It is no secret that search engine developers regularly update site ranking algorithms to turn output into the most comfortable, profitable and safe space. In addition, the preferences and requirements of the users themselves are constantly changing. 

SEO-call strategy for the year is required must consider any changes the needs of the target audience and the search engine assessment system. Otherwise, focusing on outdated norms and optimization features, you can forget about the high positions in the search engine.

Let's understand what needs to be taken into account when developing the SEO-provement strategy in 2022 first.


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Actual SEO strategies and a new look at optimization

If you get to know this year's search engine trends, which we have collected in a separate article, you will surely notice that there is nothing fundamentally new from a technical point of view. The main changes are related to updating and finalizing those areas that previously took place in the ranking system, but did not play such a prominent role.

Now, working on promoting the site, you need to do well understand the features of the topic and work closely with the business as a whole. This integration process did not start today, but in 2022 its influence became the most noticeable.

Therefore, wondering what SEO strategy to choose this year, first of all, check out the areas of business development.

Stages of developing the SEO-promotion strategy in 2022

Consider the main steps that should include a good SEO-provement strategy in 2022.

1. Priority promotion

It is impossible to complete all tasks at the same time. That is why the development of an SEO strategy need to start by setting priorities. Determine which business areas are most important for promotion. These may be those categories of goods or services that:

  • bring you the greatest profit;
  • require the least labor costs;
  • are your main specialization.

From these pages in the future you will need to start semantic core, writing texts, preparing visual content, etc.

2. Search for competing sites

If you want to get into the TOP of the search engines, you need assess the current situation and understand which sites are there now. Analyzing competitors and comparing them with your resource, you can find out what actions you need to do first and correctly build your own SEO-promotion strategy.  

In incognito mode, type in the Google search bar or Yandex requests for priority categories for you, and make a list of competing sites with you. We described this process in detail in the article “How to identify competitors in SEO.

анализ конкурентов для построения seo стратегии

3. Processing the semantic kernel of the site

Semantic core - this is the foundation, on which the future SEO-provement strategy is based. It allows you to assess the competitiveness of topics, the interests of the target audience and the priority of work. Based on it:

Many site owners mistakenly assume that the most effective strategy is to promote only on high-frequency requests, because they are more popular among users. However, this is not so.

We recommend using all kinds of keywords. and when compiling a semantic core, focus on them intent, that is, meaning, not any other indicators. Moreover, as practice shows, low frequency requests:

  • move faster and easier;
  • in total lead up to 70% of traffic;
  • use interested users, which improves behavioral factors and conversion.

So they must be used in their SEO strategy in 2022.

Also, it will not be superfluous to analyze, on what requests competitors advance and on which pages they optimize them. This will allow you to take into account their successful experience and use it when promoting your site.

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4. Building site structure

The next step is to analyze the existing structure of the site. Check that she:

  • was logical, consistent and user-friendly;
  • covered all previously collected request groups;
  • contained links to all promoted pages, taking into account them nesting level and priority.

Compare your site structure with competitors. This will allow you to find new ideas and apply them in your promotion strategy.

создание структуры сайта важный этап seo

5. Usability analysis

In 2022 special attention should be paid to the usability of the site.. To understand how convenient your site is for users:

  1. Install Google Analytics Analysts and Yandex Metric.
  2. Customize Yandex Webber and heat cards to track visitor behavior.
  3. If they have been added earlier, check the time of the sessions, the number of pages viewed, viewing depth, failure rate and other analytical data. This will allow you to find possible problems on the site and eliminate them.

    анализ юзабилити и поведенческих факторов картинка
  4. Additionally walk along usability checklist, which we have prepared for you.
  5. Make a competitor audit, and evaluate:
    • how pleasant the design is and the color scheme is harmoniously selected,
    • is the structure and navigation understandable,
    • how fast pages are loaded;
    • the correctness of the display of the site on different devices and browsers;
    • elements located in the futter and header;
    • external page view 404 errors;
    • font readability and image quality;
    • what capture forms and means of communication are used.

      At the same time, look for the most successful solutions that could be adopted to improve the quality and convenience of your site. 

So you can understand how to influence:

6. Creation of high-quality and diverse content

Google and Yandex specialists work tirelessly to bring to the lead in the issuance of not just those sites on whose pages similar phrases are found. They "learn" their systems understand the depth of the query and the need of man, and also analyze texts in terms of their meaning, usefulness and relevance.

Content Strategy Development Stages we described in a separate article, here we will highlight basic rules to be followed in 2022:

  • the content should be informative, concise and without water;
  • requests are organically inscribed in the text and do not catch the eye when reading;
  • old articles are updated periodically indicating the date of the changes made;

    как работать с контентом в этом году пример
  • not only unique texts, but also images;
  • work on the creation of new content is carried out regularly and without interruptions;
  • to all information articles the author is indicated;
  • the fight against plagiarism is ongoing: theft protection established and tagged sites are tracked;

    форма для жалобы dmca в search console
  • different types of visual content are used: videos, photos, pictures, infographics, banners, etc.;
  • the number of content distribution channels is increasing: reposts on social networks, newsletters, push notifications, advertising among opinion leaders and in the media.
  • useful lead magnets for customers are used: checklists, templates, selections, master classes, small e-books or videos.

As you can see, the diversity of forms and directions, the comprehensive coverage of the topic, the regular updating of publications now play a much more important role in promoting. Therefore, in 2022 it is necessary not just creating content, but working on marketing and business in general. Be sure to consider this when developing your promotion strategy.

7. Technical site optimization

Your site may have useful and optimized content for inquiries. But if with him impossible to interact due to technical reasons or it is not at all in the search results, users will not know this. Therefore, in 2022, your work strategy should prioritize such work:

In parallel with this you need work to improve navigation and the appearance of the site in search results. Needed:

These are just a few tasks for internal site optimization. In ours Base of Knowledge you will find a list of recommendations to improve these and other equally important indicators.

8. A reference profile as a brand development tool

External links and even just references are necessary both for effective SEO-promotion, and for attracting a new audience, brand development and improving the company's reputation on the network. They must be used in their SEO strategy.

To start estimate the existing external reference mass your site, namely such data:

разработка стратегии seo продвижения ссылками

Further check the external links of competitors using Ahrefs, LinkPad or Serpstat. So you can:

  • determine the number of donors you need;
  • build smooth and gradual reference mass buildup plan;
  • find options for placing your own external links.

Moreover, in 2022 special attention should be paid not quantity, but the quality of external links. So they will gain a new life and become an effective tool for developing the brand and working on company recognition.

Qualitative links are called increase traffic flows and make it more diverse, talk about the company and its products, as well as provide useful information for users. As a result, many site evaluation parameters, behavioral factors, and brand awareness are improved. All this will have a beneficial effect on the site’s position in the search issue.


The ongoing changes in the ranking system change the view of SEO in general and the role of the site in the life of the project, in particular. As a result, the activities of the optimizer become more complex and much more interesting. Now it’s not enough to go through the list of standard sets of technical works and perform approximately the same optimization actions for all sites.

Search engines require maximum immersion in business niche specifics, the nature of the target audience, the properties of the product (whether it is a product or information). As a result, all this indicates the need for personal involvement in the promotion of the site owner or the assignment of this role to a single performer who pays all his attention to one project.

With what changes do you plan to start finalizing the site by adjusting SEO to new realities in search progress?

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