Surely you noticed that Google not only offers to visit a bunch of sites lined up in a search engine, for a high place in which website owners fight. The search engine shows a completely expanded response, occupied by the place of honor on the page with search results, with the specification of the source.

So who are these lucky ones who hit the expert block and how to see your own content in Google’s quick responses? Let's figure it out. 


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What are the quick answers to Google

Search engines do everything possible to become the most interesting, comfortable and useful place for users to stay. Google developers decided it’s much more convenient not to climb various links in search of the necessary information, but immediately get the exact answer to the question. Of course, Google’s specialists do not answer the various questions of users, covering an unlimited number of areas of knowledge. There is also no reference to any encyclopedia - how to find a single source containing an immense amount of data. The search engine takes information for answers on the sites of all kinds of directions and topics indexed by it.

Google Search Response Blocks are an advanced uppet, containing an average of up to 50 words, a picture and a link to the site from which the data is taken, as well as title. Here is a clear, but capacious answer to the question posed by the user. Without clarifications, lyrics and special details. It is clearly not enough for an in-depth study of the topic, but it is enough to draw up a general idea of the object.

The Google’s favorite snippet block is located above the list of sites in the search engine, that is occupies the topmost line of the search page.

как выглядит избранный сниппет google

Types of advanced uppet question-answer

The Google response block may contain data in the form of:

  • textual content;
  • table data;
  • list.


In all three options snippets may contain images.

нулевой сниппет в виде списка пример

The most popular are text snippets.. Most likely this is not due to which type of information feed is more convenient to study, but to what issues users are interested in. Lists and tables are far from always suitable: the former are associated with the listing of data, and the second - usually with numerical indicators. The solid text is used in definitions that are most often suitable for answering questions.

Plus from getting into blocks with answers in Google search

Having fallen among the lucky ones who have the right to place in the block of the selected Google Uppet, you can get a lot of benefits, The main of which are:

  • additional displays that do not require financial or time costs;
  • alternative additional source of traffic;
  • increasing loyalty to the target audience;
  • positive impact on the level of trust on the part of users;
  • improvement CTR indicators and conversion;
  • increased attractiveness for the search engine by improving behavioral factors in relation to your site on the Google distribution page.


Practice shows that getting a site into a Google response block can be even more beneficial than posting on TOP search points. After all, the “zero snippet” is higher than the TOP- 1 and gives more advantages for promotion.

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How to get into the Google response block

Described Blocks in Google search as well as a place in TOP, impossible to buy. This is the principled position of developers who are aimed at helping users, and not more solvent website owners. And there are no guaranteed steps to obtain a “zero” snippet. Although it is quite possible to help Google make the right choice and pay attention to information from your site.

  1. Choice for the best
    Google is fighting for quality in everything. Therefore, to place in the response block, the search engine selects the most successful sites, the reputation of which can usually be undeniable. Therefore, if for any requests your site occupies the TOP of issue or at least gets to the first page of impressions, it will have a much greater chance of “zero” snippets.

    Of course, in some cases, not the most top sites can get into the block with answers, but this happens much less often and is rather an exception to the rules. Thus, in an effort to take a leading position in the Google search engine, you simultaneously help bring the site content to the Google section with quick answers.

    как попасть в блок с ответами гугл пример
  2. Preparation of “responsible” content
    Determining who to give the “zero” snippets to, Google focuses on the content itself, or rather its relevance to the request, usefulness and informativeness. To increase the chances of getting into the Google zero-belt block, you should understand how to properly prepare materials on the site.

    Content Preparation Recommendations:
    • Information should be full and full, but at the same time have a compact look. Google prefers sentences that can be fully placed in the response block. Therefore, we try to put the most important thing on the topic in a small volume - up to 50 words.
    • Additional materials on the site, which allow users to immerse themselves in the subject if necessary, are a significant advantage for the site. The search engine will prefer sites that, in addition to a concise capacious response, can provide more detailed information, relevant to the request.
    • Qualitative illustrations not only users, but also search engines attract attention to the text.
    • Using Lists and Tables makes content more attractive to Google. Therefore, if you manage logically format solid text in a more convenient tabular form or list for study, your content may well shift the competitive response from the “zero” snippet.
    • Include questions in the text, to which you give an answer. Thus, it will be easier for search robots to link your content to a question posed by the user.
    • In one article, answer a few questions. on the topic. When choosing an “defendant”, Google more often prefers those sites that have already received the right to an expanded one. Content published in the block with the highlighted description has an excellent opportunity to appear as a response to another request on the topic.

Well, of course, you should pre-compile a list of relevant and interesting questions for the target audience, the answers to which you can give. We will talk below about how to do this.

How to find requests to help you get into the Google response block

You can increase the chances of getting into the block of selected Google descriptions, for which it is important not only to be able to correctly create content. You need to know what information users want to get. After all, even the most beautiful - correctly composed, perfectly designed and reliable - the answer will not fall into the “zero” will be reduced if no user asks the corresponding question.

Focusing on the information that you are ready to share, and realizing that your target audience may be interested in, start looking for questions.

Where to find topics for “responsible” content

There are many effective methods for compiling a list of questions that interest your target audience, which can also get into the block with quick answers from Google. Let's look at the simplest of them.

  1. Google to help
    Enter an arbitrary question directly related to your business. If the answer block is empty, great, there is a place for your content! It remains only to write the correct text. 

    If the competition is high and the “zero” is already rampant, do not despair. First you find additional ideas for text in the “Similar requests” section. These are not just questions on the topic, these are precisely the issues that interest the target audience.

    Secondly, in the content that is placed in the block with Google answers, you can find weaknesses and, by preparing a text more suitable for an extended ubp, move a competitor.

    избранный сниппет в выдаче гугл пример
  2. Semantic core own site
    Most likely, in your arsenal for promotion there are already keywords that can open your resource doors to the response block. You just don’t know about it yet. And you can find out which of the key requests can give you an extended snippet using multifunctional service Serpstat.

    To check, enter the analyzed request in the search bar of the service, select the Google search engine from the drop-down list and click on the Search button. If in response to the key phrase Google shows an extended snippet, this will be indicated in the window “Special blocks in SERP”.

    как найти запросы для блока вопрос ответ в гугл

    Check out the key phrases you plan to promote your site. It is possible that you already have a lot of topics, the correct disclosure of which will help you get into the treasured block of Google answers.


Posting content and links in the quick response block on Google is a great option for effective promotion. Of course, no one will give a 100 % guarantee that by performing this or that action, you will definitely get an extended snippet, but using our recommendations, you are quite you can see your site in the response block. And that means you get an excellent opportunity to improve the statistics of your web resource, increase its position in searchable output and, as a result, additional benefits.

"Zero" will be reduced - this is not a competitive line, but real block for experts. In any case, this is how users perceive it, rewarding the site with their special trust. We recommend paying attention to this promotion tool. 

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