Video is a great opportunity to talk about company, products, missions and share useful information with users. In addition, it is an effective tool for promoting the site in search engine output. Consider how video affects SEO.


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What effect does video have on SEO website promotion

1. Google loves a variety of content

Google and Yandex algorithms are designed to show the user in response to his request as much as possible quality and useful resources on the topic. To define this, search robots do not just analyze the text on a specific page. They also scan others types of content, for example, images and videos. Their presence tells the search engine that your page is more informative for users and is likely to be more useful.

High-quality and diverse content affects SEO promotion therefore use video on your website definitely worth it.

2. Video brings additional traffic to the site

If users come to your site from different sources, and also return to it again and again, this can serve as a signal for search engines, that the content on it is interesting and deserves a higher position in the results of the issue.

Optimized video, posted on YouTube, users can find in different ways:

  • through search or recommendations inside the video hosting itself;

    влияние видео в ютубе на продвижение сайта
  • in special elements "Video" in the issuance of search engines;

    блок с видео в результатах выдачи гугл
  • when searching for Google or Yandex in the "Video" tab;

    влияние видео на seo картинка
  • on social networks or on other sites where it was located.

    ролик в соцсетях дает эффект в seo


Roller, containing useful content, calls for action and active links to the site, will be a great source of traffic.

The more interesting video content you create, the more more quality traffic you can attract to your site, which, in turn, has a positive effect on SEO.

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3. The video keeps users on the site longer

Another important thing that affects SEO promotion is behavioral factors. If you have a large amount of traffic, but all these users leave the site almost immediately, it is obvious that the posted content is not useful for them or is inconvenient for perception.

People more likely to watch videos than read text, even if these 2 types of content convey the same thought. The reason is simple: it takes less effort and time. 

The video posted on the site keeps users on the page and reduces the failure rate, which positively affects the evaluation by search engines and contributes to the growth of positions in the results of the issue.

Moreover better place a few short clips, instead of one big one. The chances that users will see them will be much higher.

4. People are more likely to share videos than just textual content.

High-quality reference profile positively affects SEO website promotion. Than more resources refers to your content, the higher the rating of your site and, accordingly, the position in the search results.

Besides external links can attract new users to the site. In other words, we can again get additional traffic, which becomes more diverse. Search engines are positive for such signals, adding points to the site when ranking.

5. Video boosts performance from SEO promotion

As we have already found out, video affects the position of the site in search engines, but without sales and profits SEO promotion makes no sense

Users significantly more often make purchases or order a service after watching the videos about the product or company. So their presence will increase conversion percentage and ultimate profit. 

SEO Rules: Which Video is Better to Post on the Website

So, we know that the impact of video on site promotion can be very, very noticeable. Now consider which videos you should place if you want to improve your position in the search engine.

  1. Optimization is our everything!
    For the video to give the effect that we wrote about above, it must be properly optimized. Before posting on YouTube, be sure collect keywords on the topic and use them in:
    • video title;
    • descriptions;
    • tags;
    • subtitles.

      And also set the icon (cover), who would attract attention users and explained the contents of the video. Only in this case, search engines and users themselves will evaluate your efforts.
  2. Use of useful
    In order for videos to positively influence promotion, you need to concentrate on their content. The main guideline should be the benefits that content can bring to viewers. Only in this case your videos will be watched to the end, they will be signed and actively reposted.

    Uninteresting videos, the content of which is doubtful, even with better optimization, will not allow achieving a positive result.
  3. Topics of commercials for various sites
    When preparing material for video, an important question arises: what to shoot? In fact, choosing a topic for video is quite simple: show what you offer on your site. In this case, visitors will always be interested in watching what they actually came for.

    For online stores most relevant are videos about products sold: reviews, ratings, comparisons, etc. A small video about what unpacked goods look like already contains useful information. Demonstration of products during operation or detailed testing can increase site traffic due to reposts.

    как лучше для seo размещать видео на сайте

    If yours service site, recommend roller skates in detail talk about the process of their provision. For example, on an educational site you can show how classes are held. Small master classes and webinars will allow you to show “service face”, and users to decide on the choice.

    On the pages of the information resource, visitors will be happy to see detailed instructions on the given topic. Video for information sites - a real find: as we said above, it’s easier and faster to watch than to read. 


Now you know how video on the site affects SEO promotion. We We recommend actively using this user-friendly format. filing information. Search engines prefer interesting, visited sites to which various sources refer. The videos will allow you to get all this and advance in the search engine.

And what videos do you prefer to watch?

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