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Overview of the best CRM systems for small businesses  

CRM system is an important tool to improve the quality of work company and increased sales. Therefore, the choice of this software must be approached with all responsibility. Subsequently, the success of your business project will depend on which crm system you choose.

How to choose a CRM system for your company

What are CRM systems and why do they need, we briefly discussed in the previous article. Having studied it, you should have learned that the main functions of such platforms are the collection of information, data accounting, analytics and automation of work processes. The choice of CRM system depends on what tasks you need to complete to implement your business project.


In order not to get confused in numerous offers, before considering what crm systems are, first of all, it is necessary clearly define in the following points:

  • what work processes need automation;   
  • who will interact with this system;   
  • what software functions are needed for your industry;   
  • what tasks need to be solved to increase profits.   


Having examined each item in detail, it will become clear which CRM system is best suited for your company. How to choose a crm for a particular business depends on its industry and the tasks set.

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The main errors when choosing a CRM system

  1. Implementing an inappropriate platform quite often leads to the need to connect additional systems. 
  2. Large CRM Implementation can only be justified if you have a big, extensive business. Thinking how to choose a crm system for small businesses, you first need to consider options for light and convenient software, but at the same time with all the necessary functions.   

Review and comparison

CRM systems can be divided into two types:

  1. Ready software, which already has certain functions. It is possible to start using such software immediately after its acquisition, not forgetting to renew the subscription monthly (or at other dates specified by your tariff).
  2. Personal systems. Designed exclusively for your company. They cost an order of magnitude more expensive, but payment is most often made once. This service can be obtained at the PHP framework (for example, Laravel).   

Overview of crm systems for small businesses with finished functionality

Consider the best CRM systems for business:


1. amoCRM - is currently one of the best in the ranking of CRM systems. This is a convenient platform that allows you to interact with customers at all stages of the sale, as well as systematize all the necessary information about them.

Рейтинг лучших crm систем AmoCRM


  • intuitive user-friendly interface;   
  • adaptation to various devices, mobile version;
  • automatic transaction formation when applications appear;
  • integration with numerous services and programs (at this point you always need to pay attention before choosing a CRM system);
  • the ability to differentiate access;
  • recording telephone conversations, maintaining processes of interaction with consumers;
  • cloud structure, eliminating the need for additional maintenance;
  • automatic creation of sales funnels;
  • accompaniment and free use - 14 days;
  • reporting;
  • the ability to import a customer base from Excel.   


Among the implicit deficiencies one can recall only the lack of tools for billing and working together on projects.

Given the significant excess of amoCRM's strengths over small shortcomings, we can conclude that this platform is the best crm-system for sales, in particular for small and medium-sized businesses.


2. Bitrix24.CRM - One of the systems filled with all the necessary functions for the integrated management of the company.

Битрикс 24 одна из популярных систем


  • availability of a free version;
  • a variety of functions (always a clear plus that helps you choose CRM);
  • integration with all kinds of services and programs;
  • mobile version;
  • recording telephone conversations;
  • the presence of chat and video calls;
  • the ability to create documents;
  • automation of the stages of the sales funnel;
  • import of data from various systems;
  • a catalog of goods for creating transactions.   



  • bulky;   
  • it is difficult to create different processes;   
  • telephony and part of other applications are paid separately;   
  • irrational use of the workspace.


Bitrix24 is an integral part of multifunctional software for managing medium and large businesses.


3. Zoho - A fairly functional software that can compare with popular CRM systems.

обзор CRM систем zoho


  • free use - 15 days;
  • no need to pay provided that no more than 10 users use;
  • integration with numerous services;
  • automatic creation of lead;
  • the ability to import information into XLS and CSV;
  • reporting formation;
  • the presence of a form designer for sites;
  • the ability to automate many work processes;
  • operational support service;
  • convenient interface;
  • mobile version;
  • availability of storage space for files.


Disadvantages, sometimes preventing you from choosing this CRM:

  • support service in English language;
  • automation of processes only at more expensive tariffs;
  • mobile version is paid;
  • no recording of telephone conversations;
  • joint activities require the connection of additional Zoho services.


4. Client base. If you decide which CRM system is best to choose, you should know that the main advantages of this software is multifunctionality and separation of platform versions by industry.

CRM Система Клиентская База обзор


  • there is a free version;
  • convenient interface;
  • the ability to create templates;
  • integration with SMS services and telephony;
  • table designer, the ability to create various forms;
  • the ability to differentiate access;
  • interaction with 1C (one of the main arguments to select this CRM);
  • internal chat.   



  • weak support service;
  • additional setup of telephone services;
  • joint activity is impossible;
  • to finalize the system, it is necessary to attract specialists for a fee.


5. Freshoffice - stands out by the presence of a unique ecosystem.

 Freshoffice одна из лучших срм


  • convenient for working with documents;
  • functionality for marketing management;
  • work with a customer base;
  • control of financial transactions;
  • convenient intuitive interface.   


Main disadvantage - uncomfortable for multi-level business projects.


6. Megaplan - Another contender for the title of the best CRM system for small businesses.

Какую срм систему лучше выбрать обзор


  • free use within 15 days;
  • you can import data from Excel;
  • convenient interface;
  • the ability to connect telephony;
  • the presence of a functional calendar;
  • internal chat;
  • mobile application;
  • creation of various schemes of work processes;
  • process automation;
  • integration with your site, as well as with various services and programs.   



  • overloaded interface;
  • for some integration you need to pay monthly;
  • uncomfortable search by tasks;
  • low level technical support;
  • 1C only at the most expensive rates.   


If you have a question on how to choose a CRM with additional functions (cr / p calculation, vacation schedule, etc.), then this software will be a good option.

CRM systems by industry

Also, having considered the best crm systems for business, you can distinguish special platforms that are aimed at certain industries:

Quick resto - for the restaurant business;

RetailCRM - for online stores;

Dacrm - for real estate agencies.


Typically, comparing popular CRM systems leads to the understanding of what your business needs. The described variety of software will allow everyone to choose a CRM system for their company.


If you do not have enough functionality embedded in ready-made solutions, the best option would be to create a CRM system specifically for your business plan. In this case, you will get a clear advantage over competitors using standard software.