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How long does the site index

Yesterday they added new pages to their web resource, but they still do not appear in the search results? Is it time to panic or wait for more? How long is the site indexed? How speed up site indexing search engines?

First exist averaged indicators:

  • Google - about 1 weeks.
  • Yandex - approximately 2 - 3 weeks. His robots are either “lazy” Google, or they have more work and they do not have time faster.

But this does not mean that your web resource should be indexed precisely in these terms. In fact, no one gives any guarantees:

Secondly, you definitely should not panic. First you need to find out which category (old / new, useful / useless, optimized / cramped, etc.) belongs to, why the site is poorly indexed and what factors can influence it.

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How long is the site indexed? Do you know that... much the site indexes depends on several factors:

  1. If the site already has pages in the index, then the frequency of repeated visits of the search robot directly depends on the opinion formed by the search engine about him.

    Also how much time the site indexes can affect how often you will update content.
    For example, the new pages of the site on which you are now indexed within one day and immediately fall on the first or second pages of search results. Is the hint clear? :-)
  2. New web resource on the new domain - One of the reasons why the site is poorly indexed. Search engines need time to find out about the emergence of a new web resource. Therefore either need be patient, or try to speed up this process a bit and add site to index search engines using Google Search Console and Yandex. Webmaster. This can help, but again there is no guarantee.

  3. New site with a used address. A similar combination can also affect how much the site is indexed. Buying old domains can lead to some situations (sometimes pleasant, and sometimes quite the opposite). There can be at least two options:
  • A pleasant surprise from the past successful domain owner in the form of accelerated indexation by search engines, so to speak, "from the old memory. 
  • If a site located on an old domain is indexed for a long time, the reason for this may be the “bad behavior” of the previous owner (for example, he could use black SEO). As a result, your web resource, “accepting an inheritance”, automatically falls under search engine filters.

What if the site is indexed for a long time?

If the web resource does not fall into the search engine index for a long time (from your point of view), you will need:

  • be patient and do not hope to receive lightning results;
  • work on the site (improve usability, adaptability, fill with quality content);
  • do not forget that search engines are very incredulous about beginners and promotion of a new site requires certain efforts. You may have to “play in the sandbox” for about six months to begin with.

Anyway, how much the site is indexed is not as important as the fact of the presence of indexation. You can always speed up the indexing of the site. Another situation when site not indexed in general, it can be a very disturbing call reporting that promoting your web resource will not bring any results until this problem is resolved.

And how many pages of your site are indexed on average? Let's organize a competition in the comments and find out the best result!