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site IP address and SEO - is there a connection?

The myth that the dedicated IP address in SEO is one of the main conditions for the successful promotion of the website is becoming increasingly popular. This misconception has been spreading on the network for a very long time and many who believe in it. 

This article is written to eliminate such misinformation among our readers by proving and logical explanation why changing the IP address of the site to the fact highlighted is not as important for its promotion as it seems at first glance.

How important is the site IP address for SEO

First it is worthwhile to turn to the opinions of Google representatives who in official statements claim that their search algorithms do not give websites privileges depending on the type of IP addresses they use. This means that the presence or absence of a dedicated IP address for SEO does not play a role, since in no way affects the results of ranking the output of this search engine.

But online "vigit" information (cans from Yandex), which nevertheless hints at the impact of the dedicated IP address on SEO.  It says that the use of one IP address with a large number of sites adversely affects their indexation. At the same time, it is indicated that there are some limits on the number of page downloads from one IP, which results in the following: the more sites are located on the same IP address, the smaller the pages will go around the search bot for a certain time period. It seems to be true, but so far it is from the gossip section. 

Therefore, our opinion is the dedicated IP address and SEO are not directly related. Of course there is a connection, but it is indirect and not so significant. About this - further in the text.

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What is worth paying attention to

Many talk about the importance of geographic hosting server hosting. Allegedly, if the site is focused on Russian-speaking Internet users, and is placed on IP from the USA, then this is bad. In fact, this is another misconception. 

Влияние географического размещения сервера

It doesn’t matter where the server is located, it is only important that it consistently performs its functions, is constantly available (had a high application) and provides normal site download speed for its target users, regardless of their location.

When optimizing for promotion in search engines, these factors are much more priority than the IP address used and hosting view

Another point in the same vein: the dedicated IP address for SEO, in particular to improve the speed of the website, is not important in itself, because if you order this service, continuing to use virtual hosting, in fact, there will be no significant changes. In case "neighbors" there will be more and more on the server or their needs for computing power will increase, problems with speed will still appear, despite the fact that you have changed the IP address to Dedicated (selected). In reality, in this case, only the transition to a dedicated server can help, which will be completely only under your control.

What are the pros and cons of the dedicated IP address compared to public

Changing the IP address to the selected option cannot magically improve the position of the website in the issue for the simple reason that the predominant mass of Internet resources uses virtual hosting (Shared), which means the proximity of dozens, or even hundreds of sites within the same server. Therefore, IP they use the same. And while it is widespread, search engines simply have no right "punish" for using a common IP address.

Nevertheless, in the described case, the general IP address of the site for SEO can create problems: it is important to monitor "neighbors" - web resources with which you share the server. This can be done with the help of numerous specialized online services.

Проверка сайтов на одном IP
If adult content sites, mittens and others are found among them, to which the search engine attitude is not the most favorable, there is a risk not only to infect their files from them with viruses, but it’s also a mistake to please the ban. Because if there is one among hundreds of spam websites "honest", most likely they will not stand on ceremony with him and will take action against everyone who uses a suspicious IP. In such a situation, it is better to think about changing the IP address of the site - SEO will not help if it is excluded from the search engine index.

In addition, in some countries, the law provides for the blocking of the site by court order, which again can lead to the blocking of other resources located on the IP address used by it.

Given the above, clearly looming pros and cons of the selected IP address:

  1. It is irreplaceable if you want to connect your own SSL certificate or you plan to use software that will require non-standard ports.
  2. Positive affects the security of the web resource in terms of reducing the risks of getting under search engine filters because of the "guilty" of something "neighbors.
  3. From obvious cons, you can only specify a separate payment for this service on top of the standard hosting price.

Возможности выделенных IP-адресов

Summing up

The main conclusions that will help you determine the need to change the IP address to the selected:

  • the location of the server does not play a role, the speed of the site in the region in which it is moving forward is important;
  • Google does not give preference to sites with dedicated IP, but Yandex hints at improving indexation of the latter (by rumors);
  • the dedicated IP address of the site on SEO does not directly affect, but only eliminates some of the risks associated with the use of virtual hosting;
  • you can successfully advance in search engines using the general IP address if you carefully monitor the "contingent of neighboring sites;
  • changing the IP address to the selected does not mean improving the speed of its operation, if the site is not transferred to a separate personal server.

And remember that if you decide to change the IP address to the selected one, take care of the correct setting of the transfer process and the availability of the site after that. Usually, those who do not have deep technical knowledge in this area come to the aid of technical support for hosting the website.