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Accelerating site indexing

It is only natural that many webmasters are interested in how to speed up the indexation of the site. After all, no one wants to wait long for such a desired result in the form of capturing the first positions in the TOP according to the advanced requests. And in order to start this path, you need add site to indexing Google and Yandex.

It happens that after that there is a bad indexation of the site - search engine robots come in, but very rarely. Fast indexing of the site for many remains an unattainable dream.

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Ways to Accelerate Site Indexing

a) Internal optimization to help speed up site indexing:

  1. Correct setting robots.txt. You need to make sure that this file does not have instructions prohibiting indexing of individual pages or the entire site as a whole.

  2. Setting sitemap.xml can properly help search engine bots find and index all the pages that need it. Also in this file you can prioritize pages when indexing. The frequency of changes displayed in it also affects the robot's decision on the date of the next visit. 
  3. Site speed should be optimal so that search engine robots receive answers to their requests on time and do not “pass by”.

  4. Poor indexing of the site may result from errors affecting it in the page code. By default, for pages in need of indexing, the server response code for the search engine bot should be “200”. So that he is so site validation should not give serious error messages in his HTML code.

b) External acceleration of site indexing:

  1. Fast indexing of the site is possible if you use one of the most popular methods to date - add a link to the “negative” page on Twitter. How much is the site indexed at the same time? From 10 minutes to 24 hours, subject to the placement of posts with reference in authoritative accounts and the presence of a certain number of retweets of this post.

  2. The impact of social networks indexing is very controversial. There are no clear guarantees about speeding up indexing sites. But a certain connection between the presence of active groups, public relations, accounts dedicated to an advanced web resource, and the indexing speed is still visible. The first thing to do is get an account on Google+ and regularly post posts in it with links to new pages. Also do not forget about Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and others.
  3. Guest posting in cool blogs with a link from them, and even better in the media.
  4. Faster indexation of the site is observed if content is often updated. This becomes a very good reason for more frequent visits of the search bot so as not to skip new publications.
  1. There are also and paid options (purchase of links and posting articles on authoritative web resources), which we do not recommend using. It is better that the site is really useful, interesting, have good usability and adaptability. And then you will begin to appear natural reference profile, which many times better affects indexing and promotion of the web resource as a whole than purchased links.


Well, now you can not only solve the problem of rare visits of search robots, but you yourself can tell other webmasters how to speed up the indexing of the site. If significant results can be obtained, this will definitely have a positive effect on the promotion of your web resource and will help him get into the TOPs of search results much faster.

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