SEO, of course, is not one of the academic sciences. But you just need to see how much knowledge, techniques, tools, analytical data is required and must be processed in the promotion process in order to understand that SEO needs a powerful information and educational basis. Without it, attempts to independently develop this direction can only be considered a waste of time and money. Today we will tell you where and how to learn SEO promotion and is it real to do it yourself


Картинка как и где научиться SEO продвижению

Basic education for SEO

Before looking for a place where you can learn SEO optimization, you should understand what initial training may be needed for future candidates for aces promotion. And here it is important for us to understand on what basis SEO knowledge is built.

Related Academic Areas Contributing to SEO:

  • Mathematics, more precisely, mathematical analysis and statistics that are necessary for working with numerical indicators that are fundamental in SEO;
  • Programming, knowledge of the basic basics may be needed for work;
  • Project management, or the management necessary to be able to organize the work of the entire team involved in promoting the site;
  • Marketing is not just a friendly discipline of SEO, for maximum efficiency they work in one bunch, which is why many specialists in the field of SEO have already retrained from SEO marketers;
  • Psychology, knowledge of which allows you to understand as well as possible the nature and behavior of not only the target audience and Internet users in general, but also helps to more effectively contact colleagues and customers.

Yes, SEO is difficult to call a narrow area, for the solution of tasks of which it is enough to learn a couple of rules. To do their work at the highest level, attract as much traffic as possible and effectively develop Internet projects, need to develop, study new information and develop new skills

Often, mathematicians become specialists in the field of SEO, project managers, marketers, psychologists, programmers, as well as journalists who have no equal in writing texts, photographers, video operators, graphic designers who can create cool content.

You should not put an end to your chosen profession if you do not have all the knowledge listed and do not have higher education. SEO is available to everyone when you consider that you are ready to learn and develop in this direction.

Having dealt with basic training and related disciplines, we will deal with where and how to learn SEO website promotion.

Why SEO does not teach at universities

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to education is universities. But neither universities nor institutes can learn SEA promotion. Someone might think that the sandstone is not a serious profession, so there is no faculty for promoting websites in universities. But the reason is completely different.

Unlike other areas, the departments of which can be found in various educational institutions, SEO is constantly changing, responding to changes in search engine algorithms, market, competitive environment, user character and other factors. This fact does not allow a program to study the subject. And without an approved educational methodology, no university can add a new specialization.

Another problem of universities is the lack of qualified teachers who are professionally aware of SEO promotion methods.

Maybe, when educational institutions are ready to adjust to the modern rhythm of life and they will think over a solution for subjects whose program will change at least once a year, applicants will be able to choose the SEO promotion faculty for themselves. Or at least fully study this direction in the framework of another discipline related to the development of Internet projects.

How to learn how to promote sites yourself?

SEO is great for self-development of the profession. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any training format.

Specialized educational literature

Choosing where it is better to learn how to use SEO optimization, you can start from the most conservative and centuries-old proven way of education - learning literature study. On the shelves of bookstores and on the Internet, you can find a lot of textbooks on SEO promotion both on paper and in electronic form.

Books should not be discounted. In them you will find excellent structured information in an accessible form for study, which is quickly remembered. Just keep in mind that textbooks, which are several years old, may contain not entirely relevant data and recommendations that have managed to get outdated and will not allow to get the expected effect. But SEO books are an excellent foundation and are suitable for the initial stage of training, and over time they can be used as improvised reference books.

For example, Pavel Shulgi's book “SEO Ryvok” has already become a desktop for many practicing optimizers. Its sections include the main steps for effective promotion, which are necessary for any Internet project. Armed with this knowledge in SEO, you will make your site popular, useful and profitable regardless of the direction of the business.

как самому обучиться seo-продвижению книга

Search Engine Blogs and Guides

Thematic blogs of specialists in the field of promotion and optimization will help learn to work with each individual tool and implement cool solutions for development on your site. A detailed description and understandable instructions will make the learning process simple and convenient. The main thing is to choose the right site for the source of information, otherwise you can only get confused and spend more than purchase.

When implementing any tool, we recommend that you do not ignore the manuals and hints of search engines. Developers know their product very well, understand why it is necessary and how to use it correctly. This information is very valuable and useful., given its relevance and accuracy.

Is it possible to learn SEO yourself using only thematic articles and search engine manuals? Most likely, they will not be enough to fully study the topic of promotion. After all, neither articles nor manuals will teach you to think as a SEO specialist, and will not help you independently develop a strategy for the development of your business. These are sources of additional information on the operation of a particular tool. They will be useful not only to beginners, but will also be useful to experienced optimizers in mastering a new method or taking promotions.

В блогах можно научиться продвигать сайты пример

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Free webinars and workshops

Just like blogs and manuals, webinars and workshops offered in the public domain for everyone, they allow you to get acquainted with individual SEO methods and tools and are very useful for practitioners. They cannot be considered as a full-fledged method to learn how to promote sites themselves. But with their help you can and should follow the news and SEO trends, and also get acquainted with new optimization tools.

We recommend that you keep your finger on the pulse and track the publication of free workshops on the Internet. To do this, be sure to subscribe to the channels and updates of the most famous and knowledgeable bloggers in the subject. This will not require financial costs, but it will help to always stay up to date with the events and innovations of SEO. Self-tracking the emergence of all new tools or trends in promotion is very difficult, but this can and should be done with the help of colleagues in the workshop.

We also often spend free workshops, which we definitely notify our subscribers. 

Courses for promoting your site and mastering the profession of SEO specialist

High demand for services, popularity of the direction and relevance of SEO website promotion issues have created a huge number of courses. And at the moment, SEO courses are not just an alternative to university training in this area, but the only way to get a full-fledged quality education and learn how to promote sites.

For yourself you can choose both offline and online learning form. How more convenient it is to master the SEO program, you decide. Each form has its own characteristics.


Offline SEO Courses

A form of training familiar to all points: you attend group classes at the indicated time, go through practice and, upon completion, undergo testing, as a result of which you receive a certificate or certificate. The number of training hours and the course schedule are determined by its authors and program.

The disadvantages of this form of training can be attributed:

  • the need to independently record lecture materials;
  • the inability to return to a missed lesson or topic that I did not have time to write, because classes are designed for a group and do not imply repetition due to lagging students (even for good reason);
  • throughout the course you will have to adjust to the class schedule and the employment of teachers;
  • extra time on the road;
  • usually the high cost of training.

Seo Offline Courses:

  • additional motivation based on the need to strictly adhere to the class schedule is very important for some;
  • the possibility of personal communication with teachers, lively contact.

Of course, these pluses are purely individual in nature and are not a real advantage for everyone.

Online SEO Courses

Today, most of the professional specialists in the field of SEO will recommend online courses to the question of how to learn how to promote sites faster. And there are many reasons for this.

The main advantages of online SEO profession training:

  • The choice of time and place of employment remains with you;
  • The pace of learning depends solely on your capabilities;
  • Viewing classes is available to you at any time as part of the training: even if you missed something, could not learn another lesson at the planned time or forgot part of the material passed, you can watch the video again or after the main part of the students studied it;
  • Here, for each, his own personal account is provided, in which all the information necessary for study and practice is available;
  • Checking homework allows you to not only work out the methods studied in practice, but also to make out possible mistakes with professionals;
  • The possibility of correspondence with a teacher who will help you understand all the issues that have arisen for you;
  • Often the cost of training includes additional workshops or students are given discounts on other courses of the company.

Thus, almost anyone who wants to learn to promote sites, regardless of place of residence, employment, individual features of material development can learn SEO. Additional materials will help make learning more efficient and comfortable.

Given all the benefits of online SEO training for our courses we chose this particular form of training.

Course "Search engine»It is suitable both for promoting your own site in search engines, and for obtaining the profession of SEO marketer. In the second case, you will have another additional activity in working with clients. As a result, you will learn not only to effectively promote sites, but also deal with:

  • customer search features, 
  • rules for compiling reports convenient for you and customers, 
  • principles for evaluating their work and other useful information in their work.

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Additional benefits of online SEO Academy courses for future site optimizers:

  • individual bonus videos prepared by our specialists for working with the most convenient and useful services;
  • the main emphasis on practice so that you can immediately apply the acquired knowledge to promote your site, checking their effectiveness;
  • individual check of homework, detailed answers to questions that arise in your learning process;
  • personal recommendations for promoting your site (or the one with which you plan to work);
  • your personal account and all materials will remain with you even after completion of training and will help in your work.

Преимущества онлайн курсов по SEO картинка

We have trained hundreds of successful SEO specialists who began their journey as an optimizer during training. It is this approach that allows you to achieve better results, and, in addition, as part of the course you promote your site, thus gaining maximum benefit and benefit, saving time and money.

How to choose the online course SEO

It is clear that you should look for proven programs that are recommended by current SEO specialists who have studied them. But, besides the school brand, it is worth paying attention to some points:

  1. Give preference most complete programs, affecting all possible aspects of website promotion. The more theoretical material you get, the less time you will have to spend in the future on finding additional information.
  2. Practice, practice and practice again. Choose the course that includes practical exercises and compulsory homework testing. The more practice will be in the learning process, the better you master the material, therefore, the more effective the training will be. If you do not practice while studying, you will not learn to work independently.
  3. Stop your choice in courses, whose teachers are current practices. Only in this case can you be sure that the information received is checked in action and can be successfully applied in your own work.


SEO promotion is a good direction for personal development, deep knowledge in which is useful not only to specialists focused on working with customer sites, but also to owners of any business promoted on the Internet. Choose the most convenient format of training for yourself and master new knowledge in the most comfortable conditions for you.

Remember, basic knowledge is not as important as the desire to promote your project or get a profession in this direction. Therefore, the lack of higher education or initial work experience cannot be an obstacle to the goal. If you decide to go this way and learn SEO promotion with us, book your participation in the “Search engine. And inform the manager when buying promo code "Start-SEO", to get an extra bonus.