Search engine developers have accustomed us to regularly updating site ranking algorithms in recent years. About 10-15 years ago, it was enough to perform the basic settings and make minor updates to the web resource once in 2 - 3. Now optimizers are forced keep your finger on the pulse of events in the SEO industry: monitor trends, adjust settings, update, supplement and improve the Internet project.

The main trends in website promotion in 2022 have been outlined for a long time. There is no need to wait for any completely new trends and cardinal changes compared to last year's requirements of search engines. But the most important aspects have gained more significant value, by identifying key factors for the development of the search space. In this article we will talk about the main trends in the new 2022, which we recommend to pay attention to first of all.

The main trends of SEO-promotion in 2022:

  1. Page experience
  2. Refusal of outdated methods of receiving backlinks
  3. Content for people
  4. Increase text volume
  5. Content update
  6. E-A-T: expertness, credibility, credibility

The main trends of SEO-promotion in 2022

SEO trend No. 1. Page experience

Focusing on user convenience is expected to increase attention to indicators that determine user experience. What was previously only supposed to be optimizers and was not advertised by the creators of the system, last year announced its more than noticeable role in the formation of extradition.

Page Experience Google Algorithm in 2022 will continue to increase importance behavioral factors. Optimizers and users could already notice its impact on the search results of the issue in mobile devices. This year, the turn will reach computers. Since February 2022, the influence of indicators such as page loading speed, visitor data security, usability quality and general user comfort will increase.

Алгоритм Page Experience влияние на seo 2022

Required Updates:

  • site optimization with special attention to Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS), more about which we have already talked;
  • translation of all pages from HTTP to HTTPS;
  • checking the web resource for viruses and malware and their elimination;
  • removal of intrusive elements, in particular advertising blocks;
  • adaptation to mobile devices.

SEO trend No. 2. Refusal of outdated methods of receiving backlinks

Search engine developers reduce the influence of links on site positions in output. But the link profile still remains an important component in ranking sites. Experts are unanimous in their opinion that such an order will continue in the coming years, and backlinks will bring additional significant points in favor of the web resource. But the quality requirements for links are tightened.

Evaluation of donor sites becomes a more important stage of external optimization. She should pay maximum attention and time. One link with an authoritative source, which is the leader of the niche and enjoys the trust of visitors, is more useful than several dozen backlinks sown on little-known or dubious resources. Choosing in favor of the latter can cause falling under Google and Yandex filters.

Necessary actions:

  • thorough analysis of donor sites;
  • selection of only authoritative web resources of similar topics with high attendance rates for linking;
  • creating interesting and useful content that motivates users to share it.

тренд seo 2022 оценка качества доноров

Content quality continues to have a major impact on optimization results, reflecting the following 4 trend in SEO-propelled in 2022.

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SEO trend No. 3. Content for people

Developers improve the work of search robots, teaching them more and more skills of high-quality text evaluation. The level of relevance is determined not only and not so much by the presence of a key phrase in the text as by the correspondence of information on the site to the intentions of the user entering the request into the search bar.

Intent (the task that the user poses to the system) is not always clear to search robots. Developers continue introduce artificial intelligence technologies in the operation of ranking algorithms - MUM and LaMDA.

MUM technology, which is expected to begin in the near future, is designed to maximize the understanding of video, images and texts. Currently covers 75 languages. Designed to understand the feelings, abstractions and intentions of the user by deeply evaluating his request, as well as analyzing the context of the proposed content options.

LaMDA is a Google machine learning technology that allows you to build dialogs with the user based on the information provided to them.

Improving content analysis technologies proves that quality texts, images and videos remain the trend of SEO-provement in 2022 and their role will only increase.

Necessary actions:

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SEO trend No. 4. Increase text volume

Large detailed articles filled with interesting, important, useful, correctly stated data make visitors stay on the page longer and motivate to share valuable information with friends. In 2022 longrids will increasingly meet in the TOP of search engines. All things being equal, voluminous texts will be more useful to the owner of the Internet project than the texts of medium or small volumes, in case of high quality content.

When working with large volume texts, it is important to use tools that simplify the study of material by users.

Necessary actions:

  • breaking the text into semantic paragraphs;
  • addition to subheadings revealing the essence of the text segment;
  • use of formatting and labeled lists;
  • addition to illustrating and simplifying understanding graphic objects (photographs, diagrams, diagrams, infographics, videos).

SEO trend No. 5. Content update

Articles whose theme is time-bound require updating. Otherwise, they quickly lose their relevance and fall into the search issue. Choosing the most relevant content to a user request, Google prefers pages posted later.

You need to update not only news and reviews of new products. All site texts require periodic updating. Thus, you can show search engines that you are working on the site and improving it. In turn, they will more often go to the web resource, scan it and, in case of positive changes, raise the page higher in the rating. 

Necessary actions:

  • updating information taking into account the latest changes in the subject or niche;
  • adding graphic content;
  • optimization of texts for new / missed requests;
  • update date.

важность обновления контента для seo в 2022 году

Search engines are more supportive of Internet projects that regularly work to improve (including updating) content, which positively affects progress.

SEO trend No. 6. E-A-T: expertness, credibility, credibility

E-A-T Algorithm - This is a set of factors in Google that allow you to evaluate the quality of content not from the point of view of technical parameters (volume, availability of key phrases, structure, etc.), and from an exclusively substantive side. The main evaluation criteria are really important indicators - expertness and authority of the author and sources of information, as well as confirmed data reliability. In addition to program evaluation, specialists are involved in the verification (assors), analyzing the pages of sites by various indicators.

Necessary actions:

  • check if publications help solve problems and relieve pain of the target audience;
  • for ease of study, break the content into parts with explanatory subheadings;
  • supplement content with illustrating materials;
  • indicate the author of the articles and provide data on his qualifications in this matter;
  • post information about the company and / or employees;
  • provide contacts to clarify details: telephone, e-mail, social networks, address.

Initially, the algorithm was used to analyze a separate category of web resources - YMYL sites, which include projects that affect the health, safety and well-being of users. Now the content of any site can be analyzed using the E-A-T algorithm. Therefore, following the principles of this 2022 SEO trend is necessary for absolutely everyone who wants to get into the TOP of the issuance of search engines.

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The main SEO trends that determine the nature of the search promotion in 2022 indicate that Google continues a focused movement towards user convenience. Therefore, the focus is on quality. Only those sites whose owners and optimizers seek to benefit the target audience have every chance to replenish the upper ranks of the search engine.

Promotion work doesn't get harder she becomes more responsible and more serious, which makes competition more exciting.