SEO - one of the most powerful channels of targeted traffic. But, like other marketing tools, he only works if the correct setting is correct

The effectiveness of progress cannot be estimated by any one indicator. Only an increase in position or only an increase in attendance means nothing if the level of sales remains at the same level as it was. Moreover, traffic may be inappropriate, and TOP positions by keywords that no one is looking for.

To get an objective picture, you need to analyze several KPIs. And in this article we will tell you which metrics you need to focus on in order to evaluate the results of the search promotion.

Key Indicators for ESO Performance Assessment:

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Visibility - This is one of the main KPIs in SEO. Estimating this indicator allows you to understand, what proportion of users the site sees in the search results by certain keywords. The higher the position and the more frequent requests, the better the visibility, and therefore more people will be able to find your resource in the output.

You can check the visibility of the site in special analytical services, for example Serpstat. But the figure alone will not say anything. To make sure the effectiveness of the promotion, you need to compare:

  • the dynamics of the visibility of the site for different periods of time;
  • the visibility of your resource with competitor sites.

Only in this way can you understand how good selected SEO strategy and does she work at all. And as a bonus - find lost requests by which competitors are moving.

проверка видимости как kpi seo


This is the most SEO's usual performance indicator. To track it, you need to initially collect a list of key targets for promoting requests and download them in position verification service, eg Seolib. The frequency of verification of this KPI depends on the size of the resource and the activity of the work performed.

When analyzing, it is important to pay attention to:

  • overall growth or fall dynamics;
  • entry of selected requests into TOP-10, TOP- 3, TOP- 1.

Such an assessment will make it possible to understand what actions have led to changes and which pages need to be worked on more diligently.

оценка роста позиций в сеолибе картинка

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Search engine traffic is a key indicator of SEO performance. He is checked using counters Google analytics and Yandex Metric. They allow:

  • compare attendance from organic issuance at different time periods;
  • analyze the audience and understand how targeted it is (gender, age, region, etc.);
  • evaluate user behavior (session duration, number of pages viewed, percentage of failures).

анализ эффективности продвижения по посещаемости

Additionally in Google search console and Yandex Webmaster can check, upon what requests users found your site and switched to it. They may be:

  • Brand and non-branded
    To evaluate the effectiveness of SEO movements, you must track them separately. Because brand traffic growth may be associated with successful work to increase company awareness or launch an advertising campaign.
  • Information and commercial
    The growth of the latter indicates the effectiveness of promoting commercial pages. However, this is only part of the work - in the future it is carried out conversion percentage calculation each of the pages. An increase in informational requests indicates the successful conduct of a blog or article section of a site. If the block was not purposefully engaged in the development of the block, but there is an increase in information traffic, a group of growing requests is analyzed. Further, articles are optimized in order to increase traffic. In addition, conversion elements are added to the blog, for example, selling banners, feedback forms, links to popular goods / services.
  • Target and non-target
    The first ones include those keywords that contribute to the achievement of the goal - sale, subscription, etc. Non-targeted, on the contrary, impede this process. So, for example, if you sell goods at retail, requests with the word “optom” will be inappropriate. If there are user transitions on them, you need to check the content of the pages and correct it. 

Behavioral factors and conversion

These KPIs are also important to consider in SEO, but they depend not only on how targeted requests were used to advance. They also play a role here:

  • usability;
  • site design;
  • range presented;
  • prices and purchase conditions;
  • completeness of company information;
  • reviews and other data that are important for creating a positive impression among users.

If you see that attendance from search engines is growing, but orders no longer become, perhaps the reason is the poor design of the internal component of the site or the insufficient amount of information necessary for decision-making.

Check behavioral factors and you can configure conversion tracking in analytics services - Google Analytics and Yandex. Metric. Records of the Webview will help you find the weaknesses of the resource and understand what prevented users from taking the target action.

отчет по достигнутым целям в аналитике картинка

Additionally, you can track the conversion of the lead into sales. However, in this case, the result is less dependent on the effectiveness of promoting online resources. The reason may lie in the insufficiently good work of the sales department.


The effectiveness of SEO can and even needs to be tracked, and several KPIs at the same time. This will not only check the quality of the work done, but also find new points of project growth.