Search engines have become part of the life of a modern person. They help save time and offer a lot of solutions for a comfortable stay on the network. But the choice of a search engine depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the country of residence. 

In this article, consider what search engines are and how the regional factor affects their popularity.



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Most popular search engines

Before moving on to the distribution ratings of the search engines market by region, consider the most popular systems for finding information on the Internet.

  1. Google
    Google - most famous and popular search engine all over the world. According to the Irish web traffic analyzer StatCounter as of 2020, this popular search engine is chosen by just over 92 % users around the world. Google occupies a leading position in almost all regions, with the exception of, perhaps, only China.

    самая популярная поисковая система Google

    The titles of the most popular search engine in the world, the creators of Google have achieved not only technical solutions that are regularly updated and supplemented, but also a skillful, sometimes aggressive, market retention policy. For example, by default many smartphones use this particular search engine.

    In any case, Google’s developers are doing everything possible to ensure that their services, including the search engine, satisfy all the needs of users, adapting to the preferences and habits of everyone.
  2. Bing
    Bing - Microsoft development, which has gained its popularity not only due to its convenience and ease of use, but also thanks to the skillful actions of the digital giant employees. This is the default search engine installed on Windows Phone devices.

    Bing в рейтинге поисковых систем

    The search engine continued the work begun by his predecessor MSN Search in 2009. Now it is most popular in the USA and Canada.

    From the features you can distinguish an unobtrusive menu, interesting visual solutions and compatibility with other products of the corporation. All this allows Bing to consistently occupy the second line in the world ranking of search engines for a long time.
  3. Yahoo!
    Yahoo! - one of the oldest search engines. It was developed in the USA in 1994. At the time of its appearance and for several more years, this search engine did not face competition. On the one hand, this fact predetermined its success at the start, on the other, it may have caused a drop in popularity after the emergence of new players - the developers sat up and missed a new wave of search engines.

    yahoo в топ 3 популярных систем поиска

    However, Yahoo! still quite actively used by users of North America. True, since 2009, the system has been using Bing search capabilities. But what exactly can not be taken from the dinosaur among search engines is the most age-related and popular Yahoo mail service so far! Mail.
  4. Baidu
    Despite the fact that the Chinese search engine Baidu is distributed exclusively in the territory of China (98 % users have the citizenship of this country), the population density of the republic provides it stable 3 - 4 place in the world among competitors.

    китайский поисковик Baidu картинка

    In addition to directly searching, Baidu has a number of practical services, in particular, the world's most popular online encyclopedia.

    Many years of attempts by developers to bring the search engine outside the country have not yet led to anything good. Perhaps the whole fault of the translation difficulty, which does not allow full and comfortable use of the capabilities of Baidu to foreign users.
  5. Yandex
    One of the leaders among Russian search engines, rightfully gained popularity in many countries of the CIS and Europe. In addition to a search engine that is actively smarter, adapting to the needs of users, Yandex is a multifunctional and effective tool for promoting sites for site owners. 

    поисковая строка яндекса картинка

    The user services group includes maps and a navigation system, a payment system, a cloud storage, a video portal, a marketplay, a news portal, a lot of entertainment services and much more.

    Created in 1997 and annually builds up its potential. According to StatCounter for 2020 in Russia Yandex occupies 2 place in the ranking - almost 45 % users use it, but still Google is the leader - 52.3 %.

    топ поисковых систем в россии
  6. DuckDuckGo
    Almost all search engines track and take into account user data, primarily for customization personalized search. DuckDuckGo is a great option for those who are not ready to share their data. Company pays particular attention to user privacy, thanks to which she won her share of fans. 

    система DuckDuckGo без персонилизации
  7. Aol 
    AOL - “America online” (this abbreviation is how it stands) is another product of American developers that was created for US Internet users and for some time it’s enough to feel confident in the ratings of the search engines of this country.

    американский поисковик AOL картинка

    The company began its journey as the largest Internet provider in the country. Later, it developed quite actively, including as a search engine, but after the 2000s it lost its position, losing to the giants of the industry.
  8. - Russian-language portal, which, in addition to the search engine, contains many different, mainly entertainment, services: messenger, news, poster, weather, etc. The project is still popular in Russia and other CIS countries. The most popular solutions for users are the mail server, games, the social network "My World" and cloud storage. 

    поисковая система рунета mail ru


TOP search engines: regional selection

North America and the USA

The vast majority of North Americans use information to search for information Google. Next follow Bing and Yahoo!. Honored 4 -th takes place DuckDuckGo, gradually gaining popularity. 

топ 5 поисковиков в сша

South america

Residents of South America, like the northern neighbors, in case of any questions prefer to google. 2 - 4 places take the same Bing, Yahoo! and duckduckgo. True, their share is even lower than that of North American Internet users: in total they do not type 3 %.

рейтинг поисковых систем в южной америке

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And again before us the same picture: first place is taken by Google, by gaining an average of 90-94 % users. But, unlike the American one, the European market is very confident Yandex, about which few people know on the other side of the Atlantic. The Russian search engine in the region has a solid third place and about 1.5-2.5 % users.

популярные поисковики в европе
Yandex owes such success, first of all, to the countries that are formerly part of Europe, which are formerly members of the USSR. In many of them, this search engine takes 2 place after Google, for example, in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

рейтинг поисковиков в украине



Following the world leader - Google - In the Asian ranking of search engines is the Chinese search engine Baidu. But, despite such a high position and rather bold indicators - almost 3 % - it is difficult to say that this is the choice of Asia. The fact is that Baidu is practically not used anywhere except China. A relatively high proportion of users is provided exclusively by the large population of this country.

рейтинг поисковых систем в азии

By the way, the Internet in china characterized by enviable identity. The first 4 places of the national search engine rating are occupied by Chinese services. Following Baidu in TOP- 4 go Shenma, Sogou, Haosou, not known to the rest of the world of the global network.

популярные поисковики в китае

Other search engines that are being addressed by residents of various Asian countries: Yahoo! (3 place), Bing (4) and Yandex (5).


In Africa Google owns the hearts of more than 96 % Internet users. The picture of the search world here completely repeats the situation in South America, where with rather modest indicators in the TOP- 4 appear Bing, Yahoo! and duckduckgo. By the way, there are not many active Internet users in this region, so they still do not have much influence on the world situation.

какими поисковиками пользуются в африке


Another copy of the South American continent in terms of choosing search engines for business and life. The first place with a huge margin takes Google, followed by Bing, Yahoo! and duckduckgo, and the latter do not recruit 1 % admirers.

поисковые сайты в океании

World TOP Internet Search engines

Exclusively on a territorial basis American search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) occupy all upper positions regional ratings. But everything is decided by the number of users, so thanks to the popularity in the densely populated countries of the former USSR and China in the world TOP- 5 search engine rating we see Chinese Baidu and Russian Yandex

самые популярные поисковые системы в мире

Bing and Yahoo! while it is possible to hold 2 -e and 3 -e places, but how long it will last is unknown. At the moment, each of them holds about 2 - 3 % the search engine market. At the same time, in China and the CIS countries their presence is difficult to call noticeable, and the development of interest in the IT sector in these regions in recent years allows us to hope that the situation may change very soon. So far, one is not in doubt - Google firmly on his feet and most likely, in the foreseeable future, his leadership will not yield to anyone.

And what search engines do you use when searching for information on the Internet?

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