Search engines are constantly being improved and try to make extradition as comfortable as possible for users. Google Search Results Page now contains not only a list of relevant site requests, but and other special elements

About, how to display a site in TOP organic distribution we wrote earlier, now consider the remaining visual elements SERP in Google.

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One-Box’s search results page on Google

One-Box’s are special elements in the Google issue, which may contain a ready-made response to a user request or useful information on a topic with links to a source. Yandex has a similar functionality called "sorcerers.

Selected Snippet

This search engine is also called Zero, a quick response block, or Featured Snippet. It contains a short piece of text that Google considered the most accurate answer to the user's question. 

Избранный сниппет в поисковой выдаче гугл

Previously, the site could get into the selected snippet and at the same time be displayed among 10 results of organic issuance. But in 2020, Google removed duplication of links in search results. Now the quick response block is the first position, not zero

Featured Snippet is located at the top of the issue and takes up more space than is explained in much high percentage of clickability by him. This means that getting into the “zero” will be a great tool for attracting traffic.

To get into the chosen one, necessary:

  • follow all the recommendations of the SEO-promotion, as Google prefers sites from TOP-10; 
  • prepare a list of questions that will be appropriate on your site;
  • write a clear, but concise, answer;
  • as a subheading add the question itself to the content;
  • supplement the content with useful materials on a given topic;
  • add quality illustrations;
  • use tables and lists (if applicable to the topic);
  • add micro-label - it will help Google robots more accurately understand the relevance of the content.

There are no clear rules for the design of content in the instructions of the search engine, which make it necessary to get into the “zero” sub-scenes. But described actions absolutely increase the chances of it.

Knowledge block

Another name is the network or knowledge graph, Knowledge Graph. This is a special element with structured information on the topic of the request. Displays in the right corner of the Google search results page.

Как выглядит блок знаний в выдаче

Source to form a knowledge block most often serves Wikipedia. It includes:

  • photo;
  • a brief description of who it is or what;
  • basic "anket" data;
  • additional information: filmography, quotes, pages on social networks, user assessment;
  • similar requests.

To get to Knowledge Graph, you need:

  • Create a page on Wikipedia and fill it with information about your company;
  • Customize micro-assembly on the site so that the search engine can take additional information: phone numbers, logo, links to social networks.

Local cards

This block is also called Local Pack, local results, or map results. 

Most often displayed at the top of the search page, but in some cases it can be located in the middle, and even at the end. Is displayed when searching in google local company for geo-dependent queries. Moreover content phrases should wear commercial nature

Результаты поиска в google с картой

In addition to the card with the points marked on it, the Local Pack block displays brief information about three companies: name, rating and number of reviews, address, working hours, photos and additional data.

By default, Google shows places located near the user. 

What is needed to get into the special element "Local Results":

Once in the Local Cards block, you will receive additional traffic and attract users who are next to you and are looking for you.

Additional user convenience and benefits for site owners - buttons for quick transition to resource and route construction.

Map knowledge graph

Alternative names - Knowledge graph with map, company card in Google My Business, knowledge block with map. It is displayed in cases where the user is looking not for general information about the goods or service, but for a specific company. That is, introduces a brand request. 

Блок знаний с картой из google my business

In this special element of the Google issue, such fragments can be displayed.:

  • a small map, a panorama of the streets nearby and a photograph of the company;
  • buttons for accessing the site and building the route;
  • rating and number of reviews;
  • address, opening hours, contact details;
  • questions and answers;
  • attendance information;
  • company news and its description;
  • similar requests.

To get into the card knowledge block you need perform the same actions as in the case of the element "Local Results:

  • Add company to Google My Business;
  • Fill out the card;
  • Get positive reviews.

Accurate answer

The exact answer, aka Direct Answer, is displayed in the release of Google on requests that can be given brief reference information. For example: exchange rates, dictionary, translator, flights, account for sports matches, etc.

Точный ответ на запрос пользователя

With this special element, the user quickly receives an exhaustive answer, and he does not need to go lower into organic issuance. Therefore from the point of view of SEO and attracting traffic, it is useless.


Carousel Results is a spectacular Google extradition special element located at the very top of the search page. He demonstrates horizontal tape, which consists of answer options to request. References to each answer (not specific sites, but a new page with a specified request) are accompanied by a preview.

Карусель результатов поиска в Гугл

Carousel appears in response to a request involving a choice: the best children's books, English detective series, dog breeds, etc. Each of the proposed options does not lead to the site, but presents the answer or product option, so it will not be possible to display the page of your own site directly as an element of the carousel. But by clicking on the item, the user will see your site if it is in the top on the specified request. 

The main news

The “Top stories for query” block is displayed at the top of SERP on news requests in the form of a list or separate cards like a carousel. Only can fall into it trust news resources that are selected using special Google computer algorithms. 

Спецэлемент главные новости

To increase your chances of getting into it:

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This block in the search engine contains only a few illustrations. By clicking on the “Show All” link, you can see the extended tape. And if you click on a separate photo, then Google will display information about the site on which it is posted.

Блок с картинками по запросу

To get into the block with images is required:

In the "Images for request" block, photos are built without reference to the results of the issue. Google developers do not reveal the secrets of their ranking algorithm. That is, pictures from not the most popular sites can get here, which is beneficial for beginners in SEO issues.


The special element "Video" is displayed on the results page of the issue as a list of 3 - 4 clips with a preview, name, duration and source.

Google video content materials usually takes from YouTube, Ivi and other similar sites

Видео в результатах выдачи google

Configuring video for getting into Google special elements includes:

  • name filling, descriptions, tags using keywords;
  • setting a suitable icon (cover);
  • adding a link to your site in the description.

Examples of contextual ads in Google

Promotion blocks

These are paid elements located above and below the organic output (Top Ads) (Bottom Ads). This is where the resources that have set up contextual advertising using Google Ads come. A distinctive feature is “Advertising” mark next to the site address.

Рекламный блок вверху страницы serp

One ad unit may contain up to 4 paid ads. They are located in the order of value of the click for companies and depending on the rating of sites.

To display in this issue element, you need to:

  • create an advertising campaign in Google Ads; 
  • select the most relevant requests for your content;
  • qualitatively fill out the description that will be displayed in snapp;
  • start the ad show.

Products on request

Shopping Results - symbiosis of the advertising block and special element of the carousel. Here is information about the products of the group of requested products with a clarification of the product name, value, seller’s website and its rating. Each link is accompanied by a photograph of the goods. By clicking on an element, the user hits a specific page of the site.

рекламный блок с товарами по запросу

To get into this kind of showcase of sellers of similar goods, you need:

  • place an account in Google Ads;
  • register with Merchant Center;
  • launch the campaign in MC;
  • pay for the advertising place.

This special element does not work in all countries, which depends on the policy of promoting Google's service products.

Recommended Keywords 

Similar requests

Other name for this special issue element is People also ask, similar questions are also asked. Outwardly looks like a separate block with a list of similar user requests. When you click on one of them, a short answer is revealed with reference to the source site.

Спецэлемент похожие запросы пример

So the search engine seeks to quickly provide answers to all kinds of questions on the topic, and helps the user find information without the need to enter a new request.

The special element “Like requests” displays questions and answers that are available in the database of “Favorite snippets”. Therefore, only those sites that got a place in the block with quick answers can get into it.

Related requests

The linked query block is located at the very bottom of the Google search engine. It displays not links to sites, but a list of similar keywords on a given topic. You can’t manage it, but you can use it to expand your own semantic core.

Связанные запросы в результатах выдачи гугл


We examined the most interesting, in our opinion, special elements of the Google search engine. Some of them serve only for the convenience of users, others - will be useful to site owners. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to use them to attract even more users interested in your product. 

Is it interesting to learn about the sorcerers and other special elements of the search issuance of Yandex? If so, write about it in the comments, and we will prepare a detailed review.

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