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Why do I need a check

So, you have found the domain of your dream. Sometimes when buying you don’t realize that he already has a certain story, and in some cases you intentionally choose old domain. But it’s important to understand that such a purchase always associated with a certain risk. Often, by creating a site on a previously used domain and starting to promote it, the new owner is faced with the problem of displaying it in search results. As a result, it turns out that the reason lies in the most domain name, which, along with the right sound, age and some number of links, entails problems from the past, simply put, in a bathhouse or under the filter of search engines.

To avoid such a situation, thorough check required domain for sanctions before purchasing. To do this, we recommend taking a number of steps. Let's look at all the options for how to check it for history so that later we don’t get into an unpleasant story.

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Check domain history

We use Wayback machine ( is a service where you can check the domain history quickly and without any particular difficulties. The archive collects and stores copies of pages of sites, graphic materials, video and audio recordings. The service is free. To obtain data, you only need to enter the domain name in the search bar, and you will receive information about his age, and you can also see what the site looked like on a specific day of your past life. 

Проверка возраста доменного имени перед покупкой

Information for analysis:


  • when the site was created with this domain, that is, his age;
  • site topics - it should be similar to the direction of your business, otherwise promoting a web resource will not be easy.

Как выглядела страница сайта в прошлом

Wayback Machine is an excellent tool to help answer a question on how to check a domain history before buying.

Check link profile

In addition to the number of links to the site, it is important to consider their quality. In other words, you need to find out from which donor sites they link to your chosen option. This parameter needs to be given due attention. This step is one of the most important stages of the analysis of the domain on the filter. It allows you to evaluate whether the profile is spam and whether there are dubious links in it. 

For these purposes, we usually use the most reliable at the moment and quite informative Ahrefs service. It is paid, however, the most reliable of all existing.

Как узнать под фильтром домен или нет по ссылкам

Information for analysis:


  • Link Anchors, that is, the text of the links that users of the site see. The more unlawfully links the domain has, the more attractive it is for purchase. A large number of anchor links, such as “buy a cheap phone”, “immediate hotels in Kiev”, etc., can be the cause of sanctions by search engines. Thus, it is possible to understand with a high degree of probability whether it was under the filter, therefore, whether there is a danger of falling under it again.
  • Referring donors. You need to exclude the presence of dubious sites that link to the purchased domain. These may be, for example, Chinese sites or sites of prohibited topics.
  • Sharp jumps in the number of donor sites. There is a high probability of getting under the SEO filter for a sharp increase in links.


Using the Ahrefs service allows you to check the domain on a ban of search engines and thereby rid yourself of problems with its promotion. 

Search Engine View Check

Most often, selling free domains (or dropp-domains), having an attractive appearance or sound, do not remain without reference to the site for long. There is a great chance that the domain, which lasted without a host of no more than 1 - 2 months, still retained high positions in search engines, that is, more did not fly out of the search engine index. This can be advantageously used, saving a lot of time and money for promotion. 

What are we doing:

  1. Check the presence of a domain in the index Yandex and Google. To do this, use the “site:” operator. In the search bar we enter “site: addresse” and check its presence in the results of the issue. Another way is to enter the domain name, that is, check brand request. If at such a request it is located in TOP- 1 - this is a good sign and an occasion to stop choosing it. 

     Как узнать есть ли доменное имя в индексе
  2. Analyze visibility using special services. One of the most suitable, showing the history of the domain on which any project was implemented for 2 of the previous year. 

    Information for analysis:
    - availability of search traffic;
    - top requests;
    - falls on request;
    - their reason.


  1. Another useful service is Serpstat. It allows you to analyze by what requests the search engine sees the domain and which sites link to it.

    Проверка ссылочного профиля в серпстате


Checking the domain history for cleanliness using the visibility assessment in search engines will not only help to avoid difficulties after acquisition, but, on the contrary, choose a name, which, in the wake of recent past glory, will quickly and without unnecessary investments advance your project. 

Careful analysis will allow reduce the likelihood of serious problems when choosing a previously used name for the site. We talked about several actions that need to be taken to check the ban domain and search engine sanctions. 

But still you must understand that buying an old domain name is not a guarantee of successful promotion and there are always risks that he had an “obstructed past”, therefore, we recommend that you opt for new domains. Share your experience buying domains in the comments.