Search engines strive to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to user requests. As a result, measures to control resources are tightened - the top positions of search issuance should be occupied by links to relevant pages of sites with useful and interesting information, which from a technical point of view no doubt about quality and safety

Increasing the requirements for website owners can be seen in the new updates of the Google and Yandex ranking algorithms, which will be introduced in 2021. We recommend that you check now and, if necessary, make adjustments to your resource settings.


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New Google Requirements: Work on Errors

In May 2021, a new ranking algorithm will be released on Google - Page experience. The purpose of this update is to ensure that there are search issues in the TOP sites that take care of the convenience and safety of their users

In this regard, Google updated and supplemented the set of parameters by which it will evaluate the quality of sites. Some of them have long been familiar and understandable to you, but after the May update in 2021 they will become not just desirable, but extremely necessary. For a better understanding, consider each element separately.

Core Web Vitals (basic web indicators)

Core Web Vitals is a new set of technical indicators with which Google numerically evaluates the usability of the site. In the calculation download speed, interactivity and visual stability.

  • LCP: estimating the time required to rewrite the main content
    The main content includes images, videos (presence of the video), background images and large text blocks. Before they affect the screen, the user is not able to familiarize himself with the content and evaluate whether he is interested in it.

    Good LCP - no more than 2.5 seconds from the moment the user sends a request to open the site page. Invalid - from 4 seconds. If there is a low rating, it is worth checking how appropriate it is to use one or another part of the “heavy” content, as well as optimize the size of the files.

    показатель LCP в новом алгоритме Гугл
  • FID: loading time after first input
    The parameter shows the response speed of the site to the user's interaction with any page element. So, the metric captures through which time section the element will be loaded after clicking on the button, banner, link, etc.

    Recommended value of FID - no more than 100 ms. The site is recognized as problematic if a server response requires 300 ms.

    You can optimize this indicator, for example, by reducing the number of external scripts, by removing unused or least effective elements, using caching and in any other way reducing the load on the pages of the site.

    метрика FID для оценки качества сайта Гугл
  • CLS: object offset coefficient when loading a page
    Ideally, all objects on the page must be stable until the user tries to make changes on his own. A sharp displacement of the text or button always creates certain inconveniences, so after the May 2021 Google update, this indicator will be given special attention. 

    You need to strive for the value of the CLS indicator from 0 to 0.1. To do this, minimize the offset of visual elements and various pop-up effects in the first screen.

    CLS смещение макета при загрузке

You can check and evaluate the operation of your own resource in terms of the main web parameters of Core Web Vitals by installing extension for Google Chrome Lighthouse, as well as with PageSpeed Insights.

показатели Core Web Vitals в апдейте Google 2021

Mobile-Friendly (adaptivity for different types of devices)

Adaptability and before, significantly influenced the overall assessment of the site both by users and by search engines. But since 2021, its value for Google will be maximized. This is due to the increasing popularity and functionality of mobile devices.

Google also installed deadline for the full transition to Mobile-First indexation - March 2021. Therefore, double-check how your site is displayed on different types of devices. And make corrections if one of the elements does not appear or looks incorrect.

полный переход Google на Mobile-First индекс в 2021

User Security

The most important ranking factor, which excludes the possibility of the appearance in the search output of sites that threaten the safety of devices and user information. The presence of malware that misleads pages infected with file viruses and other unreliable elements on the site will lead to its blocking and removal from the search engine databases. 

безопасность пользователей в алгоритме Page Experience

To secure user data and your position in the results of the issue, follow the instructions from the article “How to protect the site from viruses.

HTTPS - user personal data security guarantee

Switch to extended HTTPS protocol since 2021 will become necessary for any resources promoted to Google. Thus, the search engine tightens control and introduces a full obligation for the owners of all sites for the safety of personal data of users from leakage and personal use by third parties.

важность протокола https в 2021 году

Refusal to place obsessive advertising

The presence of aggressive advertising, numerous pop-up blocks and forms, not only prevents users from effectively using the site and affects their sense of comfort. Often, such elements are misleading and provoke unnecessary actions that are not beneficial and beneficial to resource visitors.

отсутствие навязчивой рекламы на сайте

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Yandex text update: content determines quality

Yandex search engine update is not associated with new requirements for website owners, but with qualitative changes in ranking algorithms search engine itself. The launch of the new YATI technology was carried out in November this year, so many have already noticed changes in the issuance of Yandex. At the same time, work on updating has been ongoing over the past years, which has had an impact on the increasing convenience of this search space.

новый апдейт выдачи Яндекса Yati

What has changed?

The main difference of the new algorithm related to content analysis features. Previously, the system studied and selected texts for specific requests based on mathematical, more accurate characteristics that could be combined in a software solution. Yandex did not “understand” the texts, but studied their quantitative indicators: word order, exact entry, key phrase density etc. The search for similar designs was also carried out according to the exact parameters of individual words and familiar robots synonymous with semantics.

Over time, the developers began training robots to recognize the speech features of the text. This required a significant increase in capacity and an increase in server spaces to save a huge amount of data. So Yandex learned to “understand” the meaning of the text based on knowledge of a specific user language.

When forming a search issue, Yandex examines the request in detail and selects content options not only for the exact coincidence of phrases, which is why users had to rephrase their question earlier. The system collects information about the value and content of the page, evaluates its relevance not only by key, but also by the data chain that is embedded in the main user request. That is, the task of Yandex is to arrange the sites in such a way that the pages are in the leaders, as fully as possible and exactly answer all the questions that the user could have. And now the search engine knows how to cope with this task.

как работает технология Яти в Яндексе

How to meet the new requirements of Yandex?

In order for the site to get into the TOP issue of Yandex after this update, the optimizer should focus on the usefulness and relevance of the material to the meaning of the request and the nature of the target audience.

Central importance are:

  • the deepest knowledge of the target audience;
  • a clear understanding of consumer needs;
  • the ability to create an extended semantic kernel containing various variants of phrases and speech structures used by users interested in information;
  • experience with content: data collection and the creation of useful, understandable and extremely competent texts based on them;
  • technical literacy and the ability to use internal site settings (metategies, use of headers, creating a clear structure of the text and its registration using html tags).

Thus, in content valuation quality is increasingly superior to quantity.

Search Engine Additions and Updates

Search engine developers, in addition to global updates, regularly introduce small but quite noticeable improvements. Usually such updates are not announced, their appearance can be noticed when using the search engine again.

Let's try to predict the changes in the issuance of Google and Yandex in 2021 based on the ranking factors that developed and added this year.

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Principle E-A-T: expertity - credibility - credibility

The era of truly professional authors comes. Search engine requirements for content quality will only be tightened over time. Any information on the site should be expert, reliable and understandable. 

The E-A-T principle was originally applied to sites operating in the field of health, safety and financial well-being, the so-called YMYL resources. Over time, Google will develop this direction in other areas. 

How the search engine determines the compliance of the site with the principles of E-A-T:

  • professional availability content that is regularly updated;
  • compliance of the headings and subheadings of the topic covered;
  • there is a clear content structure: paragraphs, lists, tables, graphs, illustrations, etc.;
  • the author of the articles on the blog is indicated and a separate page has been created with a description of his achievements in the professional field;
  • company contacts are present and map of travel;
  • there is information about the delivery, payment, guarantees, reasons and methods of returning the goods;
  • filled pages "About us" or "Command"
  • feedback and ratings of other users;
  • the ability to communicate with the author or responsible persons in the comments and on the pages of social networks;
  • external links and company references on other trust sites.

All this indicates the need for careful work with the content, published on the site. Creating texts using special services or by non-professional authors can now significantly worsen the position of the site. Therefore, we recommend that you pay maximum attention to filling the resource, choose only proven and experienced for cooperation copywriters and editors, not saving on this direction the development of the Internet project.

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New micro-label formats

In March 2020, updated the data structure types by adding markings for information related to the coronavirus pandemic. Micro marking can be used on sites that need to provide any data about COVID-19 and its impact on the interaction of the company with users.

Markup Special Announcements already implemented Bind Search Engine. In the near future it is expected that it will be supported by Google.

Google’s changes also affected the tightening of type requirements FAQ Page Markings and updating properties in event markup documentation Event

Type of Uppet: Updating Estimates

The presence of special badges and additional information in the search engine makes life easier for users, helping to make informed choices even before moving to the page.

After the May update of Google’s issue in 2021, a new special symbol will appear - gray circle with a white star inside. He will mark the pages having good user experience. The same parameter is taken into account in the updated Page Experience metrics discussed above. The emergence of a new icon confirms how important Google considers these indicators.

новые значки в сниппете Google после апдейта 2021

There are also changes in the search for Yandex. In the sale of online stores new indicators began to appear - company rating in Yandex Market, photograph of the product and its cost. So, the search engine hints that commercial sites need to connect to Market for development and promotion.

новые иконки в выдаче яндекса для интернет магазинов


Already, webmasters of large Internet projects, closely following updates to ranking algorithms and the formation of extradition, have begun a qualitative update of their resources. The speed of reaction and complete readiness will not only not lose their leading position, but also strengthen them due to the slowness of competitors.

Knowing about future changes, you have the opportunity to improve the position of the site and adjust to the new search engine requirements in advance. We recommend a hurry, because there is very little time left before the 2021 Google and Yandex updates.

Are you ready for future changes in search engine ranking algorithms?

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