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Server response codes: varieties and their values

External page server response code - these are three digits, information about her condition is encrypted in them. When accessing the site page, it is checked by both browsers and search engines. Actually, depending on the server response code, search spiders understand what is required of them: scan the page now, postpone scanning for later, delete the URL from further verification, etc. In other words, in these three numbers, robots are guided by what they do next. 

To classify server response codes, the pages were grouped according to the main value and divided into so-called status classes. The variety of class is encrypted in the first digit of the response, which determines the status of the page. Two other numbers reveal details.

A brief definition of its value is indicated next to the server response codes. This definition is designed to simplify the lives of people who, unlike bots, may not know the meaning of a digital combination.
There are 5 status classes: 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX and 5XX. Consider them and get acquainted with the values of the main codes.

1XX Informational

When the page meets the server response code starting with the 1 index, we are dealing with information codes. 

Among the information codes are the most common:

100 Continue - this is a kind of confirmation from the server that the initial request has been successfully accepted, you can continue the actions you started (for example, scanning);

102 Processing - the request was received by the server, and at this stage it goes through the processing procedure. This does not mean that the process is about to end, but it is not worth disconnecting.

Information codes are temporary. They are a confirmation of the receipt of the request and its processing.

2XX Success

“Successful” codes are a sign of confirmation of processing in response to a system request.

200 OK - The most important code that characterizes the status of all pages of the site open for scanning. In other words, this code should contain all the URLs that should be indexed and shown in the issue. 200 OK means that the server received the request, successfully and without any problems processed it.

207 Multi Status - the accepted request has been successfully processed, several actions have been performed in the work process.

Group 2XX codes should give all resource pages that are promoted in search engines. 

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3XX Reduction

Redirection codes inform the robot of the need for a second request in connection with the relocation of a document or page to a new address.

300 multiple choices occurs when the request is sent to the address that refers to several pages (documents), in this case it is impossible to determine which one should be used.

301 Moved Permanently - announces the final change of residence of the document. Used to not lose the “weight” of a previously existing page when moving to a new address. Robots, seeing this code, do not scan the requested page, but go to the specified link, continuing their work there. 

302 Found / Moved Temporarily is given to pages that have been moved to another address, but only for a while, and in the future they are planned to return to their original place. The code tells the search engine bots that the page itself should remain in the index, the transfer is temporary. 

304 Not Modified allows you to save resources for re-scaning a document or page that has not been amended since the previous scanning process. In the index, pages with this code participate, but the data obtained in the previous scan process are used.

By giving the response of the code of this group, the server indicates a link to the new address of the document location. This link is contained in the heading Location.

4XX Client Error

Codes of this class report an error that has occurred on the part of the client. 

400 Bad Request reports a syntactic error in the request.

401 Unauthorized to access the page (document) you want to enter a password or register and try again after authorization.

403 Forbidden prohibits access to a document. Often occurs if entry from a specific IP is prohibited.

404 Not Found - everyone familiar error "The page is not found. It appears if the document or page is not found at the time of the request, as well as in case of an error in writing the address.

Оформление страницы с кодом ответа сервера 404

Sometimes it happens that the page externally corresponds to page 404 of the error, but actually gives the code 200. They must be found and corrected. 

410 Gone informs the user that they were requested to delete page (document). Code 410 means that the document existed earlier, but is now permanently deleted. In response to this type of error, a subsequent scan attempt will not be made, a request to the page is not sent again and it will be deleted from the future “list of cases” of the search bot forever.

451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons informs about the official legal ban on the use of the requested document. It is used, for example, in the framework of copyright protection or vetoing by government agencies. The already established story says that the number was not chosen by chance and refers us to the famous work of Ray Bradbury (451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which the ignition of paper - a metaphor for censorship) occurs.

Together with the response code, the server reports on the nature of the error. The exception is requests with the HEAD method.

5XX Server Error

The response codes in group 5XX report server failures. 

500 Internal Server Error may indicate the presence of any server error that cannot be attributed to any of the given codes of this status class.

503 Service Unavailable reports temporary shortcomings on the part of the server, which are of a technical nature, for example, excessive workload due to exceeding the allowable number of requests.

504 Gateway Timeout - a code that means that the waiting time for a response from a higher server has been completed, to which the main server sends the request, which in this case is a proxy server or gateway.

505 HTTP Version Not Supported - the server was refused a response to the request due to the use of another version of the HTTP protocol.

When reporting a server error, the system also indicates the cause of its occurrence.

Having considered what the server response should be in the most common situations, we proceed to the methods of checking the code that the pages of the site give. Verification makes it possible to timely receive data on the wrong code and adjust it.

How to check server response code

There are many ways that can be used to find out the server response.

For example, you can see the page code of the site you are interested in in the developer panel in the Network tab. In different browsers, it is called in a different way. If you are using Google Chrome, open the site, press F12, in the window that opens, click on the Network tab and update the page. In the left part of the opened field, select the page name. Now we are looking for data on the server response code, they are indicated in the Status column.

Проверка ответа сервера

On the network you can also choose for yourself free verification services. One of these software is SEOB. Everything is elementary here: to check, you must enter a link to the site’s test page and click “Check headers”.

Как узнать ответ сервера страницы

Another easy-to-use service that does not require registration - Checkmy. As in SEOB, it is enough to specify a link to a site page or document and click “Submit Request”. The result will appear in front of you in a few moments.

Named services, like almost all free verification tools, allow you to check only individual addresses. For mass verification, you will have to use more advanced paid services, for example, Netpeak spider.

Как посмотреть код ответа сервера пример

Make codes work to the fullest

The situation itself is unpleasant for the site visitor, when instead of the information he needs, he sees 404 Not Found, with a skillful approach and a drop of creativity can cheer up the user and increase its loyalty to the site. Complementing these numbers with interesting elements, adding style or humor page 404, You can achieve a great result. We recommend not to neglect an additional tool for establishing trusting relationships with site visitors.

Knowing how server response codes work, you can proceed to check and, if necessary, adjust. This is necessary for the correct indexation of the pages of the site. Otherwise, you can not wait to scan important URLs for promotion or spend limited curling budget for processing pages not subject to indexation. Main pages, that you want to see in the search engine, must contain the answer 200 OK. Not least, the correct selection of codes for those pages whose scanning will not bring much benefit, while loading the robots of search engines with unnecessary unnecessary work.

In addition to establishing working relationships with search robots, using your own imagination and innovative solutions, you can take care of users, which will make their stay on the site enjoyable, even if there is no requested data. 

What interesting options for decorating a page with code 404 did you meet?