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Does a domain name affect site promotion using SEO methods

Most SEO professionals know everything about how domain name affects website promotion. 

But for ordinary Internet users engaged in the independent creation of web resources, the choice of a domain is usually carried out on the principle what you like. And unfortunately, in most cases, the domain chosen in this way for SEO-propulsion is completely unsuitable. But this is the basis, so to speak, of the foundation of successful website promotion.

Therefore, if you are interested in whether the domain name affects the promotion of the site, and how to make the right choice, continue to read this article.

By the way, in case you don’t know what it is the domain of the site is a unique symbolic name that serves to identify the web resource on the Internet.

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Factors determining the level of domain influence on promotion

  1. Age of a domain name for search engines is an indicator of reliability, evidence of the seriousness of the intentions of the site owner. After all, the extension of the domain from year to year requires the investment of certain funds.

    Влияние возраста домена на продвижение

    But if you are asked which domain is better for promotion, do not rush to answer unequivocally. It all depends on the situation. 

    Of course it’s good to have "old" domain for SEO promotion. His age is one of the main factors that have a significant impact on the participation of the site in search ranking.

    But if it comes to buying a domain name that was in use, you should be very careful. After all, it is very unlikely that the previous owner refused to extend the rental of the domain for no reason. 

    One of the reasons may be getting under search engine filters, from which to get it was an impossible task. This can be a very unpleasant bonus for the new owner. 

    Therefore, when planning to buy an old domain name to promote a new website, you should carefully analyze it for the presence of such problems.
  2. Using keywords in a domain name gives some advantages:

    - search engines perceive the key request in the domain as one of the signs of the relevance of the information posted on the main page of the website;

    - if the key request in the domain name is low-competitive, then its availability will be quite sufficient to get into the TOP;

    - the influence of the domain on the promotion will be more significant if the selected request is present in some form as part of most of the keywords on which the pages are promoted.

    Влияние ключевых слов в домене на продвижение
  3. Brand as a domain name helps to increase the recognition and popularity of your company (trademark). And therefore, this will affect the amount of targeted traffic and behavioral factors, that will be taken into account when ranking. 

    Использование названия бренда в доменном имени

    In order to choose the brand domain for SEO correctly, it must be:

    - short;

    - memorable;

    - unique (so that your site is not confused with one that will have a consonant name).
  4. Buying a domain in a zone that matches the web resource by topic and geo-affiliation - A vivid example of how a domain name affects the promotion of the site. In this case, you will also receive "Buns" from search engines in the form of additional rating points (subject to the proper quality level of the website content).
  5. Consisting of an interesting nonexistent word (s) of domain better for promotion than from the usual. In this case, the influence of the domain on the promotion will again be traced in improving behavioral factors. People like unusual but sound names (google, bing, shmiggle, etc.). Therefore, if you manage to successfully show imagination once, this may become the key to obtaining a stable influx of traffic to the site in the future.

    Необычные названия домена
  6. The effect of a domain on promotion can be completely negative if it is too long. In this case:

    - none of the Internet users can remember it, which will negatively affect behavioral factors;

    - search engines can consider it spam if they reveal in the domain the use of a low-frequency key query from 3 -x or more words.

    Similar domain name selection error for a new website can derail all your plans to promote it.

So which domain is better for promotion?

It is quite natural if you have a similar question. After all, to choose a domain that will be both old, memorable, short, with the presence of keywords, brand, and even unusual - this is practically impossible.

But we are not saying that we need to make a choice immediately for all of the listed criteria.

Depending on the topics and goals for which the site is created, in order to get a positive effect of the domain on promotion, it is enough to apply at least half of our recommendations.

Maybe you have something to say on the topic of the article? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, because it is very important for us!