History of the evolution of SEO

SEO is alive, it is evolving, Adjusting to the development of global trends in the field of Internet promotion. Search engines and users become smarter and more sophisticated, after these changes, ranking algorithms are reconfigured. Without lagging behind them, trends in SEO optimization are changing.

As evidence, we suggest considering how I changed nature of key SEO trends progress in recent years:

  • 2016 year - at the forefront of SEO methods is mass buildup natural links. Search engines prefer those sites whose users come by natural links;
  • 2017 year - social networks conquer the world, subjugating users. Therefore, search engines believe that optimization by reaching social networks brings maximum benefit to users, which means that such sites deserve more trust;
  • 2018 year - The main trend in SEO is the methods of traffic diversity and special value branded traffic, proving that the owners of the site work with the brand, creating special value for users;
  • 2019 year - search engines give first places to sites on which the most useful content, which solves user pain. The goal is clear: search engines are trying to answer the question in the first option presented in the issue. SEO follows them and aims to create high-quality content.

Please note that SEO trends do not die off or fall into the past. They just lose their championship in a number of other methods, but while continuing to work.

Let's look at which SEO trends in 2020 will make your site as accessible as possible and help users not stop finding you.

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SEO in 2020: what will bring your site to TOP

This year, SEO not only continues to live in spite of everyone. It immediately received 12 effective trends in website promotion, the use of which in 2020 will significantly increase your resource in search output.

SEO Trend No. 1 - Goodbye SEO Specialist

The approach to SEO promotion is changing. Today, everything that could bring your site to the lead yesterday is considered search engines necessary minimum. That is, all SEO tools work, but not to raise the site in a search issue, but not to go far in the list of competitors. Therefore, everything that can do for you SEO specialist no longer has special value.

Full promotion needs a special professional. And his name SEO marketer. His tasks include not only adjusting the site settings and using a pair of promotion tools. He working on business development in general, and the site in this regard is one of the elements that helps to demonstrate the product of the company and talk about your offer.

Assessing the usefulness of the site and deciding what position to provide it with search results, PS looks at the business as a whole, and not just the resource representing it.

For the same reason, it’s almost impossible now display one-page website in TOP. Search engines do not see potential in it in terms of answering a set of user questions. Today, one-page can be brought to leadership positions only on low-frequency requests, and these are units of possible options.

A private SEO specialist with this work, in the clip of which there are only standard optimization methods, cannot be dealt with. No gray hair can solve the problems of your business and find ways to develop it without knowing all its aspects: competitive environment, product nature, new opportunities and needs of the target audience. Therefore, the best solution will be to promote your site yourself. The goal is to pump your business as a whole, and with it make the site as accessible as possible to users. Thus, SEO website promotion in 2020 must be implemented in conjunction with business development. And this is the main trend in SEO today.

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SEO Trend No. 2 - Smartphone Course

Every year, mobile devices become more convenient and multifunctional. Smartphones are not just approaching their older brothers - personal computers, in some cases they are much more comfortable and can offer almost more wide opportunities for users. Therefore increasing importance in promoting the site and developing the business acquires focus on mobile gadgets.

To make sure that you are inclined to mass transition to smartphones as the main type of device for searching for goods, services and information on the Internet, analyze the data on your own website and see, what is the percentage of mobile users among resource visitors. In 9 cases out of 10, this figure will exceed 50 % mark. 

SEO Тренд Курс на смартфоны картинка

What requirements should the site meet:

  • Complete adaptability
    All pages and each site element individually must function, located in its place and do not interfere users use all the features provided for in the full version of the resource. The design must also match the features of the smartphone screen and change harmoniously when turning the screen.

    If your resources are limited and you are not able to simultaneously improve both versions of the site, we recommend that you start with a mobile one.

    To check the quality of the site on smartphones independently cut all pages, press all the buttons and try filling out the registration, order, etc. Ask employees and acquaintances to go over the site and let me know if something does not work as you would like. Also use special services for verification site adaptability
  • High download speed
    To understand what speed is normal for users, just remember that now valued most. This time. It is the desire to save time that makes such a number of people use search engines and, including, from mobile devices. Therefore, the option “the page is loaded, just wait” no longer suits anyone. The score goes for a split second. And the faster your site will work, the more mobile users will stay with you.

    For site speed checks you can use special services, for example, Your task is not just to find out how many points a particular parameter received. It is necessary to constantly work on improving these indicators and analyze how effective this work has been.
  • View of popular browsers
    Search robots and users are sure that everything should be beautiful on the site. And if your site does not meet this requirement, both will not greatly appreciate it. Therefore, it is so important that the resource has attractive view in various browsers, including when using mobile devices.
  • Convenience
    About the importance site usability you don’t have to talk. But often we forget to check how convenient it is to use with mobile devices. And this is a big mistake that can cost more than one position in the search engine.

    Work to ensure that users who visit the site from the smartphone can do whatever they want, and also find the necessary elements and information without much effort.

SEO Trent No. 3 - We increase the size of the loyal audience

Loyal user sooner or later will become a real customer. In addition, search engines are happy to encourage the quality of business in this direction. Therefore, it is so important to use all possible methods that positively affect the increase in the size of the loyal audience. 

Повышение размера лояльной аудитории SEO Тренд

To increase the number of loyal users, we influence increase in the number of direct transitions, as well as transitions:

  • with Email;
  • from groups on social networks;
  • with messenger;
  • due to remarketing.

And you also need to collect a user database and actively work with her.

Search engines highly value such focused and comprehensive work with the target audience, rewarding it with a more favorable position in the search engine. That is why one of the main trends of SEO in 2020 is an increase in the number of loyal users.

SEO Trent No. 4 - Maximum traffic diversity

Working on the development of only 1 - 2 traffic sources, this year it will not be possible to achieve a brilliant result and increase the position of the site. Significant changes have also occurred in search engine ranking algorithms in this aspect. SEO trends in 2020 indicate the need developing as many sources of traffic as possible.

Assessing the usefulness of the site, search engines sympathize with those resources that users find in a variety of ways. Therefore, we are working on:

  • direct transitions;
  • transitions from social networks;
  • transitions with e-mail;
  • transitions from instant messengers;
  • contextual advertising;
  • teaser and banner advertising.

And be sure to follow the features user behavioral factors site using analytics services. If any of the types of traffic “visits” or is completely absent, attention should be focused on it. Search engines find more useful the resources for which can be obtained by moving from any source.

SEO Trend No. 5 - Brand Strength

Brand is not just a word. This is the name of your project, which should sound good and talk about the direction of the company. Such a brand in itself is an effective tool for promotion.

Как в 2020 году продвинуть свой бренд картинка

The brand must be heard. And search engines encourage sites whose owners are effectively working on brand traffic.

Brand Strengthening Ways, who appreciate search engines:

  • frequent mention on the Internet: articles, reviews, your own website, social networks, comments, forums, etc.;
  • search for the brand by users, which is achieved by stimulating interest in it through high-quality advertising, “sarafan radio”, and blogger references;
  • inclusion in the request of the name of the brand, which is achieved by approximately the same means;
  • offline advertising - banners, radio, performances, interviews, authorship of articles, lectures that perfectly contribute to brand recognition.

This trend in SEO is due to the expected effect: the more often the name of your project sounds, there more often search robots will stumble upon it, explaining inhigh utility for users.

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SEO Trend No. 6 - Caring for the protection of personal data of users

A very significant trend in the optimization of the site, the importance of which is understandable by trends in the fight against Internet fraudsters who have become more cunning and sophisticated. Therefore, search engines began to put concern for the protection of personal data on the site at the forefront.

What to do to prove the search engine reliability of user data:

  • indicate the details of the company or the legal data of the site owner;
  • for electronic payments, use only online payment services;
  • replace HTTP with HTTPS secure protocol, which allows you to increase the security of your stay on the site;
  • timely update the version of CMS;
  • set a reliable username and password for admin;
  • constantly monitor and instantly deal with possible viral attacks on the site.

Careful selection of hosting providers usually allows you to solve problems with viruses in its entirety.

защита персональных данных пользователей тренд

SEO Trend No. 7 - Uninterrupted operation of the site

Another major trend in 2020 SEO is continuous maintenance of the site in working condition. Having stumbled upon a fallen site a couple of times, for example, due to the expiration of the domain, search robots can destroy the results of all your efforts aimed at promoting. A non-working site cannot be included in the list of search engines, regardless of the nature of the problem.

To maintain uninterrupted operation of the site necessary in a timely manner:

  • extend domain;
  • extend the SSL certificate;
  • pay for hosting;
  • respond to server failures;
  • fight virus attacks.

Do not underestimate the importance of all these simple measures, the neglect of which can be fatal for your business on the Internet. Believe me, everyone who thinks that their site never “falls” is deeply mistaken. To be on all 100 % confident that your site is currently functioning as it should, we recommend that you install one of the services that will instantly notify you that the site has stopped working.

бесперебойная работа сайта важна для сео

SEO Trend No. 8 - Visualization of Content

You and I have long become visuals. This trend has led to the fact that the percentage of understanding and memorization of information transmitted using graphics or video is significantly higher than when transmitted only through the auditory channel. This is one of the reasons for the victory of cinema and television over broadcasting.

Comparing the convenience of visual and textual content, we note that the first wins due to significant user time savings. And, as we noted above, time for modern man is the most important resource.

Given all this, search engines prefer sites with a large amount of visual content, which led to the emergence of another SEO trend in 2020 - the desire to visualize information on the site.

Measures to improve the quality of visual content of the site:

  • harmonious and non-distracting design users: we abandon bright and redundant elements that interfere with the study of the main material;
  • publishing a large number of photos: photos will help users better evaluate the product that they are not able to touch;
  • large images: small photographs do not allow you to consider details, thereby reducing the usefulness of the content and the entire resource;
  • beautiful quality illustrations: aesthetic pleasure increases the assessment of users and search engines;
  • useful videos of high quality: the more complete and more convenient the information on the site, the more user-friendly;
  • reviews 360 - a convenient form of studying visual information;
  • infographics helps structure data and promotes quick memorization.

The more high quality and useful for users visual elements are published on your site, so with great pleasure search engines are ready to offer it.

Визуализация контента тренд 2020 года

SEO Trent No. 9 - Orientation to low-frequency requests

We used to enter short queries into the search bar, for example, simply “SEO”. In response, they received millions of site options, among which were both commercial and informational. Such short requests did not allow to quickly solve the task. Therefore now users are more and more use long query designs to find what interests them, for example, "SEO courses online for beginners in Kiev.

To simplify the life of users, search engines added a function voice search.

This trend towards the use of long requests gave rise to a new SEO trend in promoting sites in 2020 - a rate on low-frequency requests. Today to 70 % natural traffic falls on them!

Thanks to this trend towards the use of long requests, Google developers have even created a new Google Bert search algorithm that recognizes and analyzes not keywords or phrases, but entire sentences, finding the closest projects. 

To catch this wave and take higher positions in the search engine, create separate pages on the site for groups of requests similar in meaning. What is needed for this:

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SEO Trend No. 10 - Search engine concentration

Increasingly, you can hear about the tendency of search engines to loop search traffic on themselves. And on the one hand, this is true, but only if the user has embedded a request similar to “Weather Kiev” or “Height Everest”. That is, those requests that do not require detailed analysis - the answer is a specific figure and that’s it. 

Концентрация на поисковой системе в 2020 году

In other cases, the quick response block in the search engine can not only become a good source of traffic, but also make you the image of an expert. Therefore, with the looping of traffic on yourself, you need not to fight, but to be able to work with it, which brings excellent results. Ideally, you need on every page make a block with answers to questions users on this topic.

SEO Trend No. 11 - TOP - a place for large sites

Above, we mentioned that single-page sites have virtually no chance of getting into the TOP. The logic of search engines is this: selling a limited number of goods / services or covering only one issue (if it comes to information resource), the site cannot also be useful for users as a large resource, ready to offer more products or interesting data. Therefore, focused work on the growth of the company is not the dream of the entrepreneur, but a full SEO trend in optimization.

If for this minute you are not able to expand your business, this is not a reason to refuse a place in the TOP.

Options for increasing the number of items on the site:

  • When thinking through a development policy, start by supplementing the range of similar products, this will allow you to go to the TOP in a narrow direction, ahead of marketplay, and will give you a reputation as an expert in this product group;
  • droppingshiping work, when the goods offered on your site are delivered to the consumer directly from the manufacturer;
  • adding products marked to the site "Not available", even if you basically do not have this product, you can draw attention to your project and create a sense of shortage, but do not overdo it so that users do not feel the catch.

SEO Trend No. 12 - Discovery Path: YouTube and Market Players

The popularity of YouTube is no longer in doubt. But many businessmen forget that YouTube is not just video hosting, this is a real search engine, which is also the brainchild of Google, capable of attracting potential customers.

Тенденция в СЕО на продвижение в YouTube

The same story with marketplay. All SEO tools here also work great. And this is not easy to use, but you need to use it to get ahead of competitors and get additional benefits in the form of increased and more diverse traffic, increasing the frequency of brand mention, new users and orders, as well as increasing the position of the site in search engine output.


SEO is not just alive, but also feeling great. Like site owners who have abandoned the waste of time and money on unprofitable SEO specialist services and are independently engaged in promoting their own resources, combining this work with the development of the business as a whole.

Consider the SEO promotion tools we described that are most effective in 2020, and use these trends yourself. Agree, there is nothing unbearable in them or incredibly difficult. 

Users, competitors, search engines and ranking algorithms regularly change. Therefore, the nature of SEO promotion should change, adapting to the trends of this year. And in the pursuit of leadership, it’s important to invest no more, most importantly, keep up and change in a timely manner.

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Have you already managed to implement at least one of the 2020 SEO trends, or are just getting ready for changes in the nature of the site’s promotion?