For effective SEO promotion, it is important to know what affects the site’s position in the search engine and what actions will contribute to growth. Google takes into account a number of factors for each page and site as a whole, and in this article we will tell you about the most significant of them. For convenience, everything that affects the SEO website promotion, we divided into five semantic groups.

Factors Affecting the SEO Website Promotion:

  1. Domain
  2. Content
  3. Internal optimization
  4. External links
  5. Behavioral factors

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Factors Affecting the SEO Website Promotion


You can influence the future positions of the site even before its creation. It is important for this correctly select domain. Search engines take into account:

  • Domain Name. This may be the most targeted keyword or brand to promote. The second option is especially relevant if you plan to do this business for a long time and work on company reputation.
  • Domain area. International, national, regional or thematic — choice depends on the geography and specifics of the business. Read more about options in the article «How to choose a domain zone».
  • Previous history and age. The older the site, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of search engines. That is why when buying, many give preference domain names with history. But age is far from everything that affects SEO-provement. The past is also taken into account, both positive and negative. If the domain was previously under sanctions, achieving the TOP positions will be very difficult.

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Factors affecting the promotion of the site must be taken into account from the very beginning of work on the resource. One of the important roles is played by text filling, which is the basic SEO tool. High-quality text is able to show the search engine and user that the page fully meets the specific request. To positively influence the position of the site and achieve TOP in search output, you must:

  • Optimize text for specific thematic requests. In doing so, they must be organically inscribed and do not stand out from the general context;
  • Stick optimal keyword density and prevent re-optimization;
  • Place as much as possible unique, expert and useful for users content.
  • Struct text — break it into paragraphs, important in meaning things to highlight in bold, use labeled and numbered lists, headlines and subheadings. All this affects the convenience of reading, and therefore on SEA.
  • Timely update information to maintain its relevance.

But not only the text affects SEO. When optimizing a site, it is important to use different types of content: images, photos, infographics, various videos.

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Internal optimization

It is important to understand what affects SEA and a number of technical aspects, which, although present on all resources, can be implemented differently. It is important to pay attention to:

  • Safety. Check your own virus-free resource and malware, use reliable hosting and HTTPS protocol. All this affects not only the position of the site, but also the formation of loyal relationships with users.
  • Download speed. If the site is slow and the visitor will have to wait more than 3 seconds to upload each page, then you can forget about the high positions in the issue. The faster the resource will be loaded, the better.
  • Adaptability. Do not forget that the era of smartphones has come, and if your site is not adapted to mobile devices, then you will lose a significant amount of traffic. With Google moving to Mobile-first indexing, the search engine primarily scans content on mobile devices, which means now this is exactly what affects the SEO movement in a significant way.
  • Structure. SEA includes the development of structure and site navigation. It should be easy for the user to find the information he needs and conveniently move around the pages. Accordingly, if we make a serious mistake here, then all further stages of work will have significantly less efficiency.
  • Correctness of robots.txt files and sitemap.xml. If search engines do not see your site, then you can forget about the further SEO-spreading.
  • Lack of page takes. Duples — is one of the factors that affects the position of sites, worsening ranking. Carefully check the resource for page takes and delete them in a timely manner.
  • Meta tags. Title and Description each page of the site should be as relevant as possible.

External links

Factors affecting the site’s position in search engines include an external link profile. SEO-provement provides for the placement of links on external donor sites. Search engines take into account their presence, but there are several nuances. Links must:

  • posted on reputable thematic platforms with a good reputation. It is better to make them smaller, but better. A simple run on directories no longer works and is more likely to harm the site than to give some benefit.
  • be as natural as possible, that is, placed immediately when the article is published, is in the area visible to users, have user transitions on them.
  • to increase smoothly and gradually with the optimal percentage ratio anchor and bezancore options ( average 30/70 ).

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Behavioral factors

User experience in one way or another affects the CEO-provement and determination of the site’s position in the issuance of a search engine, so it’s important to ensure the most comfortable conditions for visitors. An analysis of behavioral factors and web analytics in general will help find the weaknesses of the project, improve usability, increase the number of orders and conversion percentage. When auditing, pay attention to such indicators.:

  • source of traffic;
  • failure percentage;
  • viewing depth;
  • session duration;
  • conversion.


It is important to know what affects the position of the site in the issue, and take into account all these factors in the process of its SEO optimization. This will achieve noticeable results in a few months of work.

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