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Brand request traffic: concept and pluses

Before telling what brand traffic is, let's recall the meaning of the term “brand”. In fact, this is all that is associated with a particular company: name, logo, image, design ... But first of all, a brand is, of course, the name. We all understand how important and difficult it is to choose a suitable name for our brainchild, which will not only speak for itself and for the company's product, but will also make it possible to stand out among competitors.

Understanding the importance of the name, many for some reason forget that it should not only sound good, but also work to the fullest, including for the benefit of advancement. Here we go to brand traffic and its value in SEO.

Brand traffic is on request, containing, among other words, the name of the company. Less attention has been paid to the importance of branding with the development of Internet marketing. This is a serious mistake, because branded traffic of well-known companies brings up to 40 % users to the site, and sometimes more. In addition, search engine algorithms are steadily changing their direction towards resources with high utility rates and companies that are constantly developing and increasing the value of the brand.

Важность брендового трафика в продвижении

Plus from brand demand growth for SEO:

  • High positions in search engine output

    Your site will surely be a leader or will enter at least the TOP- 3 in searchable brand requests. Obviously, there will be much more clicks on such requests. CTR will also increase due to its high position. All this positively affects the site’s assessment by search engines.
  • Positive impact on all requests

    Many factors influence the displays and positions of the site for any, including non-brand, requests, for example:

    - indicators of site traffic;
    - clickability;
    - time spent on the site after the transition;
    - user return indicators;
    - variability of traffic sources, etc..

    Search engines note all these points, which contributes to the growth of positions in extradition for all advanced requests.
  • Conversion rate growth

    Brand requests cut off all (or almost all) competitors, because users are looking not just for some product, but for some product of a particular brand. It is not surprising that in almost any case they will come to your site, since they were looking for it. So it happens conversion rate growth with branded traffic and overall.
  • The share of direct transitions is growing

    The percentage of users who use the URL to go to the search page is quite large. Someone saves the page address for further use, someone goes over the link sent by another. There are many options, but there is only one result - search engines will not leave the fact of such natural popularity unattended and will value the site more, which will certainly affect the growth of its position.
  • Free links

    Continuing the topic of direct transitions, it is worth noting separately that users are willingly sharing interesting information from a proven and reliable brand that is heard. The formula is simple: the higher the authority and popularity of the brand, the more natural free links receives a company that also affects position. 
  • Independence from changes in search algorithms

    Algorithms that use search engines when ranking sites may change. It is not always possible to immediately rebuild, because of which the site can seep and lose ground. There can be no loss with respect to brand requests.

So, there is no doubt that the growth of brand request traffic is very useful, no. However, it is obvious that only a fairly well-known brand can attract users. Therefore, speaking about the benefits of using branded traffic for the purpose of SEO site optimization, it is worth mentioning that first you need to download the brand itself and increase its recognition. Let's find out how to increase brand requests and earn all the possible pros from this.

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How to increase brand traffic

The growth of branded traffic directly depends on the quality of work aimed at popularizing the company. It is worth noting right away that brand promotion - it's not a quick business. The results will be noticeable in a few months. But focused work on increasing recognition plays a huge role in the development of any company. It is important that such work be carried out systematically and continuously. 

Ways to increase branded traffic:

  1. Content preparation

    We have already talked about the importance of content marketing more than once. Content is almost paramount to brand development. Write unique and most importantly useful articles on the site. Show that company employees are specialists in your field so that their opinion becomes more relevant special value in the eyes of users. Create as many useful articles as possible on the site. Competent Pages about company (about us), service, vacancies, contacts contribute to the development of the brand.

    You can and should use not only your own blog to post text and graphic content. Post information on partner sites, special thematic sites, track forums and reviews sites on your topic, comment and share your opinion wherever possible. Such work will certainly bring results.
  2. External resources

    Creating a company page on thematic sites in a number of regions or individual niches is an effective additional point of contact with customers. Such sites can occupy the first positions in the issuance, and the placement of information on them is often free.
  3. Advanced Search Engine Issue

    Actively using search engine capabilities - adding company to Google maps and Yandex - It has a good effect on brand promotion. Site visibility the company immediately looks solid and impressive throughout the monitor area.

    Способ увеличить узнаваемость бренда
  4. Contextual advertising

    Sharing SEO and SEA (SEM) can also contribute to the growth of branded traffic. Suppose the user switched to the site from contextual advertising, he was interested in the offer, but immediately he did not perform the necessary action. Remembering the name of the company, he will contact the issuance of search engines later and enter a brand request for search. 

    Another option is to pay for contextual advertising on brand requests. It has two functions at once:
    attacking, which is used to attract as many clicks as possible through brand requests;
    protective, to push back potential competitors using your brand for their own promotion.

    Контекстная реклама может увеличить брендовый трафик

    Your brand can be used by competitors in a dishonest struggle for clicks and users. Some of them pay the context for showing their own site. Another option for “diversion” is to mention your company’s brand in a negative light. In both cases, you lose some of the visitors who purposefully went to you. Such dishonest actions must be suppressed and one of the ways to do this is to buy a brand context.

    Advertising banners located on friendly thematic sites also do well to increase brand awareness.
  5. Maximum coverage: social networks and other platforms for brand development

    Promotion of the brand on social networks shows excellent results compared to other methods. Remind yourself, regularly publish useful and interesting posts, which subscribers want to share, conduct surveys and contests, thereby increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition.

    Active work on YouTube, forums, discussions on site reviews, post-sales work of managers - use every opportunity to reach users (consistent customers and potential) to increase brand awareness. The more you interact with the audience, the faster the name of the company and its conscientious approach to work will be remembered by the Internet community. 

    Concentrate the main thing attention to helping people in the selection, decision making, product operation, obtaining information and correct assessment. 
  6. Partisan Strategy

    There is another effective channel for reaching the client - the use of partnerships to mention the company without specifying links. This method helps to achieve three goals at once:
    - make advertising to the brand with the help of an expert in the topic;
    - provoke users to search for brand requests (i.e., stimulation of branded traffic);
    - increase the attractiveness of the brand and company among search robots.

    Imagine the benefits of mentioning the company in the story of a popular blogger. It is important that the advertisement is not explicit and does not contain direct links to your site.
  7. Offline marketing

    To work to increase recognition, you can use paper guides, leaflets, posters and banners on the streets of the city, “sarafan” radio.

The best results can be achieved by combining various methods of brand development. It is important to note that the brand must always be developed, and not just at the start, as a one-time way of promotion. Firstly, one-time work will not bring tangible and lasting results. Secondly, search robots can perceive such temporary activity as a winding one.

How to count brand traffic

Knowing what tools can increase brand demand traffic, it would be nice to understand what results you have achieved through active brand promotion.

SimilarWeb Service allows you to analyze not only your own site, but also any third-party resource. You can use it to study the strategy of promoting leaders in your business. This information will help you adjust your company’s development activities.

Как в similarweb проверить брендовые запросы

Besides, you can always analyze brand traffic in Yandex. Metric. To do this, you need to create a report, select Standard Reports - Sources - Search Phrases. 

Как посчитать брендовый трафик в яндекс метрике
The system provides information on all known requests for which the site was transferred during the reporting period. Next, select “Visits in which” - Sources - Search phrase and enter the name of the brand. Since the brand can be typed by users of various options, you will need to make some of these samples. For convenience, save each segment. Remember to check the box near “All conditions”. Now you see the number of famous searchable brand requests.

Количество брендовых запросов в яндекс метрике

For calculating branded traffic in Google analytics in the “Track Sources - Search Console - Queries” section, we include an additional search option on request. Then you need to figure out all the possible spellings of the brand name and indicate them when compiling the sample. 

Как узнать брендовый трафик в google analytics
You can also check the amount of branded traffic in Google search console. To do this, on the “Efficiency” page, we create a filter according to the requests “Requests containing”. For each option of writing a brand, we get a separate figure.

Количество брендовых запросов в google search console

Promotion on brand requests can significantly improve the company's position in extradition not only for phrases containing the name of the company. To promote the site and company on the Internet all honest means are good, therefore, we advise you not to miss another good opportunity for growth and development. Are you working on increasing branded traffic?