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Promotion of Landing Page

After creating and placing your one-page on the network, you will sooner or later think about how to promote the landing page. After all, its goal is unequivocally to establish a stable flow of customers, which should become potential buyers of your goods or services.
Of course, the easiest option is to order advertising from a professional company. But it will also be the most costly option.

Promotion of lendings in TOP

There is a very popular misconception that promoting the landing page to the level of getting into the priority issuance of a search engine is impossible.
Indeed, because search engines are very distrustful of web resources, which consist of only one page. It is believed that the promotion of the Lending page is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to place enough information on the request to which it is aimed. Therefore, it cannot be useful for the user who entered the request into the search bar.

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Exiting the current situation

Whatever you are told, the way out can always be found. 
Moving your lending page to the target TOP is possible if you resort to some tricks:

  1. Add the required number of pages. Simply put, make your single page multi-lending and fill it with useful information.

    Of course, your goal is to promote the landing page, that is, the main and only page on which the description of your service and the offer to buy it are posted. 

    But you understand that a fairly substantial number of requests are suitable for your product / service? If you place them all in the text of the main page, there will be no effect. It will be more true, but not the one you need - you will purposefully move to black lists of search engines. 

    Therefore, use seo promotion landing page - for each request that suits you create a separate page and fill it with quality content. They will perform the function of attracting traffic on low- and medium-frequency requests from search engines. 

    All pages must be connected (overlinks and the menu of the site) and contain a high-frequency decor for the landing page, the promotion of which is necessary.
  2. Lack of non-unique blocks. A prerequisite, the observance of which must be closely monitored. For example, after completing the first item, you will want to place a block of customer reviews on each page of the multi-lending, then you need to make them different on each of the pages. If you simply do not have such a number of reviews, place them only on the main page.

Successful promotion of single-page students is mainly based on the implementation of these two points. 
Here is an example of multilingualism, which is in TOP- 3:



Additional tips on how to promote a single page

The success of your event to promote the Lendings also depends on how much you worry about their internal and external optimization. Fortunately, this procedure is no different from SEO optimization of a regular site. We have already written about this in other articles.

Lending screwdriver is more likely if it (i.e. the main page) is simply and useful in principle:

  1. Do not load this page unnecessary information (for this there are auxiliary pages for requests).
  2. Use high-quality attractive graphic design - select the site template in html. The pages fused in it are static and practically do not load the server, unlike sites on Wordpress. It also plays an important role if you decide to promote the lending in the TOP search engines. 

    In addition, such pages can be edited in any specialized program on your computer and then poured onto the host. This immediately solves the backup problem.
  3. Do not forget, that to promote single-page people you need to use not only unique textual content on them, but also graphic materials, in other words pictures. They must also be unique and correctly optimized (file name, title, alt, etc.).
  4. Be patient. Even if you can thoroughly apply all the tips for promoting single pages, significant results can be observed no earlier than through 2 - 3 month.

If the information on how to promote the landing page seems too complicated to you, the conclusion is one - you will have to turn to professionals for help. It is important in this case choose a good SEO specialist, which will not just spend your budget, but will fulfill the quality SEO promotion of your landing page.