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Clocking - what it is and what it is used for

One of the popular methods that operates black SEO - This is cloaking.

To understand what clowking is, you first need to refer to translating the English verb to cloak - mask or hide. It is this action that applies to sites, as a result of which search engines and users are shown the perfect different content.

Clocking is used to influence ranking for the benefit of a particular website. 

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How kloaking works

Everything happens something like this: using special scripts, it is determined who exactly went to the site (bot or person). This is done by comparing the value of the User-agent field with the database of search engine names or by IP addresses, if you know which one they can come from.

Next, a direct clowaking scheme is applied. In case if it is a search bot, before its eyes there is content optimized for certain requests, which is well ranked, but for an ordinary user it can be completely unnecessary. 

The visitor is given the opportunity "Enjoy" completely different information. And most often not at all the one that he originally sought, given that he came on a request that was not present in his version of the text, but in the shown search bot.

Схема работы клоакинга
If you still don’t understand what cloaking is, let's look at a good example: you drive something like in a search bar “Downloading the book XXXXX for free”. In the results you choose the site you like, come in and ... all you see is the offer to BUY this work, and there is no mention of the possibility of downloading it in any form. Clean water cloaking!

This indicates that the search engine indexed the text optimized for the aforementioned popular request, which is not available to your eyes. And it was done in order for the deceived visitor to buy the mentioned book (possibly), since he was here and he may just be too lazy to look for free options.  

Пример сайта использующего клоакинг

Of course, you can leave and continue the search, but some other visitors will do exactly as the dishonest owner of the site who used classical cloaking expects.

How to check for a clowking site

  1. If you have a suspicion of breaking into your web resource and you know what cloucking is, you can be safe from its implementation, using the tool in Search Console "View as Googlebot".

    The clowning test is performed by comparing two visual versions provided to your attention at once (for bots and for people).

    Search Console «Просмотреть как Googlebot»
  2. Clowaking Check by studying search results. Alternately enter the search bar of the queries by which you promote your website and carefully read the names and descriptions of its pages in the displayed search results. 

    If you find anything strange and the link will lead to a page with completely different content that you posted, then you have been hacked and a cloking has been forcibly introduced to your site.
  3. Configuring Firefox User Agent Switcher will help you check for cloking even for someone else's site. With it, you can see how any site is displayed for the search bot you have chosen (in the settings for this extension). The code obtained in this way should be compared with the page code, which you can see by pressing the Ctrl + U combination in normal viewing mode. If they are different, then the site uses cloaking.
  4. Various online services, which in automatic mode allow you to check for cloking by comparing the page codes displayed to the bot and user (as in the previous method). For example, Cloaking Checker:

    Онлайн-сервис Cloaking Checker

Is it worth using koaking

Now that you know what cloning is, how and why it is used, you can draw conclusions for yourself about its feasibility. 

If you decide to try, be prepared for the fact that Your site can easily and quickly go under search engine filters, considering that this method of fraud is actively pursued by them. Do not forget that search engine clowaking algorithms (like everyone else) improve every day.