We want to immediately note that search engines scan sites, regardless of their CMS system. But at the same time the engine determines what basic features will be available to you. when filling and optimizing the resource. OpenCart is one of the best solutions for creating and promotion of online stores. The popularity of the platform is due to its convenience and simple interface, as well as the functionality and flexibility of settings.


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Features of OpenCart

Some of the benefits of the SEO site on OpenCart are embedded in features of the platform itself:

  • Variability of settings. The source code is open, it is possible to create a user interface, connect additional extensions, integrate a resource with e-commerce services. You can choose a template among free options, buy paid or create your own design.
  • Universalb. Openkart is suitable for creating and promoting both a small online store and a large online supermarket. CMS allows you to add an unlimited number of categories, subcategories and goods. Interface multilingualism contributes to better website promotion in various regions.
  • Free basic functionality. A significant selection of modules are available for the development of sites with great functionality, including catalogs, payment services, product cards. A cigarette card is not entirely free CMS, but basic features are available to everyone.
  • Continuous development. Developers periodically improve the platform, eliminate errors and add new features.

By choosing this CMS, you can fully implement your own online store. However, to get customers from search engines, you need to promote the online store on OpenCart comprehensively.

How to promote a site on OpenCart in TOP

The overall picture of SEO promoting the site on Openkart does not have special differences from optimizing the resource on any other engine. You need:

Competent internal site optimization on OpenCart is the key to the effective promotion of the resource in the future, so let's dwell on each of the steps in more detail.

Title and Description Formation

Title and Description must be spelled out on each resource page. If you have a small online store, you can fill out these fields manually, following the recommendations described in the articles “How to write title pages"and"Description tag and its impact on SEO. If there are a large number of products on your site, it becomes quite difficult to manage meta tags. Special come to the rescue OpenCart modules for generating Title and Description according to a given template, for example SEO Tags Generator.

оптимизация метатегов магазина на опенкарте

Setting breadcrumbs

By default, the last item in the Openkart templates Bread crumbs active, that is, formed cyclic link. This is not a critical mistake, but it negatively affects behavioral factors and distribution curling budget. To fix this, install the free Smart (Fixed) Bread Crumbs module.

настройка хлебный крошек на опенкарте

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URL optimization

Optimization of the online store on Openkart is associated with the setting of the appearance of the URL. The base platform sets unreadable and uninformative page addresses. They are poorly perceived by users and robots of search engines. To tune in human-clear URL for all categories, products and articles, use the “SEO URL Auto Filling” supplement. It allows you to generate the page address based on its name with the replacement of Cyrillic characters with a Latin alphabet. 

особенности продвижения сайтов на opencart

Creating robots.txt and sitemap.xml files

These are two key service files, the creation of which is mandatory for site owners. B robots.txt directives are contained indicating which of the pages and sections of the site index, and which ones to ignore. Sitemap.xml acts as a kind of web resource map, where indicated lists of all pages present on it

The extension “Robots.txt Editor” allows you to make changes to this file directly from the admin, and the “Sitemap Generator” module with a few clicks to create a site map on OpenCart with priority page scanning.

создание robots txt на opencart

Image optimization

Images are an important part of SEO online store on OpenCart. To get the maximum effect, you need:

  • Fill Alt Attribute using keywords;
  • Indicate file name by transliteration;
  • Do not scale the image on the site;
  • Optimize file size.

The presence of large and voluminous pictures on the site significantly reduces page loading speed, that could negatively affect behavioral factors. It is important to find the optimal balance between the weight of the file and its quality. You can use special plugins to compress the image without losing quality. Additionally, Openkart allows you to install modules for delayed "lazy" loading and image conversion in .webp.

оптимизация изображений на сайте интернет-магазина

Micro-display setup

Semantic markup important for SEO website promotion on OpenCart or on any other platform, since it allows you to form visually beautiful snippet in the results of the issue. We wrote more about what basic settings need to be made in the article “How to configure micro-label for an online store site. To implement them directly from the admin panel, you can install the “SEO Micro- Markup” module for Opencart.

раскрутка сайта на opencart


Unleashing the site on OpenCart without thoughtful skipping is impossible. Internal links help users move evenly distribute reference weight, improve behavioral factors and positively influence conversion percentage. Among the additions to the basic functionality of the Openkart there are modules for generating the overflow of goods based on certain selected filters. With their help, you can form lists of similar, recommended and related positions of the online store.

Of course, these are just basic SEO site settings on OpenCart. For effective promotion, it is important to pay attention to other works: content, usability improvement, external links, etc. Regular work will only improve the results and increase the number of customers from search engines.

преимущества seo opencart

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put an online store on OpenCart in TOP?
Yes. This CMS has no contraindications. It is convenient, multifunctional, allows you to implement the whole range of work on SEO-promotion.

How much does it cost to promote a site on Openkart?
The cost of SEO depends on the amount of the resource, subject matter, the competitiveness of the niche and the available developments. Leave an application for free consultation and we will make a calculation of the cost indicating the range of work.

What is the difference between an openCart site SEO promotion?
The stages of work on optimizing the resource do not depend on the selected engine.