To maximize the effectiveness of SEO promotion, you need to correctly determine the goals and objectives of SEO optimization, with which the work is performed. Depending on the type and theme of the site, they have some differences, which leads to the need to apply different SEO strategies and perform different actions.

It is important that specialists can correctly assess the tasks and goals of promoting the resource. The correctness of the selection of methods of work, tools for the implementation of the necessary actions and other important details depend on this. You should start promotion only if you have correctly defined tasks and goals - otherwise, even if you get into the TOP, you may not get the desired result.


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Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Definition of goals and objectives of SEO promotion

The main task of SEO is to increase the visibility of the site in the search results, that is, to increase the percentage of users who, when entering targeted queries, will see the promoted site in the search results. The formation of the visibility index is influenced by:

  • Query frequency - shows how many times users entered a particular key phrase into a search engine in a particular region during a month.
  • Position in the search engine results - the place that a site occupies for a specific query when generating search results.
  • Click-through rate is the estimated number of clicks to the site, which depends on the position.

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Visibility allows you to determine the amount of traffic a resource receives when it occupies a certain position in the search results. The tasks of website promotion are to maximize this indicator to attract the target audience.

In simple words, the main goal of SEO is to bring the site to the TOP by a large number of targeted queries for promotion, attract new traffic to the site and then retain it. All this contributes to the growth of attendance, conversion rate and the number of applications.

The volume of new traffic in direct proportion depends on the position in the search results. Studies have shown that approximately one third of the traffic (30%) falls on the first place. Significantly less - 15% falls in second place. Third place receives only 5%. The remaining sites from the TOP-10 receive 5% or less. In total, two-thirds of the traffic comes from the top of the SERPs, while sites on the second page of the SERPs and beyond receive only the remaining third.

How to achieve SEO goals and implement promotion tasks

The goals of SEO-promotion of the site are not achieved at the same time. Depending on the age and the current situation with the resource, this will take from 2 months to six months or more. Important - the promotion process must continue constantly, otherwise the results achieved may soon be lost due to the constant work of competitors.

A set of works will help to achieve SEO goals, among which special attention should be paid to the following tasks:

  • Audit of competitors - will help to find interesting ideas, determine sufficient indicators to promote the site to the TOP and prevent possible errors in further work.
  • Compiling a semantic core allows you to better understand the target audience and how it searches for goods or services of interest on the Internet. Properly distributing queries across pages, you can quickly achieve your SEO goals.
  • Content creation - writing high-quality texts, placing images and other types of information on the site pages. At this stage, the task of SEO is to create not only a text that is optimized for queries, but also useful for users.
  • Internal optimization - you need to eliminate errors and gross problems with the code. Visitors should feel comfortable on the site. Make sure that the site displays correctly on all types of devices, loads quickly and does not cause confusion in navigation.
  • External optimization is an important stage in the implementation of SEO promotion tasks, which many optimizers underestimate. Placing external links is not only an increase in the link mass, but also a way to bring additional traffic to the site.

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More traffic means more views, and therefore a likely increase in applications. However, it is important not only to attract the audience, but also to make you do the target action. This is partly solved when implementing tasks, when the resource is running and fast. However, to achieve these goals, the CEO still has a few more steps to take:

You can implement all these tasks and achieve the goal of SEO both independently and using the promotion service. In the first case, it is better to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the search engine, for example, by completing the Search Engine course. So you can promote your site under the supervision of SEO-specialists and achieve your goals faster.