Ranking factors - a set of signs, affecting the solution of search engines about what place in the issue to provide pages of different sites in response to the corresponding request. These are signs determine web resource relevance level.

Search Engine Ranking Algorithms can take into account various factors and even evaluate the same characteristics differently. Their complete list, value and degree of influence on extradition are not advertised. But SEO specialists carefully analyze the results of the promotion in order to understand how certain changes affect the position of sites in Google and Yandex. 

The most significant ranking factors:

  1. Domain
  2. Technical
  3. Content and text
  4. Refined
  5. Behavioral
  6. Social

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Domain ranking factors


For a domain name most often used either the main keyword or brand name. The first option can give some advantage in ranking on this request in the initial stages of promotion. The second option is aimed at long-term work, it promotes branded traffic and company recognition. Which domain to choose, depends on the subject and the specific situation.

The correct domain zone selection also matters. If you work in a particular country or city, it is better to choose national or regional domain zones.


Search engines consider age to be some evidence of authority, time-tested. And with other things being equal, they prefer older web resources.

Moreover young sites can also achieve the desired result., but due to other ranking factors. So, for example, we conducted an experiment "SEO in 30 days", and within a month promoted a completely new site. As a result, almost all groups of requests were in the TOP.


It can have both positive and negative effects on ranking. In this case it doesn’t matter if there is a story, but a reputation. Take into account the risks if you want purchase old domain.

история домена влияет на ранжирование картинка

Technical ranking factors


One of the key indicators of the quality of the web resource for search engines. If the site has a virus or other vulnerability that threatens user safety, it will be excluded from the index. Therefore regularly check your resource for viruses and install the HTTPS secure protocol.

проверка безопасности сайта в search console


Download speed main content and the site as a whole affects not only the position in the search issue, but also the choice of users. Therefore, try to speed it up as much as possible.


The site should correctly displayed on different devices, so that users are comfortable interacting with it. This property is called adaptability. Both Google and Yandex take it into account when forming an issue.

пример плохо адаптированного сайта картинка


The site should display well in all popular browsers. You can read about how to check this in the article “TOP 12 cross-browser verification services.

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Structure and navigation

How logical and understandable is the connection between the pages depends on how logical and understandable the relationship is built, how quickly visitors can find the information they need. At building structure use requests from semantic core. They will help you understand which pages you need to create and which level of investment. Customize the menu, breadcrumbs, internal skipping and search.

пример удобной навигации по сайту


No promotion tools will work if the site or its main pages are closed from indexing. If you open everything indiscriminately, then a large number of non-optimized pages will fall into the issuance, which will lead to a general decrease in positions. Thus creation and correct filling in the robots.txt file affects the entry of web resource pages into searchable output.

To increase the speed and efficiency of search engines is also important sitemap.xml file. Its task is to help search engine robots quickly find new or edited pages of the site. It speeds up indexing process and simplifies the operation of the system.

Lack of takes

Ranking factors that negatively affect positions in Yandex and Google include duplicate pages. This complicates indexation, reduces relevance and interferes with the normal formation of extradition. Mandatory tune the main mirror, and also find and eliminate duplicate pages.

Uninterrupted hosting

Interruptions in the server work interfere with users and can cause the position to subsidize. 

Micro marking

Using micro-label allows you to structure information and facilitate the operation of search robots. She contributes the formation of an attractive snippet, that boosts percentage of clickability and has a positive effect on ranking.

качество сниппета косвенно влияет на позиции

Ranking Content Factors

Content is one of the main tools of SEO promotion and belongs to the key factors of ranking the sites of Yandex, Google and other search engines. With it, the author can show users and search engines that the site page responds to the corresponding request and helps target audience solve her question.

An important role is played by correct content design and the page on which it is published. You must adhere to such rules.:

Search engines are not just able to find the key phrases on the site pages that are appropriate for the request. Other markers are also used to evaluate relevance and usefulness., for example, the volume of text, context, indication of authorship, links from authoritative sources, etc.

The rating is also affected by the high quality of images and videos. It is necessary optimize the size (weight) of graphic files, so that they do not “hear” the web resource and do not slow down the loading of the pages. You can do this in the Optimizilla or TinyPNG service.

оптимизация изображений в сервисе tinypng

The site and content on it should comply with E-A-T principles, that is to be authoritative, expert and reliable:

  • fill out company data and her stories;
  • describe the possible service and terms of cooperation;
  • add detailed contacts;
  • indicate prices, data on the availability of goods, etc.

The information on the site page should be exhaustive.  

Radar factors

External links are one of the most important ranking factors for sites. Moreover their number is not so important, quality is more important.

Link profile characteristics that positively affect the position in the issue:

пример внешних факторов ранжирования сайтов

Spreading run the site by catalogs negatively affects progress and may end search engines or even full ban.

Behavioral factors 

Analysis of the behavior of site visitors allows search engines to evaluate the comfort, quality and usefulness of the page from the point of view of the user. Among the main parameters are:

For behavioral improvement it is recommended to pay attention site usability, develop convenient navigation, think over a pleasant and adapted design for the target audience, it is clear to structure the data. It is also important to create goals and scenarios for their achievement, to use a skirmish.

Also, one of the ranking factors of Google and Yandex is user behavior on the search page, as well as diversity traffic sources.

проверка источников трафика в аналитике картинка

Social signals

Search engines are very supportive of companies and sites that use popular social networks for comfortable communication with the target audience. It is recommended to create pages in all available social networks and conduct active activities on the most popular of them: publish posts, respond to comments, use internal promotion tools, etc.


Search engine algorithms are constantly being improved to make the search space as comfortable as possible for users. This also affects the requirements for sites that seek to take TOE positions in extradition.

Almost all aspects the functioning of the Internet project count and affect ranking. Therefore, at any stage of creating and optimizing the site, its owner needs to carefully and continuously monitor search trends, analytics, user reactions to any changes, analyze competitors and the general situation in the business niche.