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SEO or context. What to choose?

If you created a site and want to be known about it and it starts to bring you income, sooner or later you will have to think about the possibility of promoting it. In this article we will compare SEO and contextual advertising specifically for those who cannot decide on the choice of promotion method your site.

SEO и контекстная реклама

SEO promotion and contextual advertising. Pros and cons

So, considering that these two methods are most often used to promote web resources, we will compare SEO and contextual advertising in the form of several tables. First, let's "Minuses":

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Negative moments

 SEO  Context
 Long  Expensive
 Expensive  Does not work if you do not replenish your account
 Difficult  Competition
 Risk of getting under PS sanctions  Short term effect
 Unstable because search engine ranking algorithms change  Discussing competitors
 Unprognosedly  A lot of inappropriate traffic
 Competition  Low trust on the part of Internet users


When choosing a seo or context, you must also not forget about "plus" both methods:

Positive moments

 SEO benefits  Context
 Long-term effect  Quickly
 Coverage of a vast audience  Availability of statistics
 Target traffic  Easy to run

How true are the SEO myths?

SEO optimization and contextual advertising are unique competitors in the field of promoting Internet resources. As a result, during the struggle of companies engaged in these types of businesses, several myths about SEO have developed. The first three points of the table with negative points are just these myths:

  1. For a long time. This concept is quite tensile. The first real results can really be seen no earlier than in 2 - 3 month. For those who want to quickly test their new business, this is a long time. In this case, the choice "Seo or context" unambiguous. 
    But if it is planned to create a business with a focus on the future, this period of time is not so big. But the result is a long-term effect, which actually is included in "Pluses" SEO.
  2. Expensive. Given the need for a range of specialists, successful SEO promotion may indeed seem like an expensive event. But after receiving the result, when the attracted users move into the category of buyers, the amounts spent quickly pay off. Searching and contextual advertising in this regard go side by side (the latter is more expensive).
  3. Difficult. This point is not so important if you have the opportunity to hire professionals who will be engaged in SEO promotion. If it is planned to do this on its own, then you really will have to learn some volumes of information, which may seem quite complicated. This information is now widely available and with the proper level of interest in its study is easily implemented.

Another partially true myth is risk get under search engine filters. It is really possible. That is why search progress should be performed conscientious professionals. Sites that don't try "deceive" PSs are extremely rare in blacklists.
It turns out that we dispelled all the myths. After all, it all depends on your goals, capabilities and desires.

What is the main difference?

The main difference between contextual advertising and search promotion, which is also included in SEO pluses - it cannot be turned off, unlike advertising. Having reached a certain level of rating, you will remain on it until competitors push you out of there with better progress. And even after that, if you analyze the positions of competitors and optimize the pages of the site, you can quickly return to the TOP. 

If you stop investing in advertising, users will immediately forget about the existence of your web resource.

We hope that our comparison of SEO and contextual advertising will make it clear which option is best for you at the moment. 
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