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Self-promote the site in the TOP. Who is needed?

Given the prevalence and availability of absolutely any information on the Internet, each owner of a web resource or developer can promote the site in the TOP on his own. Of course, it’s easier to contact a company specializing in promotion, but this will entail quite significant costs. But is it just necessary?

Can you promote the site in the TOP yourself?

Of course yes. 
Some can quit this venture only by slightly digging the theory of SEO. At first, it may seem rather complicated. BUT! It is not necessary to do all the work with your own hands. You, as the owner, will only need to master some basics and figure out who is needed to promote the site yourself. The remaining, more specific tasks will be performed by specialists already hired by you.
You all understood correctly: the best option for this task is to assemble a team that will help you with this.

Team collection

So who is needed to promote the site on their own?

  1. SEO Copywriter
  2. SEO Programmer
  3. SEO Manager
  4. You (without a leader, this team will not be able to do anything effective).
Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

SEO copywriter and its functions

If you don’t know why you need a copywriter, then this is your first experience trying to promote the site in the TOP on your own. This indispensable specialist will be responsible for filling the pages of your resource with high-quality and, most importantly, unique textual content. 
He will write texts on the content plan you have drawn up, which includes all possible requests by which your site can be searched. If you do not know how to compile it (or do not want to do it), for a separate supplement any SEO copywriter professional will do it for you.



To find a good copywriter, give him a test task and check it by criteria quality content.

SEO programmer and his tasks

And again you can ask another question: “Why a programmer in SEO?”.
This specialist is needed both at the stage of creating your web resource, as well as at the promotion stage, at which he will fulfill all the whims and wishes of the copywriter agreed with you. And there will be quite a few of them, believe me. Since SEO programmer is unlikely to be closely acquainted with the subject matter of your site, unlike SEO copywriter.

Do I need a SEO manager?

When asked about who is needed to promote the site on your own, you hardly suspected the need for this employee. However, he will be your right hand. It will be the responsibility of publishing texts on the site written by SEO copywriter.
He will also be involved in the conduct of thematic groups in various social groups. networks, post publication, communicate with potential customers found in the same networks. In short, it will ensure maximum compliance with your site social factors, that take into account search engines when ranking extradition results.



By the way, with decent pay for the work of SEO, the manager and SEO copywriter may well be the same person. This will already be a universal specialist who will be able to combine all the duties assigned to him.

What will you do?

It all depends on your desire to promote the site yourself. By and large, all the additional work (purchasing links, drawing up a promotion strategy) you can also do with the hands of hired team members. But then it will not be much different from working with a promotion company. 

Ideally, you should have common concepts about external site optimization for successful promotion in TOP and actually execute it through the purchase of links and registration in website directories. It is also desirable to manage all hired employees and monitor reporting on all ongoing work in person. Only in this case can you be sure that this whole undertaking will bring the desired result.

Now you understand that promoting the site in the TOP on your own is not as difficult as it originally seems. You only need a desire, a little time, a correctly selected team and some money.