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The main site settings for SEO-promotion

SEO WordPress site promotion in its stages and features no different from promoting resources created using other platforms. About 40 % sites around the world work on this CMS system. It is especially popular among blog and information platforms, as well as projects in the field of e-commerce. 

For effective site optimization on WordPress, special SEO plugins. They are help:

In addition, even at the development stage it’s important to choose the template correctly, which will not create problems in the future when SEO-promotion of the WP website. It must meet CSS3 and HTML5 standards, be adaptive to different devices and screen sizes, have high download speeds, support and OpenGraph markup. When selecting topics for creating and promoting a site on WordPress, select those for which SEO friendly is available. In our individual articles we made collections of the best WP templates for online stores, blogs and service sites.

SEO WordPress settings overlap in many ways with the basic resource setup process for its stable and efficient operation. 

Installing an SSL certificate and forming the main mirror

SSL certificate - This is a protocol that protects user data on the Internet, namely their bank cards, logins, passwords, email addresses. Its presence positively affects the SEO-spreading, since resource security is one of the key ranking factors. 

SSL settings do not occur on the WordPress side, but on the side of the hosting provider. If you do not know how to do this, contact the hosting support service.

After installing the protected protocol, you need to indicate the main mirror, that is, the key address of the site that will participate in ranking. The advantage of the WordPress site is that this can be done even without a programmer, and with the help of special plugins and basic settings. 

In the "Settings" - "General" section, indicate the main address HTTPS protocol. Also decide whether you want to use the www console in the URL or not. After that, use the Simple 301 Redirects module and install 301 redirect from all versions of the site to the main mirror.

модуль для продвижения WP сайта

CNC formation

Promotion of sites on WordPress in search engines will be problematic without the formation of CNC, that is, human-clear URLs. For example, let's look at these two links:


The first gives a complete understanding of what the page will be dedicated to. That is why such URLs are called human-clear

By default, WordPress forms the second type of link. To change this, you need to go to the “Permanent Links” section and select one of two points - “Excellent” or “Record Name”. Additionally install the Cyr-To-Lat plugin, which allows you to automatically create URLs not Cyrillic, but transliteration

настройка seo на wordpress

Elimination of page takes

Page doubles - These are pages with completely the same content that open at different URLs. They have an extremely negative effect on SEO-spreading, since worsen indexation and erode site relevance. Without additional settings, duplicate pages are generated automatically, for example, in comments, date archives and users. 

To remove duplicate pages and prevent their appearance, install the Clearfy module. In the “SEO” - “Fpage Doubles” section, enable all available options.

раскрутка сайта на wordpress

Create and add robots.txt and sitemap.xml

Sitemap.xml - it is list of pages to be indexed search engines and further SEO-movement. In WordPress, you can create this file using a special module, for example, “XML Sitemaps”. After installing it, it is enough in the settings to indicate which types of pages should be added to the list and what priority they have in indexing.

The robots.txt file contains recommendations for search engines regarding, which pages you can visit and which ones are not. The CEO optimization of the WordPress website without this file, as without an XML card, will not bring the desired result. Therefore, create it manually or through certain SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack. We talked about more about how to do this in the article “Configuring Robots.txt for WordPress.

плагин Yoast SEO картинка

Image optimization

The CEO-admission of the site to WordPress also includes work with images. The large weight of the pictures is significantly slowing down page loading speed, which negatively affects behavioral factors. To solve this problem, stick to such rules:

  • The file name is written by transliteration, without spaces, contains keywords;
  • A format has been selected that is indexed by search engines and correctly displayed in all popular browsers;
  • The size of the image fits the place allotted on the site. That is, if you need a small picture, you do not need to download a file with a resolution of 1000 pixels, and then compress it through the text editor;
  • Filled alt and title for pictures. You do not need to spam requests, but you can use keywords corresponding to the semantic load.

Also, to optimize content for SEO on WordPress, you need squeeze the weight of the pictures without losing their quality. This can be done using special online editors or installing the Smush module for WordPress. In addition to the compression function, it can automatically convert the file to the desired format, clear EXIF data and make delayed image downloads to speed up the site.

оптимизация картинок на вордпресс

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Adding Micro-label

Micro marking - This is a markup that allows search engine robots to better understand the information presented on the site and participates in the formation of an attractive uppet. Its configuration is one of the main stages of SEO promoting the site on Wordpress. Fortunately, the developers of this CMS have provided special plugins that allow this to be done in minutes, such as Schema. 

After installing the module, go to the micro-display settings, specify basic page information, select the type of schema or publication category.

Visibility for search engines

After filling the pages with content and performing all the main stages of site optimization on WordPress, open the resource for indexing by robots of search engines. Without this, further SEO promotion will be impossible. 

Go to the admin panel to the “Settings” - “Reading” section and check the box in the paragraph prohibiting indexation. After that, the resource will be scanned and added to the general database of the search engine, and users will be able to find it in the search results. Be prepared for the fact that this will not happen instantly. In the article "How to speed up site indexing»You will learn how to influence this process.

как начать продвижение сайта на WP

How to promote a site on WordPress

Otherwise, promoting a site on WordPress does not differ from promoting a resource created in any other way. The process includes:

The peculiarity of promoting WP sites is the need for high-quality customization using a number of SEO plugins, which can be selected by studying ratings and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I promote the site at WordPress? 

Yes. WordPress is a convenient CMS system that allows you to implement all the necessary work on internal resource optimization.

How much does SEO promote a site on WordPress cost? 

To assess the cost of optimizing a site based on WP, you need to analyze competitors, consider the features of the niche, and evaluate the initial state of the project. Sign up for a free consultation with our SEO specialist and evaluate the work on SEO.

How long does it take to promote the site on WP?

SEO is an ongoing process. If we talk about the first results, then usually they are already visible through 1 - 2 months of complex work. But much depends on the subject, the competitiveness of the niche and the initial state of the site.