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How to choose a domain name

Sooner or later, each owner or developer of the site thinks about which domain to choose for its publication. And I want to do it right. After all domain is not just an address identifying your resource on the network. If he briefly and clearly displays the essence of the site, the user, seeing it, can already understand whether he needs to go to it or not. 

How to choose a domain for your site

Most of this very important choice is made based on ready-made samples on sites selling domain names, or they come up with something similar. The result of choosing a site domain in this way is the distribution of a large number of similar addresses, which can confuse even the most experienced Internet user.

Finding a domain name will be easier if determine the purpose of the site in advance. If it is a personal page or blog, then a combination of name and surname in some form will be perfect. 

If you need to make a domain choice for the company's website, you need a slightly different approach.

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Domain selection for a site selling goods or services

In this case, you need to focus on a number of fairly simple rules:

  1. Indicate the name of the product (services) in the resource address, if your activity is oriented towards something narrowly focused ( If you select the domain name, given this nuance, this will help the user who stumbles on it to approximately understand which topic the site is hiding behind this address.
  2. You can choose a domain from the image (brand) category. This option is suitable for large companies engaged in a variety of activities, the owners of which want to be found precisely by brand, and not by individual goods (
  3. Focus on the request, by which you are supposedly looking. For example, In this case domain influence on extradition definitely will be positive - on request "Buy a car" Your site will be on the first page.

Tips on how to choose a domain name most effectively

  1. The option chosen should easy to remember for a potential visitor. It can even be meaningless combinations of letters ( The main thing is that they "sound.
  2. How to choose a domain name if the one you like most is already taken? For starters, it's worth it check for it in another zone (busy at .com, can be checked at .org, .biz, etc.). Perhaps there it will be free.

    If this option is not suitable and this address is fundamentally needed, there is always the possibility of buying it. One option is that the name is simply held by the address buyer and then the problem can only be in price. If the address is actively used by its owner, you will have to convince him that you need it more.
  3. When thinking about how to choose a domain for a site, do not forget about the possible geolocation of your business. If you sell grain seeds in a particular region, then it will be logical select the address in the corresponding zone (
  4. Usually the address is redeemed for one year. And in case you are not yet sure whether you will be engaged in this business for many years or throw it almost immediately, it makes no sense to pay for a longer period. But if you really took your business seriously, plan to get into the TOP and work successfully for more than one year, you should worry about paying several years ahead, so that in the end someone more entrepreneurial is not able to choose the domain name that belongs to you at the moment.

    Domains paid for several years in advance are very favorably perceived by search engines. They also understand that their owner is serious about his business and is ready to invest in its development.
  5. It is advisable to avoid too long names (from three words or more) that are difficult to perceive and memorized (

When solving the problem of how to choose a domain name, you are unlikely to be able to take into account all the listed tips and nuances, but you need to try to match as many as possible.

The effect of the domain on the SEO site

When planning to promote your resource on some requests, you can find in advance an address that will immediately provide you with visitors. This means choosing the name of the domain, which has recently been freed and has some external reference mass. 
To do this, you will have to use the services of specialized services and, possibly, invest some money in it. But with a good choice, they will quickly pay off.

If you select a domain for the site in this way, you immediately get another bonus - the presence of a certain age at the purchased address. And this, as you know, is being paid attention by search engines when forming the issuance of results.
Although this option initially seems very tempting, seriously analyze everything for and against buying an old domain.

You can select a domain that includes a key request. This will bring you one step closer to getting the TOP search engine rating.


So, if you thoroughly study the information provided on how to choose the domain name, this will surely help you make the right choice, which will play far from the last role in promoting your site. After all, is this the ultimate goal of every Internet entrepreneur? Is not it?