The user may encounter the problem of how to choose a company to promote the site. Especially, given the large influx of unprofessional low-experienced gray hair with guarantees to bring the resource to the TOP in just a month. Careful approach to the selection of contractors, carefully check at least the main aspects and ask questions to SEO specialists or to a company representative. Having received answers to them, as well as familiarizing yourself with the data on the team, you can decide whether to conclude a contract or not.

What to pay attention to when choosing an SEO company:

  1. Work experience
  2. Transparent pricing
  3. Adequate budget for promotion
  4. Team composition
  5. Do they give a guarantee of withdrawal to TOP
  6. Communication speed
  7. Progress Reporting
  8. Are there any publications about the company in the media or other venues
  9. Online company reviews
  10. Impression of SEO studio in primary interaction

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Work experience

Before choosing a SEO contractor, pay attention to your experience and portfolio relevance. Specialists usually have experience at least a few years, as well as an updated fresh portfolio. The lack of a portfolio suggests that you have a newcomer who does not have proper work experience. Professionals have always prepared a portfolio, at least in the form of their own project. The complexity of preparing work examples is due to several factors.:

  • A non-disclosure agreement has been signed.
  • Direct ban from the owner of the site.
  • Other factors that make data impossible.

However, SEO studios and specialists with many years of experience usually have their own projects, the results of which they can share without restrictions. 

The best option is at least 2 - 3 of the project, where there is a gradual increase in the site’s performance and the experience of a company or an individual specialist from year to year, and better more. It is important to clarify the availability of promotion experience in a certain subject, because work efficiency sometimes depends on it. Especially when it comes to a narrow niche.

Transparent pricing

Before choosing a SEO company, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the cost of services. The best option would be to provide details of how much and what you pay for. Not all companies provide detailed information, but requesting them will not be superfluous.

You, as a client, must understand which of the specialists, how much and why you pay. If the studio offers to pay for services by the number of requests to the TOP, you can safely leave. It will not be difficult to display non-targeted requests or keywords with zero frequency in the TOP, but whether it will be effective for your business is highly doubtful. Accordingly, you will have to pay extra for what will not produce the desired result.

During the negotiations, we carefully inform customers about the total cost of work, as well as the price of certain types of services. Thus, you get accurate data on how much and for what you pay.

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Adequate budget for promotion

How to choose a contractor to promote the site not for all the money in the world? This task is quite difficult to solve. When you managed to select several companies according to different criteria, pay attention to the cost of promotion. An overly low price tag in most cases is simply intended to lure a potential client, while employee experience will be low or completely absent. However, very high cost does not always guarantee the perfect performance of work. It is better to check the market situation in order to avoid unnecessary costs and not get to the company without proper experience. Check your work experience and feel free to ask questions to specialists.

Comparison of several companies will make it possible to determine which budget and for what types of work will be normal - not overpriced, but not suspiciously low.

Team composition

Before choosing an SEO agency, check how many and what specialists are in the statee. Information is usually located on a separate or main page.
The command should include directly SEO Specialist, and can also be supplemented by other related professionals - copywriters, project managers, linkbilders, designers, programmers. However, the presence of the latter in the state is not necessary, since such employees are often hired and paid separately. In some cases, their payment is included in the total cost of services - details should be clarified in preliminary negotiations.

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Do they give a guarantee of withdrawal to TOP

Do I need to choose an SEO company among those who give guarantees for withdrawal to TOP? Definitely not. None of the professional companies will give such a guarantee, knowing that due to some changes in the policies of search engines or for other reasons, it may not be possible to bring the site to the TOP. Especially in highly competitive niches. Double alert when quickly output guarantees in TOP - use black promotion methods in such cases leads to site ban and its removal from the index.

We do not guarantee the withdrawal of extradition to the TOP and do not use black methods, but we are ready to offer effective strategies for different niches and situations and carry out all the work on their implementation.

Communication speed

Pay attention to the speed of response from company representatives. If there is no answer during 2 - 3 business days, then you should refuse to choose this organization and look for another option. However, one should not expect instant answers - remember that people work. It will be normal to receive an answer within 2 - 3 hours from the date of circulation.

Progress Reporting

Another way to choose the SEO studio correctly is to find out how often and in what format do reports on the work performed come. Too frequent reporting leads to loss of essence, and rare ones do not allow full control of the entire process. We offer a detailed report with explanations after each stage of the work, as well as a general monthly report. The reporting format can be discussed individually. Usually this is a document with information, diagrams, graphs and diagrams, which allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the work done.

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Are there any publications about the company in the media or other venues

A good way to check the CEO company is to look for information about it at other sources or in the media. If such data are available, it is important to familiarize yourself with their content. With a positive key to presenting information, especially on several independent sources, you can take note of the company and, if you wish, contact.

Availability of company publications on other resources - it is a sign of recognition and fame, which means the organization has already managed to establish itself.

Online company reviews

Look for feedback on the SEO company not only on its website, but also on third-party resources. The purchased reviews can be easily recognized by their pattern, the absence of any specificity and other things. By reading feedback from real users you can learn a lot of interesting things, including SEO team performance.

Impression of SEO studio in primary interaction

After you have left the application and the manager contacted you, it should be clear that when applying that at least they went to the site and looked through the base. This is an easy way to evaluate and select a website promotion agency.

If in case of feedback you see that the representative of the agency knows which site we are talking about and can already offer the first steps, then the resource was viewed. So - specialists are interested in work, and most likely they know what and how to do in the future. If the specialists did not take the time to preview, then further work will be carried out mediocre, and this will be the result. From the first minutes we take a responsible approach to work, and before feedback we definitely study the features of the site, which is to be promoted.