Advancing the site in TOP- 3 search engine on its own is not from the realm of science fiction at all. And even more - do it personally for you

Now an increasing number of entrepreneurs are deciding on independent SEO promotion. Someone had an unpleasant experience working with a seoshnik, someone has a limited budget, someone just wants to understand the principle of the search engines. There can be many reasons. But one thing is important - knowing the specifics of your business, you can protect the site from serious mistakes, get maximum benefits and spend a minimum of money.

We have prepared a step-by-step instruction for you, which will help you promote the site yourself almost for free, and most importantly - to see a pleasant result in the near future. And if you are ready to invest your own time in your project, read on.


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How to promote the site in TOP in 2022: 8 steps

You have a product - a product, service or information - that you are ready to offer to other users. You may not believe it, but right now your target audience is trying to find this very product and spend its time and money on it. To them found exactly your site, You should work on promoting it in the Google and / or Yandex search engines. 

SEO promotion aims to get around competitors and take the top treasured line in the results of the issue. And it’s real if you know what and how to do.

Step 1. Audit of competitors, or an opponent must be known in person

To display the site in the TOP search engine, you need to become at least a little better than competitors. About how to do this, they themselves can tell. Without seeing or knowing the competitors, you will not be able to understand who needs to be overtaken at all and what techniques can be achieved. To solve this issue, regularly audit competitors.

Search for competitors

Create a list of competitive companies, which occupy TOP-10 issues in the search engines Google and Yandex (or one of them). To do this, open the Incognito mode in the browser and drive the request targeted for your business into the search bar, that is, the one by which your potential customers can look for you.

Marketplace and giant companies should not be assigned to major competitors. Also do not pay attention to competitors moving through the placement of paid ads.

как самому раскрутить сайт пошагово пример

Competitors Assessment

To figure out how to independently raise your site in the Google TOP search and Yandex, you need analyze competitor resources by several indicators. The task is to get statistics, evaluate solutions, note cons that are better to get around, and pluses that your site can successfully supplement.

Checklist for evaluation:

  1. usability: appearance, convenience, interesting chips, etc.;
  2. site structure: sections, subsections, filters, content;
  3. resource age (check using the service);
  4. monthly attendance rates (can be estimated using;
  5. the number of pages in Google and Yandex (enter the site:, where the address of the analyzed site, into the search bar of the corresponding browser);
  6. donor sites on which external links are posted to the site;
  7. activity on social networks.


The information received is recorded in Excel plate for further comparison of the results with your site.

анализ конкурентов это лучший способ продвинуть сайт

Step 2. Query selection: a means of climbing to the top

The most common mistake of beginners with independent SEO promotion is the emphasis only on high-frequency requests. When compiling a semantic core you need to consider both HF and HF and HF keywords, and distribute them by pages depending on the meaning and problem that the user is trying to solve. Besides, low frequency query promotion will require much less temporary and financial resources, but at the same time it will bring the most targeted traffic and give results in the near future. 

Make a semantic core you can do much better to promote your site than SEO specialist, since he not versed in the specifics of your business. We will analyze the whole process in steps:

  • Using the Yandex Wordstat services, Serpstat, Bouquarix or Google Keyword Planner, as well as hints of search engines, we find the main keywords of the topic.
  • Complement the list requests by which your competitors advance. You can see this in Serpstat.
  • Delete non-targeted requests, eg:
    • with goods or services that you do not have;
    • with the words "free;
    • mention of competing sites;
    • duplicates.
  • Distribute keywords by page depending on the purpose pursued by the user. We recommend doing this with our own hands, and not with the help of automatic programs. Thus, you can avoid gross errors in the future.


как самостоятельно собрать семантику сайта пример

We’ll talk below on how to optimize received request groups.

Step 3. Internal optimization: the basis of the basics

To promote your site in 2022, you need:


быстрые сайты легче продвинуть в топ картинка

The list is not so great. You will find information on how to work with each of these points in other articles of our blog and be sure to do the job yourself.

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Step 4. High-quality content: magnet for users

Content is all visible than your site is filled with. Accordingly, it is content that users see, deciding whether to stay on the site or move on, leaving the resource forever.

Content Types:

  • textual (may be informational, navigational, advertising, as well as SEO text);
  • video;
  • audio;
  • infographics;
  • image (photos, pictures, screenshots);
  • animated (hyphs).


The variety of content in itself attracts users with different preferences. Therefore, we recommend not to dwell on only one solution, supplementing it with new options for ourselves. But not enough quantity, most important in context, however, quality.

Quality Content - This is not the number of letters or shades. To attract your site, rather than repel users and search engines, make sure that the content:


уникальный контент легче вывести в топ поисковых систем

You can write texts for promoting your site if you wish. And do not forget: you are not selling, namely content. Therefore, it is so important to pay maximum attention to him.

Step 5. External optimization: they talk about interesting

Speaking of external optimization, we mean the number and quality of external links that lead to your site with other resources. If no one talks about a company or product, there is no information about it from users, nor partners, nor bloggers, nor on social networks, it is neither in sight nor by ear, it can only talk about one thing - company and its site are not worth attention. Search engines will not display sites on TOP that are not referenced by a variety of external sources if competitors have succeeded.

In one of the articles we collected 50 free methods for obtaining external links, which you can use and place them on your own website. Search engines will definitely mark and evaluate your popularity on the network.

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Step 6. Buying links: building up combat mass

In addition to free links, there is another great option on how to promote the site itself and get around the main competitors in the struggle for the TOP place in the search engine. It's about paid links. But not all purchased links are equally useful. To save time, money and nerves, we recommend using only verified paid link exchanges.

Where it is safe to purchase links:


как раскрутить сайт с помощью ссылок своими руками


In addition, you can independently search for donor sites of similar topics, links from which will be logical and effective in terms of attracting targeted traffic.

Step 7. Social signals: the project is alive!

The popularity of social networks has not passed by search engines that prefer sites with active groups and communities. The more subscribers, likes and comments your communities collect, the more links they will be on the site, the more sympathetic the project will look in the eyes of search engines.

Social signals in terms of search engines are:

  • links to the site on social networks;
  • likes and dizliki;
  • reposts;
  • joining the community;
  • community activity.


соцсети помогают продвинуть сайт в топ

You can independently create a page on social networks. It is very easy and absolutely free, and most importantly, it contributes to SEO promoting your site. Even companies involved in specific products should not miss this step.

Step 8. Behavioral factors: user actions as an indicator

Want to know how to promote the site in the TOP with your own hands? Learn site visitor behavior, this is what search engines do to assess the usefulness and need of your resource.

Search engines track:

  • user transitions from search;
  • site visitors behavior:
    • the amount of time spent on each page of the resource;
    • page view depth;
    • transitions to other pages of the site;
    • percentage of failures.


Google and Yandex define failures differently. For the first, this is the absence of the fact of switching to the second page of the resource, for the second - less than 8 -10 seconds of the user's presence on the site. Therefore, in order to like Google and Yandex, motivate visitors to go to other pages of the site and strive to increase their stay with you. 

Means of "referencing" the user to the site:

  • high-quality interesting and diverse content;
  • thoughtful usability;
  • adaptation to mobile devices and various browsers;
  • high download speed;
  • thoughtful skipping;
  • creating pages question - answer, glossaries, FAQ;
  • creating interactive elements: polls, calculator, games, chats;
  • short videos;
  • attractive snippets.


привлекательный сниппет для лучшего продвижения сайта

If you carefully studied the previous steps and have already begun to independently implement them for your Internet project, you will not have problems with behavioral factors.


SEO does not stand still. Constant changes in search engine ranking algorithms, the development of users and competitors, the emergence of new tools and services affect the features of promotion. Start promoting your site right now and with exactly the methods that are effective in 2022.

When asked if the site can be promoted independently and for free, you will often hear the answer: no, because SEO is dead. And it’s not surprising, because your competitors will not tell how they save thanks to optimization, contextual advertising sellers will not explain why you should not pay them for services, SEO specialists will not want to admit that you can do their job much better yourself.

We know that SEO is easy and efficient. Who to believe is the choice for you.

Of course, in one article it is impossible to talk about all the effective chips and the necessary actions to display the site in the TOP search engine Google and Yandex. Here we collected the most significant moments in 2022 and briefly revealed their meaning and significance so that now you can independently begin the development of your project.

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