SEO promotion of the online cosmetics store requires an integrated approach, as the topic is highly competitive. To achieve maximum effect, need to understand your well target audience: how the process of selecting goods occurs, which may affect decision-making, how to hook attention. By answering these questions, optimizing the content of an online cosmetics store will be much easier.


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How to promote a cosmetics store in search engines

Promotion of a cosmetics store in TOP-10 issuance - this is a complex set of works, the implementation of which will require the involvement of specialists of various profiles. This is due to the high competitiveness of the niche. SEO-promotion of the online cosmetics store includes the implementation of such basic types of work:

  • Niche Audit, resources of competitive sellers, determination of points for possible growth.
  • Comprehensive usability analysis. It is important that the purchase in the online store through the eyes of the visitor is perceived with full comfort and a sense of security inherent in a regular offline purchase. The color design of the site should be in a pleasant range. There must be convenient functionality for performing internal searches, a filtering system and sorting product offers. Detailed product description and customer reviews will help in making decisions and choosing goods.
    оформление карточки товара магазина косметики
  • Formation of a semantic nucleus, which will collect requests for SEO promotion online cosmetics store. Based on the SI, further elaboration is underway site structures, conducive to easy user navigation.
  • Creation unique and relevant text content. Start better from large categories and sections, subcategories, as well as the main page. Only after that you can start creating descriptions of each individual product. For SEO promotion of the online cosmetics store availability quality textual content is a key factor.
  • Work with external links. An important point is not so much of them as quality of donor sites. The higher it is, the better for you and the more users can provide a link from an external resource.
  • Filling social networks, without which it is almost impossible to imagine the work of modern companies. The choice depends on the target audience for which the store’s products are designed. Focusing on Facebook is for those who focus on the age category of 25-45 years and older. The emphasis can be placed on cosmetics of the middle and expensive price categories, as well as elite products. Instagram is suitable for promoting various types of cosmetics and perfumes. Emphasize on quality photos and small textual accompaniment.

These are almost all the basic elements that professionals in SEO will necessarily pay attention to. Separately, you need to highlight only some points internal optimization such a resource.

Internal optimization of the online cosmetics store

Another important point in how to promote an online cosmetics store is to conduct a comprehensive internal optimization of the site. This stage should be considered separately, since it includes the implementation of a number of works, aimed at improving page ranking:

  • We prescribe meta tags Title and Description for each page, including all individual product cards. In doing so, they should be optimized for previously collected keywords.
  • We prescribe the H1 headings, as well as subheadings using SI. This greatly increases the visibility of pages in search engines.
  • Technical optimization. The site should not have takes, blank and not useful information pages. These factors reduce ranking. We search and delete everything broken links, dead end pages, complete and partial duplicates.
  • Image optimization. They should be of high quality, informative and useful to the user. Another point is writing ALT attributes for each image, as well as a brief description where you can also use queries from semantics. 
  • We carefully work out the skipping between the pages of the site. This encourages the user to stay on the resource longer - improving behavioral factors as an additional plus for ranking. To increase the average check, you can configure the blocks of the “They purchase with this product” format, “You may be interested” and similar options. Need to work out overfilling of the online store so that the proposed additional products could really interest the site visitor.
    юзабилити интернет-магазина косметики

These are only the main points of internal optimization for the online cosmetics store, compliance with which will significantly improve the position of the site in the issuance of search engines.

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Mandatory blocks of the online store

Unleashing an online cosmetics store is impossible without building trust from buyers. High-quality products are only half the battle, and the work of the entire store as a whole is important. To increase confidence, place:

  • Block with the most complete contact details (telephone, store address, map, email, details).
  • Payment and Delivery Methods Information.
  • Terms of return and exchange of cosmetic products.
  • Elements for convenient navigation (search, sort, filters, ratings).
  • Company Information, employees, professional achievements. 
  • Customer reviews of each individual product and the online cosmetics store as a whole.
    продвижение интернет-магазина косметики и парфюмерии

These factors will further achieve significant results in SEO promotion of the online store, as well as conversion level increase.

How much does SEO promote an online cosmetics store cost?

The price of promoting a cosmetics store on the net depends on:

  • site structure and volume;
  • specialization and competitiveness (Korean cosmetics, handmade products, professional facilities and mascharts);
  • region and language of promotion;
  • the current state of the site and the available developments in SEO.

To find out the cost of promoting your online cosmetics store, leave the application in special form. SEO specialist will analyze the site and make a calculation.

How quickly can I get a cosmetics store to the TOP?

Features of SEO promoting the online cosmetics store do not allow a definite answer to this question. In many ways, this depends on the current state of the site, as well as the professionalism of the team. If the resource has a large number of errors, you should not expect a quick result. Their correction will take time for both specialists and the search engine.

With a professional approach, the first positive changes can be observed already after 1 - 2 months from the moment of start of work. At the same time, no honestly working SEO company will ever give guarantees for such a result.

Where to order an SEO online cosmetics store?

The best option is to contact professional studios offering promotion services. About, how to choose a SEO company, you can find out in a separate article. If you want SEO Academy specialists to promote your online cosmetics store, just leave a request for a free consultation in the form below.