Correctly asked questions to a SEO specialist allow determine the level of professionalism, as well drop out knowingly fraudulent options. If an insufficiently experienced employee is not able to greatly harm the site, then by contacting scammers you can lose the resource or get under the ban, which is almost the same. There are questions on SEO, the answers to which will determine professionalism and probably weed out unacceptable options.

9 questions to an SEO specialist at an interview:

  1. What experience does an agency or an individual SEO specialist have?
  2. How do you maintain the relevance of your knowledge?
  3. What guarantees do you give?
  4. What does the cost of promotion depend on?
  5. What is included in the cost of promotion?
  6. When will the first results appear?
  7. Is it possible to speed up the progress process?
  8. How can I track the results of your work and how will reporting be provided?
  9. How long will it take to engage in SEO-promotion?

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What experience does an agency or an individual SEO specialist have?

SEO specialist questions at an interview for experience are key that interests many. Be prepared for the fact that an employee or agency will not be able to fully confirm real experience. This may be due to such factors:

  • A signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which, among other things, prohibits the use of data on work done with other organizations.
  • Direct prohibition on the use of data from the owner of the resource with which cooperation is being conducted.
  • Inability to provide information for other reasons.

Work experience in the field of CEO can confirm using portfolio, drawn up from the agreement of the project owners, by requesting real customer reviews. You can also maintain your own resource using it, among other things, to demonstrate skills and competencies.

How do you maintain the relevance of your knowledge?

Questions at the interview with the local student should also affect the topic of maintaining qualifications, studying current trends. Our specialists regularly work with sites of various subjects, both in the framework of support in training courses, and in the integrated promotion of the project. They are test different approaches in practice, monitor updates to search engines, take advanced training courses. All this allows you to maintain the relevance of knowledge in the field of website promotion and to effectively engage in SEO.

To remain a sought-after specialist, it is necessary to devote time to studying new areas, to respond in a timely manner to changing algorithms, and more.

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What guarantees do you give?

Safeguards questions for the classmate are one way to weed out obvious scammers. SEO experts never give 100 % guarantees for the site to exit, especially in a short time. If you are faced with similar statements - it is very likely that you are scammers. What questions to ask the sandstone for details - specify the timing of the exit to the TOP. It cannot be a period of a month or even a week.

We do not give any guarantees, but offer proven and working SEO strategies to carry out a set of works aimed at improving ranking your web resource. Thus, you receive not empty promises, but a specific work plan, the implementation of which will allow you to observe a gradual increase in the position of the site in the search issue. This will be accompanied by a corresponding increase in natural and search traffic.

What does the cost of promotion depend on?

When choosing a SEO company, be sure to ask about the cost of promoting the site. The price of work depends on such factors.:

  • Type of site.
  • Resource structure.
  • The theme of the project, on which the competition of the niche depends.
  • Website status at the beginning of work.

Regarding other features of the cost formation, you may ask the manager of the SEO studio or a specific specialist.

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What is included in the cost of promotion?

Among what you need to ask the SEO agency, the important question is: “What list of services is included in the optimization of the site?”. In most cases, we are talking about such works:

Programmer services are usually paid separately. Writing SEO Texts and purchase of links can also be paid separately or already included in the price. It is necessary consider when planning the budget to promote your own site. 

When will the first results appear?

Popular questions for an SEO specialist - when you can see the results of the promotion. The answer in this case will be quite obvious - not soon. At least, not as soon as the client would like. Initially, a number of analytical events will be held, after which SEO studio employees will be able to at least slightly predict the timing of significant results.

First results work of specialists you can notice in a month or two of work, that will be displayed as a gradual increase in traffic and positions. It is also important to take into account the competitiveness of the niche and the history of working on the site in the past - if the resource is in poor technical condition, with an uncomfortable functionality, the wrong structure, then fixing errors will, of course, take more time.

The results will become well noticeable in six months or more from the beginning of the work of the team of specialists. However, do not forget about external factors, for example, a change can affect the situation search engine algorithm, that although not often, but it happens.

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Is it possible to speed up the progress process?

Among the list of questions that SEO companies ask, the topic of accelerating the promotion process is often found. High-quality and safe promotion is never fast. Theoretically, the process can be accelerated by applying various black methods. But their use can lead to hitting the site in a ban with a further decrease in the position in extradition or even with its removal from there.

We do not use black methods of promotion and do not recommend resorting to them on our own. Quick results now can lead to a loss of resource in the future. It is better to get steadily growing results every month than to make a breakthrough in a short time, but to be left without a site. There is no legal way to accelerate the progress of the site.

How can I track the results of your work and how will reporting be provided?

Questions for SEO studios necessarily affect the subject of reporting. We provide monthly detailed reports with graphs and diagrams. This will make it easier for you to perceive data, and also allow you to better understand the dynamics of change. If necessary, provide answers to additional questions. We can also form and send a report after each individual stage of work has been completed.

How long will it take to engage in SEO promotion?

Constantly. Content should be updated periodically., sometimes there is a need to add new pages, check the technical component of the site and other actions. It is difficult to do this on an ongoing basis and there is not always access to all tools. Progress work is ongoing, with possible changes in dynamics, but without interruptions.

What questions to ask an agency on SEO - to decide everyone, but it is important to ensure the professionalism and responsibility of employees. It is better to do this before transferring your site to work and making appropriate payments.