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How real is the promotion of a young site in TOP?

Very often, those who want to create a new web resource constantly postpone the future implementation of this idea. After all, as soon as you think that “serious” sites have long been rooted in all TOPs, their hands immediately fall.

Is it possible to squeeze those already on top? Is it worth starting the promotion of a new site if it is less than six months old? 

Yes, promoting a young site is indeed a very difficult process. Search engines are very reluctant to raise sites with less age 6 months (and sometimes 12) to the first pages of the results of the issuance, especially for HF requests. But this does not mean that it is impossible. As they say, "if you suffer for a long time, something will work out.

We do not offer you “to suffer for a long time”, but simply talk about how to promote a young site in the TOP.


Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

8 steps for successfully promoting a new site

  1. First you need make up a semantic core, maximally covering the subject of your web resource. Moreover you need to take into account not only HF and HF, but also all possible low-frequency search queries.
  2. For all collected requests you need create pages and place on them quality content, that is, meeting all requirements in terms of uniqueness, usefulness, relevance, expertness, frequency, etc. You need to use not only texts, but other types of content (at least pictures and videos).
  3. Also, the promotion of the new site is affected by how correct they will be title, description, H1 on each page being created (uniqueness, content of key requests, call to action, etc.).
  4. Promotion of a young site in TOP will be more successful if to the maximum fix it broken links and remove page duplicates.
  5. Organize the right internal skipping.
  6. Do not forget that you can successfully promote a new site only if provide good for him behavioral factors. This will require improve usability, to keep the user on the site longer.
  7. After completing internal optimization of the web resource, you can gradually and smoothly start increasing the reference mass. Without this, promoting a young site in the TOP is impossible. It is advisable to approach this issue especially responsibly:

    - Deal with, what links to buy best (thematic, mostly unlawfully, expensive, but high-quality).

    - Do not use automatic promotion, so as not to fall under the filters Google and Yandex.

    - Make sure that the site is formed natural reference profile. To do this, you will need to get links from a variety of and, most importantly, authoritative sources (thematic, state and educational sites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc.).
  8. Take care of social factors. Create groups and public relations dedicated to their web resource in all available social networks, or at least those that most affect promotion (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Vkontakte). Do active work in them.

About how to promote a new site using social. networks read in more detail in the material “How to strengthen social signals.

Will there be a result?

It will definitely be. When? 

With the proper level of internal and external optimization of the site, the formation of positive behavioral and social factors, in a couple of months the promotion of the young site in the TOP according to low-frequency requests will be completed. 

Further, search engines will observe for some time how much your site can satisfy users who come to it according to HP requests.

If their opinion is positive, they will slowly begin to raise the web resource in searchable issues according to the HR, and then according to the HF requests.

After that, you will probably know from personal experience that the successful promotion of a new site is quite possible if you make the necessary efforts and efforts.

Use our tips and write in the comments reports on the results!