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The correct promotion of the news site

Most likely, you yourself realize that the promotion of news resources is significantly different from similar events for regular sites. We will tell you more about this in order to coordinate your actions and increase the success of events to promote websites of this type.

Of course, standard collection procedure semantic core and the subsequent creation of content on it cannot be the basis for the promotion of the news portal. After all, all the content posted on news sites depends only on events occurring in the world of completely different topics.

In addition, it should be fresh, that is, created as soon as possible, which makes the preliminary planning of key requests simply impossible.

Therefore, you should not hope for a classic SEO when promoting a news site. The main bet should be placed on hourly (at least) content updates, its uniqueness, relevance, reliability, objectivity, expertness, as well as on the development of an author's manner of submitting materials.

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Basic rules for promoting news resources

  1. News should be unique and written by professional copywriters., not cheap resellers. Only in this case can we count on the mass capture of the attention of news readers and the addition of their browsers to bookmarks.

    Some manage to promote sites with fully “military” content. But in this case, you should not count on SEO when promoting a news site. Search engines will never take such a website seriously.
  2. Promotion of the news resource is worth starting with the regular buildup and updating of the news base, as well as parallel attraction of readers through social networks (amplification of social signals), advertising, traffic exchange systems and other similar methods.
  3. External optimization, that is, building up the link profile is also needed when promoting a news site. You can buy links both in the main and in the category. Articles need to be “pumped” with links only if the news is of serious proportions. Get ready, it’s very difficult for a young web resource of news to break into the TOP search results in the next six months (or even a whole year) of its existence.

    But when implementing rule No. 1, the reference mass will begin to grow by itself over time, and naturally. As a result, it will reach the desired size exactly by the time your website begins to be taken seriously by search engines.
  4. Medium and low interest news is best published early in the morning, when they are read in a slightly sleepy state over a cup of morning coffee. Sensations and other notes with exciting information are more in demand at lunchtime and after the end of the working day. Of course, this applies only to those news that should not be published momentarily so as not to lose relevance.
  5. Even if you do not have any correspondents who go to the scene, the news texts should indicate the exact opposite., to increase the credibility of the site in the eyes of visitors. Promotion of the news site will go more actively if you use techniques like “as reported to the special correspondent (name of your site)” or “our journalist has prepared materials from the scene”, etc.

    Ideally, it would be really nice to have a staff of visiting news authors. But this usually becomes possible and financially justified already at the stage of very serious results of the promotion of the news portal.
  6. The first thing that catches the eye of the visitors of the newsboy is miniature news, its title and brief announcement. All this should attract attention, but not deceive. After all, if very mediocre news is hidden under an interesting name or picture, which does not correspond to them, the visitor’s natural reaction (especially if this is observed with all the records/articles) will leave this resource and never return to it.

 Optimization of the news site for promotion

  1. Web resource pages should be downloaded quickly - for this you need to carry out a number of standard actions that will improve site speed (reduction of code number, displaying scripts and CSS styles in external files, etc.).
  2. The site should always be available., and that means you need to do the right hosting choice to place it, making sure that the servers in this version have an application as close as possible to 100%.
  3. Cross-browser, adaptability, availability of a mobile version of the website and / or mobile application - no less important conditions for the success of the promotion of the news portal.
  4. Involvement of visitors - A very important element in promoting news resources. To increase it, you should not forget about:

    - creating internal skipping between news pages;
    - blocks “Popular” and “Articles (news) on the topic” with a list of materials that may interest the reader;
    - a cloud of tags in a prominent place;
    - references in the text of the news of older materials and the placement of links to them.

    All this is perfect to influence the likelihood of a visitor moving beyond the page to which he comes initially. This not only increases the chances of turning it into a regular visitor, but also improves the behavioral factors of the site.
  5. High-level, pleasant design, ease of navigation and usability - no less important components of the promotion of the news portal.
  6. Do not forget that use of elements on the site semantic markup improves its attractiveness in searchable extremes and increases the likelihood of a click. At later stages of the promotion of the news portal, this will play a significant role.
  7. Using RSS feed also positively affects the promotion of news sites. It is important to make the offer of a subscription to RSS as visible and attractive to resource visitors as possible, as well as to register in tape catalogs.
  8. Internal site optimization, including the news, should be at a decent level. Here everything is on the list - we put in order the title, description, headers, etc.
  9. Important follow the general rules text optimization. But what distinguishes SEO from promoting a news site - in the last option you need to remember the brevity (which is also a sister of talent): the news should be capacious, but at the same time, “consent” in just a couple of minutes. And even more so, one should not allow the breakdown of one entry into several pages - visitors to newsreels rarely go beyond the first page.

Promotion of a news site in aggregators

When your news portal reaches a certain level in popularity, you can apply for Google News, Yandex.News and other aggregators, making sure in advance that they fully comply with their rules.

If the applications are approved and the site starts to appear in the news releases of search engines, you will need to worry about becoming one of the first to publish the latest news. In addition, your new publications should be indexed as quickly as possible by search engines. About, how to speed up site indexing, read in a separate article.

When your news resource “bills” a certain level of trust on the part of search engines, things will go much better and you can worry about indexing and getting to the first pages of the output. It will begin to regularly index speedboats and as a result, any news literally after 5 minutes will already be issued. The main thing is not to stop replenishing the site with news materials at least the same level of quality.

Having taken note of the above recommendations, you will greatly simplify the process of promoting the news portal and significantly reduce the likelihood that you will drop this venture halfway to success, as is usually the case with most unprepared beginners who want to take a prominent position in this highly competitive information field.