will look something like this: What is not a business card?

Zone .info, as you might have guessed, suitable for information sites. In addition, the addresses in it are quite cheap.

If you don’t know which domain zone to choose for representation on your network business, which is maintained within the borders of Ukraine, it will be best to launch a site in the zone If you aim further, for the whole world, choose international - .biz.
If the theme of your site is general and unrelated geographically, the choice of domain zone can be stopped at .org. It is assumed that web resources are recorded in it non-profit organizations.

The influence of the selected domain zone on the website promotion

If you are trying to understand which domain zone to choose, so that it favorably affects the promotion of your web resource, the first thing to do is follow the most basic rule: the site should correspond to the theme of the zone (this was mentioned above).

Search engines pay attention to this correspondence not least. Therefore, if you sell agricultural machinery and create a site in .net, the search engine will be a little surprised and is unlikely to issue your site in TOP 10 even if it is super-optimized for everything important requests.
The choice of domain zone must be done wisely, not forgetting about the regional binding.

It is, of course, prestigious to buy domains in the .ua zone, but if your activity is limited to providing car repair services in. Nikolaev, it will be more than ridiculous. PS will also push it lower in the results of the issue. And at the same time, it is possible that the user looking for these services in this city will not know at all about the existence of your site.


Now you know how to choose a domain zone so as to take into account all the important nuances (scale, geo-referencing, subject). It remains only to optimize your site in all other respects and forward, to conquer the TOP 3!
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