SEO is a set of measures aimed at promoting the Internet project and, as the main goal, attracting greater benefits. But optimization will not bring the proper result if you are not able to develop measure the results and evaluate their effectiveness.

There are many analytical indicators that help assess the quality of work in the SEO direction. Let's talk about one of the most “talking” - the visibility of the site in search engines.



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Visibility in search engines: concept and meaning

The very name of the indicator suggests that it is directly related to how well the site is visible to users of search engines. I.e visibility is the possible number of site displays for specific requests topics. 

Various SEO promotion techniques are aimed at just this visibility was as high as possible. The better this indicator, the higher its rating. The leader resources for this indicator are expected to occupy the TOP- 3 search for a large number of requests. These sites are more often seen and visited by users.

An analysis of the visibility of the site indicates how effective the measures taken and the funds spent on the development of the web resource are, and whether they work at all. Let's understand what data is embedded in the formation of an assessment of the visibility of the site and how to influence them to improve the situation.

Data Analysis: Calculate Resource Appreciation

Before moving on to measures to improve the indicator, let us dwell on how to find out the visibility of the site in order to understand whether something needs to be changed at all or everything is already good.

To begin with, we propose to determine which indicator can be considered high and which low. In fact, the concept of the level of visibility of a resource does not have an absolute assessment. The resulting figure alone cannot be considered low or high if it is not equal to zero. In this case to evaluate the result, a comparison is required. Success here can be considered in two directions:

  • site visibility dynamics, that is, a comparison with previously obtained results in the analysis of the same resource;
  • comparison with the same parameter major competitors.


So what data is needed to calculate visibility in search engines? The main variables here are:

  1. Coefficient, which is calculated based on site position and estimated number of clicks by snippet. Obviously, those who are in the TOP- 3 search engine output have this parameter significantly higher than those outside the "big three. But you need to consider that for different online visibility services this coefficient may vary.

    For example, according to Serpstat this indicator is defined this way:

    как рассчитывается видимость сайта картинка

    A at the service Se ranking so:

    расчет видимости сайта в поисковых системах
  2. Frequency of requests, along which the site and competitors are promoting activities within the same business niche. The frequency of queries is absolute. This is the number of user calls that have been looking for similar requests, which was established per month in the corresponding search engine. Services such as Yandex Wordstat and Google Keyword Planner will help determine this indicator. 

    Again, Serpstat takes a frequency of 1 a million similar query options in the selected search engine (Google or Yandex) to calculate the visibility indicator. The calculation formula will be this:

    что такое видимость сайта формула серпстат

    The data obtained are multiplied by 100 (for calculating percentages) and by 1000 for ease of comparing the results.

    And Se Ranking takes into account the frequency of those keywords for which there are displays on the site under study in the selected search engine. And the formula will be like this:

    формула видимости сайта se ranking
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How to check the visibility of the site online

Manual calculations are long enough and boring. Therefore, we recommend using the capabilities of special services for calculating the visibility of a resource in search engines online, which were described above - Serpstat and Se Ranking. They will help quickly and without any special effort on your part to get the information you are interested in for thought.

Consider the example of the multifunctional service Serpstat. It is paid, but with it you you can get a lot of benefits for SEO promotion. Here, to clarify many accounting and analytical parameters, it is enough to enter the domain of your own site. Among other statistics, the “Visibility” parameter will be presented in the “Summar Report” section. Serpstat selects keyboards for which the site occupies not lower than the 20th line in search output. When calculating, also used query frequency indicators and click ratio. In other words, the service uses the same formula to calculate the visibility of the site, only does it independently on the basis of its own databases.

как проверить видимость сайта в поисковых системах

How to increase the visibility of a site in search engines

Remember that we were not just numbers for the sake of looking for ways to determine the visibility of a resource? The task of calculations is to find weaknesses in advancement over the previous period compared to competitors in order to obtain indicative information on the effectiveness of SEO and to find measures to remedy the situation if something goes wrong. Consider how to improve the visibility of the site and facilitate the exit to leading positions.

All SEO optimization methods and tools are aimed at increasing the assessment by search engines in accordance with existing ranking algorithms and rating growth. All this, in turn, positively affects the displays, resource attendance and, consequently, visibility indicators.

Factors that can cause low positions in search output and visibility:


High-quality and comprehensive SEO audit will help identify the weakest places and make adjustments, as a result of which the resource becomes more attractive for search engines. As a result, all indicators, including visibility, will go up. 


From how well you have chosen the SEO promotion strategy and how you successfully implement it, the positions in search engine output and the overall profitability of the business on the Internet depend. Timely detected drop in visibility parameter and SEO audit will allow you to quickly make the necessary adjustments. Thus, the resource will not only not lose its earned position, but can get a more profitable place in the TOP.

You had to deal with this parameter and what means of increasing the visibility of the site do you think are more effective?

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