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What do the site icons in the search for Yandex mean and how to get them

The rapid development of web technologies contributes to a significant increase in the number of different web resources. It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to choose from many sites exactly the one that will be most useful for them. In this regard, Yandex has developed a special system that helps identify the main characteristics of the web resource, its popularity and usefulness for the audience. These indicators are displayed as signs in the results of the search issue.   

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Characteristic qualities of Yandex signs for site selection

Yandex icons help users find out more supporting information. about web resources, thereby orienting them among numerous sites. Searchout icons are assigned as a result of the analysis of the behavioral qualities of visitors, the reliability and satisfaction of the resources on the network.


Every sign in the extradition of Yandex has its own characteristic qualities, which are assigned to the site. For example, the “Popular Website” label means that the web resource with it is endowed with high attendance rates and a significant number of users who regularly visit pages, and the “user selection” icon is assigned to resources with great audience involvement.


Yandex has developed an algorithm to determine the following indicators:

  • which sites will be assigned the icon;
  • if there are several tags, which one will be displayed in the search issue.


How to get Yandex signs is probably not known, since this algorithm is not disclosed.


Varieties of characters for users that are visible next to the site in search engine

Currently the following Yandex icons exist for the characteristics of web resources: a popular site, user selection, a label-navigation response, a proven profile, companies from the list of Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Yandex service, an official dealer according to, the official web resource Yandex.Directory.

The icons look like this:

Фото как выглядят иконки сайтов в Яндексе

Consider each of them individually:


  1. Sign is a popular site. This icon is assigned to web resources with a high attendance rate and the presence of regular users. How to get the Popular Website icon in Yandex is definitely unknown, but definitely for this you need to work on increasing traffic and the usefulness of the resource. Since this label is considered one of the indicators of the quality of the Internet resource, the presence of the icon - “Popular Website” is a significant advantage for web sites.

    Иконка популярного сайта в яндексе
  2. Icon - selection of users in Yandex. This icon is also a significant characteristic of the resource for the audience. It is assigned to sites with a high level of visitor involvement and loyalty. The algorithm for getting a “User Choice” in Yandex is also not disclosed, but the name speaks for itself. As in the previous case, it is necessary to work on the usefulness of the site, since the sticking to the Yandex “User Choice” will become a significant plus.

    Наклейка в выдаче выбор пользователей
  3. Organization from the register of the Central Bank of Russia. The site is assigned this icon, if the company is in the State Register of financial organizations of the central bank.

    Отметка организация из реестра ЦБ РФ
  4. Yandex Service. A web resource acquires this label if it is a representative of any Yandex service.

    отметка в результатах выдачи сервиса яндекс
  5. The official website according to Yandex. Directory. The site receives this label if it is in the Yandex directory and is marked as an official resource.

    Метка официального сайта по данным яндекс справочника
  6. The official dealer according to As you can understand by name, this icon is displayed on the web resource, if there is such a status on

    Отметка для официальных дилеров на сайте авто.ру
  7. Navigation response. This icon is assigned to web resources, which, with a high probability, are sought upon specific requests. For example, a contact request for
  8. Confirmed profile. This icon is located next to sites in which organizations or individuals have a proven profile on social networks. The proven Yandex profile and navigation response are displayed as a checkmark icon.

    Знак навигационный ответ и подтвержденный профиль

You can view all the site tags on the special page of Yandex. Webmaster.

посмотреть знаки сайта можно в яндекс вебмастере фото

A link to the page can be found in the search issues of Yandex: for this you need to click on the triangle icon in the snippet and click on the line “Information about the site”.

Как посмотреть информацию о сайте

All icons available to the web resource are displayed there. In case of marking, the inscription will be located: "Sign received. The remaining tags display a scale showing the degree to which the site matches this sign. Information is constantly updated.

How to get a sign in Yandex

Accurate information on how to get the “User Choice” icon or the “Popular Website” icon is not available. Mark Assignment Algorithm Not Unleashed and can change at any time.


For a given period of time, one thing is known - to obtain tags: improve the quality of the site, work on its usefulness and increase traffic. However, no one gives guarantees of the assignment of a sign.


Basic conditions icon assignments and displays:


  1. To determine the resources to which any of the characters is assigned to display them in searchable issues, algorithms that are not subject to disclosure are used.
  2. All sites have the same rights when calculating indicators of assignment of signs.
  3. The initial data of the results of the calculation of algorithms are constantly updated. Yandex does not comment on the change of information, nor does it provide any guarantees regarding the assignment of tags for specific Internet resources and the display of icons in search engines.
  4. A set of tags and a change in the process for assigning them to web resources may be different from each other in different countries.
  5. Yandex is not required to notify users and owners of web resources about a change in the design algorithm for assigning characters, while he has the right to change them at any time.
  6. The site allocation formula depends on different indicators and is created in order to find the pages that are most suitable and relevant to the request. If the page is more suitable for a search query, it will be displayed higher in the results of the issue, without special signs.


Of course, these indicators will affect the choice of a resource by the audience, but due to the fact that the icons are not particularly noticeable, at first the difference is unlikely to be visible. At the moment, the long-established checkmark mark, denoting a proven profile, is understandable to many, while the rest of the signs are not so clear and familiar to the audience, but over time this should change. Therefore, the assigned “Popular Website” and “User Choice” characters are a significant advantage for web resources.