The goal of search engines is to ensure that the user in the results of the issue can quickly find a relevant answer to his question. To achieve this, Google and Yandex are constantly improving ranking algorithms and introducing new parameters for assessing the quality of sites. In this article, we will consider what errors can lead to the subsidence of positions in 2022 and how they can be avoided.

8 SEO errors due to which the site will not be released in the TOP search in 2022:

  1. Lack of adaptive version of the site
  2. Low download speed and compliance with Core Web Vitals
  3. Using Unprotected HTTP Protocol
  4. Potential hazard for users
  5. Low content quality
  6. Aggressive advertising
  7. Inconsistency with the principles of E-A-T
  8. Lack and incorrect placement of external links

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8 the main errors due to which the site will not be released in the TOP search in 2022

Lack of adaptive version of the site

Every year, the number of users who search for information on the Internet using smartphones is increasing. Focusing on this, Google in 2016 began to test a new algorithm - Mobile-first indexing, which is aimed at the primary scanning of the mobile version of the site content. 

Now the search engine has completely switched to this type of indexation. So sites that are incorrectly displayed on smartphones are uncomfortable and do not correspond to the desktop version, will fall in the output.

Check how your resource is displayed on different types of devices using:

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Page Checkers in Yandex;

    проверка оптимизации сайта под мобильные устройства
  • Toggle device toolbar functions in the Chrome browser development panel;

    Toggle device toolbar для проверки адаптивности
  • online services or

    сервис Websiteplanet для проверки адаптивности скрин

In case of incorrect display or disappearance of any element, give the task to the programmer to make changes.

Low download speed and compliance with Core Web Vitals

Site Download Speed affects the percentage of failures, the duration of the session, attendance, conversion and other important indicators. Therefore, in 2022 she remains one of the main ranking factors. Slow sites will be seated in extradition, making room for those who do not keep their visitors waiting.

Consider what changes and additions the search engines have introduced in relation to the download speed.

entered into force in May 2021 Google’s new algorithm - Page experience, which aims to assess the convenience and safety of users when interacting with the site. In addition to familiar indicators, it includes new ones - Core web vitals. They quantify how quickly and comfortably visitors can interact with the page:

  • Lcp - the time it takes to download the main visual content: banners, pictures, text, preview to the video. Ideally, there should be up to 2.5 seconds. A critical error is the value 4 of a second or more.
  • Fid - the speed of the server response to the first user interaction with any interactive element: button, link, banner. The value of 100 ms is considered good, 300 ms and above are unacceptable.
  • CLS - percentage of visual element displacement when loading. Evaluates how quickly the page becomes visually stable. The recommended value is 0 -0.1. It is considered bad - 0.25 and higher.

Initially, these metrics were taken into account only in mobile output, but from February 2022 the search engine will switch to new ranking algorithms on computers. So the positions of slow and inconvenient for site users will significantly fall in the search results of Google. To prevent this, check your resource with PageSpeed Insights, and try to implement the recommendations of the service.

сайт отвечает требования к основным интернет показателям

Yandex also speaks of the importance of the site loading speed. For example, server long response considered a critical error in the Webmaster report, and may entail an exception to the search results of individual pages or the entire resource. 

And in the report “Site Quality” in the spring of 2020 a new assessment appeared indicator "site speed index", which is calculated based on the data of Yandex.Browser when users move from a mobile search engine.

индекс скорости сайта в яндекс вебмастере пример

Using Unprotected HTTP Protocol 

HTTPS Protected Protocol - it is one of the signs of site security. It encrypts the transmitted data and significantly reduces the risks of their interception by scammers. 

Both Google and Yandex in their reference materials urge webmasters to use it, and take this into account when ranking.

протокол https влияет на позиции в google

протокол https учитывается при ранжировании в яндекс

Therefore, sites on the outdated HTTP protocol will definitely be issued in 2022. To avoid this, follow the manual in the article “How to configure https protocol on the site.

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Potential hazard for users

Complete site security for visitors - One of the main principles of search engines. Resources that have problems with viruses or malware will not be released in the TOP. Algorithms will also weed out sites that provide incorrect information that could harm visitors or mislead them.

To prevent the position from subsiding:

  • regularly update the CMS system;
  • set a reliable username and password to enter the admin;
  • use the services of reliable hosting providers;
  • configure modules for site protection against viral attacks;
  • track the security status in the panels for webmasters.

сайты с проблемами безопасности не попадут в топ

Low content quality

Also in 2022 for SEO promotion content quality will increase. The extradition will include those resources whose texts:

  • unique or completely stolen;
  • not designed for ease of reading: no paragraphs, lists, headings and subheadings, etc.;
  • are uninformative and not useful to people;
  • reoptimized by keywords;
  • have not been updated for a long time and have lost their relevance;
  • have a large number of grammatical and punctual errors. 

In the section of the Knowledge Base "Content»you will find recommendations for creating really quality articles and images, which both users and search engines will like.

Aggressive advertising

The next error, the presence of which will read the algorithms of search engines, is too intrusive advertising. Use of pop-up banners thaterect basic content and make it difficult to access, may lead to the fact that the site’s position will fall.

агрессивная реклама причина проседания позиций

Inconsistency with the principles of E-A-T

One of the most important criteria for the quality of the site in 2022 will be E-A-T level, that is his degree expertness, credibility and reliability

Consider, which may adversely affect the position of the site in SEO because of this algorithm:

  • articles do not disclose topic, are uninformative or have fallen;
  • no clear structure;
  • the text does not correspond to the topic stated in the heading;
  • there are no contact details and information on delivery methods, payment, return conditions, guarantees;
  • not page "About us"
  • there is no information about the author of information articles and his professional achievements;
  • no feedback and user comment;
  • the resource is not mentioned on third-party trust sites.

The most rigorous filtering will undergo topics affecting people's health, prosperity and living standards: medicine, psychology, financial transactions, news, purchase and sale, life insurance, etc. If such sites do not comply with these principles, they will definitely be in the extradition.

Lack and incorrect placement of external links

Availability of high-quality external links tells search engines about the popularity and authority of the site. So that they benefit SEO, not increase risks hits under the filter and positioning:

Avoiding these mistakes and following SEO current trends, you can not only hold, but also increase the position of your site in 2022.

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